Chapter 545: Leaving First (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 545: Leaving First (2)

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He Sanlang had interrogated countless Tuhuns during his time in the north, so he had developed his own methods for interrogation. It didn’t take long before he found out what had happened.

“Where is Marchioness Anyuan?”

The man was covered in bruises. He didn’t know what the young nobleman before him had forced down his throat, but he understood that he had to reveal everything he knew in order to leave this place alive. He didn’t dare to hide anything.

“My lord, my lord, please spare this humble one. This humble one doesn’t know of any Marchioness Anyuan. This humble one was paid to do this, this humble one doesn’t know anything else!”

The man trembled with fright. It wasn’t long before a puddle spread onto the floor beneath him, a clear sign that he had wet his pants.

He couldn’t possibly be lying, judging from the state he was in. He Changdi frowned in distaste and knocked the man out as well.

As he was preparing to leave, it started getting noisy outside.

Miss Yuan was leading a group of her sisters over. She smiled as she explained to them, “Sixth Sister is resting in this courtyard. Her status is so prestigious now that I wouldn’t dare to disturb her if I were alone. With all of you as company, I’m sure Sixth Sister won’t feel like I’m bothering her.”

Following behind Miss Yuan were married madams and young ladies of the Chu Family. Miss Fu was included amongst them and was looking around the secluded little courtyard curiously.

She found it a little strange that Chu Lian had chosen such a quiet courtyard out of all the guest rooms the Ying Estate had.

Once they entered the courtyard, the ladies realised that there were already a few people standing within. That handsome man standing in the corridor not too far from the guest room wasn’t that the top scholar Sir Xiao?

Why was he here at this time?

A glint flashed through Chu Yuan’s eyes. Although jealousy was churning in her heart, she didn’t dare to meet the sinister, grim expression in Xiao Bojian’s eyes.

Most of the ladies who had followed her here had never seen Xiao Bojian before. Although they thought it was weird for him to be here, the person they were here to see was Chu Lian.

One of the married ladies had already spoken up with her misgivings. “Eighth Sister, you said that Sixth Sister is here, but I don’t see her anywhere.”

Miss Yuan purposefully frowned and turned towards the bedroom. “Maybe she’s inside?”

After saying so, she tried to lead the group of women towards the room.

The senior servant who had guided He Changdi here had been staying out of the way in a corner. When she saw what was about to happen, alarm spread through her and she leaped into action.

She couldn’t let a bunch of unmarried ladies enter that room! There were inappropriate things going on in there!

She tried to hold back Chu Yuan and the others. “Eighth Miss, please listen to this old servant. You can’t enter the room right now.”

The ladies exchanged gazes, finding it odd that the servant would try to stop them. “Why won’t you let us enter?”

Miss Yuan was doing her best to avoid Xiao Bojian’s icy gaze. She held up under the pressure and put on an innocent act. “Momo, isn’t Sixth Sister in there? Why can’t we go in?”

She looked at the open doors and glanced over Laiyue, who was standing as still as a statue at the entrance. Realisation seemed to dawn upon her and she covered her mouth in shock. “Wait, is Sixth Sister actually…”

Right after she finished speaking, the distinctive sounds of a man’s groans and a woman’s moans rang out.

The expressions of the ladies behind Chu Yuan changed. Those who were married instantly understood what those sounds meant.

Everyone stared in the direction of the room with astonishment. They wished desperately for the ability to see through the walls to check out what was going on inside.

They looked again at the tall guard standing in front of the entrance and his terrible expression, and their minds helpfully filled in the blanks.

Could it be that Chu Lian was having a sordid affair in there right now? While meeting with her lover in there, had she actually been caught by her very own husband?

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