Chapter 559: Consort Liang (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 559: Consort Liang (2)

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A glint flashed through Prince Jin’s azure eyes as he recalled all of his memories over the years with Consort Liang.

If he hadn’t personally gone to investigate the corruption case in Zhangzhou, he would have never suspected Consort Liang.

When he had lost his mother at a young age, it had been Consort Liang who had begged the emperor to let her take care of him and to adopt him under her name. His second brother was only two years older than him, and they had been at the age where they craved attention. However, Consort Liang had treated him even better than she treated Second Brother. She had even taught Second Brother to yield to him since he was younger.

This had made Second Brother unhappy with him on many occasions, as he believed that he had taken away his mother’s love.

Every time Father bestowed treasures to them, Consort Liang would let him choose first before letting Second Brother choose from the remainders.

He remembered the favour she had shown towards him, so after growing up and becoming an adult, he had always helped Second Brother.

He had even helped Second Brother get the role of Crown Prince.

Second Prince wasn’t particularly talented, so without his help, there was no way the position of Crown Prince would have fallen to him after their eldest brother had passed away from illness.

He had never thought of vying for that position of supremacy. He only wished for Second Brother to ascend the throne, so he could then live in peace.

But what he had learned had caused his heart to freeze over.

Once Second Brother ascended the throne and Consort Liang became the Empress Dowager, he was likely going to be the first one they killed off!

Liu Buyong noticed that Prince Jin had been standing still for quite some time, so he mustered his courage to remind him, “Fourth Prince, it’s cold outside; please go indoors quickly. Crown Prince is still waiting for you under the eaves!”

Prince Jin returned to his senses after Liu Buyong’s reminder. There was no change in his expression as he stepped into Chengxiang Hall.

After his attendants notified Crown Prince of Prince Jin’s presence, Crown Prince turned to look at Prince Jin who was walking over from a distance.

A grudgeful look showed in Crown Prince’s eyes for a moment before quickly being hidden away.

When Prince Jin finally came up to Crown Prince and was about to bow and greet him, Crown Prince grabbed Prince Jin’s arm to help him up.

“There’s no need to be so formal with me, Fourth Brother. Let’s go in, Mother is waiting! I heard from Liu Buyong that tonight’s dinner was personally cooked by Mother. I can’t wait to taste Mother’s cooking!”

Prince Jin was dragged into the main hall by his brother.

There were more than ten lanterns lit up on each side of the main hall, making it as bright as day within Chengxiang Hall.

On a slightly raised platform at the back of the hall, there was a slim middle-aged lady seated on a chaise. She had a kindly look on her face, while dressed in a simple ochre-coloured imperial robe with a five-tailed phoenix hairpin inlaid with jade on her head. The tassels on the hairpin hung all the way down to her temple, and it made her look more lively when they swayed.

The woman’s complexion was slightly pale. Her curved brows, wide eyes, tall nose, and thin red lips came together to present the very picture of a gentle noblewoman.

Although she didn’t seem to be in the best of health, her marvellous beauty still shone through.

This dignified, elegant lady was Consort Liang.

Consort Liang sat cross-legged on the chaise. When her gaze swept past the entrance, she noticed Crown Prince and Prince Jin entering shoulder-to-shoulder. Her eyes brightened up and she happily stood to receive them.

“Ah Sheng, Ah Yi, you’ve finally come! Ah Yi, let me take a good look at you. I haven’t seen you in ages!”

Consort Liang’s eyes were filled with tender affection. She looked over Prince Jin carefully to assess him with tears welling up in her eyes.

Meanwhile, the crown prince stood off to one side, left out of the heartwarming scene. If a stranger were watching, they would probably think that Fourth Prince was Consort Liang’s son instead! From an angle that others couldn’t see, Crown Prince stared at Prince Jin with jealousy in his eyes.

“You’ve become taller, and skinnier too. Ah Yi, you must have gone through much hardship outside. It’s all my fault; I should have stopped your Father from giving you such a difficult task.” As she spoke, tears started to fall from her eyes, displaying her heartache.

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