Chapter 548: Drama (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 548: Drama (3)

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The moment He Changdi left, Xiao Bojian quickly entered the room without a care, completely ignoring the stares of the crowd. Even One couldn’t stop him in time.

One helplessly shook his head. Afraid that the situation would take a turn for the worse, he decided to take up the spot Laiyue was in earlier and guard the door.

Chu Yuan wanted to go in as well after seeing Xiao Bojian head inside. Fortunately, Second Madam still had the presence of mind to pull her back.

Xiao Bojian had an ugly grimace on as he pushed away the curtains and entered the room.

Second Master Chu Qizheng was standing by the bed with a blank expression, shocked beyond words.

Xiao Bojian took in the contents of the room with one glance, but all he could see from this angle were the figures of two people lying together in bed.

In a moment of panic, he actually pushed Chu Qizheng aside and lifted up the curtains around the bed. The sight of two strangers entered his view一 no, that wasn’t right; the naked woman was someone he knew. She was one of the subordinates he had sent to execute the plan…

As for the unconscious man, Xiao Bojian had a slight inkling as to who he was. He looked like a distant relative of Eighth Miss, Chu Yuan. Xiao Bojian had seen him once before by sheer coincidence.

The tension in Xiao Bojian’s heart disappeared in an instant. He subconsciously wiped away the cold sweat that had gathered on his forehead.

What a relief... Lian’er was unharmed.

With the burden in his heart released, Xiao Bojian immediately returned to his usual calm and gloomy self.

There was a grim look on his face as he turned to look at Chu Qizheng. He sent him a cold sneer as he said, “It seems like Sir Chu isn’t worthy of trust when it comes to business. Our deal is off. All the best to you, Sir Chu.”

At this point, it was obvious that Xiao Bojian was now aware that he had been fooled by the second branch of House Ying.

Chu Qizheng hadn’t thought that Xiao Bojian would figure things out so quickly, so he hastily explained, “Mister Xiao, I’m also unsure why things happened this way! Perhaps it was those two skilled handmaids around Chu Lian who turned the tables. This has absolutely nothing to do with me. You’ve already agreed to marrying Miss Yuan. How can you go back on your word!”

Xiao Bojian’s patience had been thoroughly depleted. He let out a cold snort as he walked past Chu Qizheng, not even deigning to give him a reply.

Chu Qizheng was shocked by the lack of reaction from Xiao Bojian. It took him a few seconds to recover and scold with a low, raspy shout, “Xiao Bojian, don’t forget who your teacher is!”

Unfortunately, it didn’t matter how angry Chu Qizheng got. Xiao Bojian quickly vanished from his field of vision.

Chu Qizheng staggered a few steps forward as all the energy left his body. Luckily, he managed to grab onto an old wooden rack, or he would have fallen to the ground.

Chu Qizheng took some time to put up a calm front before leaving the room. The first thing he did was walk up to Second Madam in a fury and begin to berate her. “All you do is cause trouble!”

He then turned to Miss Yuan. “Why haven’t you returned to your damned room?! You’re getting more and more outrageous!”

Even someone as slow as Miss Yuan could tell that something was wrong.

Her father had only revealed these plans to her after discussing them with her mother, so why would her father chastise her at a time like this? There was only one possible reason for that: the plan had failed!

Chu Qizheng quickly left the scene, furiously charging out of the courtyard with his attendants. Second Madam and Miss Yuan went into the room in disbelief.

They looked all over, but they couldn’t find any trace of Chu Lian, even down to her dirty clothes! Chu Yuan stared blankly in shock. There was a terrible expression on her face.

This whole affair turned out to be a dramatic play where they had ended up shooting themselves in the foot, so the gossipy expressions of the ladies who had tagged along with Chu Yuan faded into awkward silence.

The news of Miss Yuan falsely accusing her own sister of adultery at her own coming-of-age ceremony would likely spread everywhere soon enough.

When that happened, there probably wouldn’t be a soul left who would speak up for her, let alone take her side.

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