Chapter 547: Drama (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 547: Drama (2)

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The married ladies who had lived in the Ying Estate all accepted Xiao Bojian’s answer, as they knew that this courtyard was indeed close to where Old Duchess Ying stayed. If he had been on his way to greet her, they could see why he had passed by this place.

Besides, most of the capital knew about Xiao Bojian’s circumstances. He had come from a poor family, so he had been living in the Ying Estate ever since the imperial examination. He was a highly regarded student of Old Duke Ying and a famous figure in the Imperial College. There were many young noblemen and officials who were friends with him.

Miss Yuan had already run out of patience before He Changdi had the chance to reply.

She took a step forward, inquiring as if she were worried, “Sixth Brother-in-Law, where’s Sixth Sister? My mother told me that she brought Sixth Sister here so she could change out of her clothes.”

The attention of the crowd was once again focused on He Changdi. Some of them even tried to sneak peeks behind He Changdi.

He Sanlang coldly looked at Chu Yuan.

His frosty gaze made Chu Yuan shiver subconsciously, but she forced herself to maintain eye contact with He Changdi.

“Is Sixth Sister still inside? We’re all her sisters, why isn’t she coming out to talk to us?”

He Changdi kept the same chilly expression on his handsome face as he remained silent, a clear refusal to answer Miss Yuan. He stood in front of the room’s entrance like a solid pine tree.

Although everyone wanted to push He Sanlang away to take a look at what was happening inside, they didn’t dare to get closer to him.

While both sides were in a deadlock, some new arrivals entered the courtyard.

This time, it was the first branch’s lady-in-charge, Madam Rong, along with the couple from the second branch.

The moment he entered, Chu Qizheng roared, “What on earth is going on?!”

Seeing that her saviour had come, Chu Yuan quickly went over to Second Master’s side, “Father, you’re here! Sixth Sister has been doing that sort of thing in our estate! Please send someone in to take a look!”

Chu Qizheng’s expression sunk. “What’s going on!”

As a handsome middle-aged man, when he set his face in a stern expression like that, Chu Qizheng managed to look somewhat imposing.

One of the senior servants immediately went up to Chu Qizheng and explained the situation to him in a whisper. After all, she couldn’t just blurt out such words in front of the many unmarried ladies present.

“What?!” Chu Qizheng’s expression instantly changed. Without caring for his daughter’s reputation or even verifying the truth, he started began to yell and scold her. “Lian’er actually did such a thing?! I’ll beat her to death!”

After that furious declaration, he pushed away the people in his way, seemingly about to charge right into the room.

Second Madam snickered inwardly from her position behind him. It went without saying how her daughter Chu Yuan felt; it had been a long time since she had felt so happy.

On the other hand, Madam Rong was stunned still. She hadn’t expected such a thing to happen after Chu Lian made a rare visit home!

Xiao Bojian was filled with endless regrets now, but as an outsider, it wasn’t right for him to stop Second Master from charging into a room in his own estate.

Everyone thought that He Changdi would stop Second Master from entering the room to catch the adulterer in order to protect his own face, but he actually gave way and pulled his attendant away as well.

He didn’t stop there. With a few quick strides, he had already reached Second Madam’s side.

He Sanlang looked down at Second Madam as he said in his chilly,captivating voice, “Second Madam, if you still have so much free time in the future, you should use it to educate your own daughter! Since Lian’er is already married, there’s no need for you to worry about her. As her husband, I’ll take care of her.”

After throwing these words at her, He Changdi quickly strode out of the courtyard with Laiyue in tow. Judging by the direction they were headed, they seemed to be leaving the estate.

Second Madam was so dazed from the force of He Changdi’s words that she stared into thin air for a long moment.

Everyone was eagerly awaiting news from Second Master Chu Qizheng, so no one noticed the deeper meaning behind He Changdi’s words.

Chu Yuan was over the moon with giddiness. Chu Lian, you’ve finally gotten what was coming to you! Look at your ‘great’ husband! After you fell into a trap, he just walked right off without a care!

It did make sense though; which man would be able to stay calm after getting cheated on?

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