Chapter 544: Leaving First (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 544: Leaving First (1)

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The senior servant guiding them didn’t notice that He Changdi had stopped. She continued walking forward until she was closer to the guest room. By then, the sounds had gotten so loud that the servant could hear them too.

Blood rushed away from the senior servant’s face and she turned back to look at He Changdi with a petrified expression.

He Changdi’s anger was written all over his face as the fire in his heart almost consumed his whole being. Luckily, he managed to hold on to his last shred of sanity.

He stood there in the corridor without moving, as if taking the next step would be harder than fighting a whole war.

The hands hanging at his sides had already curled into fists.

Laiyue was frightened by the sight of his master, as well as what the sounds meant. His mind turned completely blank and he didn’t dare to finish his thoughts.

If the person inside was really Third Young Madam…

Perhaps thanks to that last bit of reason clinging to his mind, as the seconds ticked by, He Sanlang finally noticed that there was something wrong.

The voice echoing from the room, husky with lust... wasn’t Chu Lian!

Once he had confirmed that, all of his wits and calm returned to him. His expression cooled down into its usual icy mask and he quickly strode forward on his long legs. He raised a foot and kicked the wooden doors wide open.

Bam! The heavy wooden doors immediately flew off the frame, making loud thunks as they hit the floor.

He Sanlang was about to step inside when an enraged roar sounded from behind.

“You can’t go in!”

A familiar man’s voice. He Sanlang stood still for a moment before he turned around with his hands behind his back.

Heh! So it was Xiao Wujing! As expected!

“Oh? Why can’t I enter? My wife is in there! Sir Xiao!”

He Sanlang’s tone was frosty as he stared down Xiao Bojian. The man in question was obviously panicking as he ran towards him in a flurry.

There were clear traces of genuine worry and fury in the eyes of the normally sinister, gloomy-looking Xiao Bojian. This wasn’t what he had planned!

Xiao Bojian didn’t have any mind to pay attention to He Changdi at this point. He attempted to charge right into the guest room, but He Changdi wasn’t such an easy opponent.

Although Xiao Bojian also had a tall figure, he was still shorter than He Changdi. Furthermore, he didn’t practise martial arts and his body was more on the slender side. He wasn’t a match for He Sanlang at all.

By simply reaching his arm out and applying a minimal amount of force, He Changdi had already managed to pull Xiao Bojian behind him. Before Xiao Bojian could even react, his butt was already seated on the floor, courtesy of He Changdi.

One jumped in fright. He hadn’t thought that his master would be so reckless. By the time he managed to reach them, the dust had already settled on his sorry-looking master. He quickly helped Xiao Bojian up and stood in front of him with his sword drawn.

Of course, Laiyue wasn’t there for show. He stood right next to He Changdi and glared at Xiao Bojian and One with his hand on the pommel of his sword.

He Changdi’s cold gaze swept over Xiao Bojian before his lips curled up into a smirk. He stepped into the room without giving them any time to react, leaving Laiyue behind to guard the entrance.

He Sanlang walked right up to the bed and pulled off the bedcovers. When he saw that the figure he had been looking for wasn’t amongst the pale naked bodies tangled together, the last itch of worry faded from his heart.

The bare bodies of the couple on the bed were too dirty for his eyes, so He Changdi took care of them first before they could regain their senses. With a swift chop to the back of the woman’s neck, she was down for the count.

It took another three blows to settle her male partner. He Changdi took one of the pieces of clothing scattered on the floor and stuffed it into his mouth.

The man was pushed off the bed and onto the floor.

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