Chapter 543: Escape (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 543: Escape (2)

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Since she had visited the Ying Estate once before, Chu Lian had a rough idea of the layout of the estate. Although they passed a few servants along the way, the servants were all low-ranked and they didn’t dare to question why Chu Lian was wandering around there.

They reached the side entrance without any obstructions. Wenqing found House Jing’an’s guards and driver and helped Chu Lian up the carriage. Without further ado, they left the Ying Estate.

Finally within the safe confines of the carriage, Chu Lian could feel the rapid beat of her heart in her chest..

That was too close!

Wenqing’s expression was still grim as she poured a cup of warm water for Chu Lian. “Third Young Madam, please have a cup of water to calm your nerves.”

Chu Lian took the teacup, but she didn’t bring it to her lips. She simply held it in a daze.

Wenlan could not help but begin to reproach herself. “Third Young Madam, it was this servant’s fault for being so unskilled. This servant couldn’t even beat a maidservant, and Third Young Madam was almost in danger…”

If not for that bag of chilli powder that Chu Lian had thrown, the Wen sisters couldn’t possibly have subdued that purple-clothed maidservant so quickly.

Chu Lian returned to reality and shook her head. “You don’t have to blame yourselves. That maidservant was specially trained, so it’s normal that you weren’t able to beat her. We left in such a hurry that we didn’t get to inform my husband. Send someone to inform him now.”

Wenqing nodded and left to carry out her orders.

Back in the Ying Estate.

The banquet was officially in full swing within the parlour of the outer court. Over at the female guests’ side of the party, a senior servant whispered something into Miss Yuan’s ear.

A satisfied glint flashed through Miss Yuan’s eyes.

She clutched her handkerchief with excitement. Then, she whispered a few words in reply to the senior servant who had come to report.

The senior servant bobbed in acknowledgement and left the parlour.

He Changdi had been delayed by official business and had only been able to leave the Ministry of War after 2pm. Once past the gates of the ministry, he urged his horse into a gallop and headed straight for the Ying Estate.

Upon entering the estate, he was informed that the banquet had already started. A manservant guided him over to the parlour where the banquet was being held.

Before He Changdi even had the chance to greet the officials in attendance at the banquet, he first sent Laiyue off to notify Chu Lian.

When Laiyue returned, his expression didn’t look too good.

The cool aura wrapped around He Changdi dipped a few degrees in temperature when he saw Laiyue’s expression. Those closest to him immediately ducked their heads out of fright at the building storm in his eyes.

“What happened! Speak!”

Laiyue reported everything he had been told. “Third Young Master, please don’t worry. Second Madam brought Third Young Madam into a side room for a change of clothes. Wenqing and Wenlan are with her, so she’ll be fine.”

“Where is she? Take me there now!”

Laiyue was good at his job and he had predicted that his master would want to see Third Young Madam for himself, so he had already brought over one of Second Madam’s senior servants to lead the way.

An extraordinary aura was exuding from He Changdi’s tall figure. He had survived the fields of war and killed Tuhuns with his own two hands. These experiences gave him an undeniably militant air. How could an old servant who had lived years in the sheltered inner court dare to slight him?

The senior servant spoke carefully without ever raising her head in front of He Sanlang. She pointed out the way with light gestures.

As they drew closer to their destination, He Sanlang noticed that their surroundings were becoming more secluded. His expression turned grim.

The old servant felt that the air around her was starting to become even frostier, so she wiped the cold sweat on her forehead in fright. When she saw that they were almost there, she inwardly heaved a sigh of relief.

“My lord, it’s right in front.”

There weren’t many servants around in this quiet, secluded courtyard. When they passed the entrance, it was strangely silent.

As He Changdi strode down the corridor towards the guest room, he stiffened up and halted his steps, as if something had caught his attention.

His senses were sharper than most, and the first thing he could hear was the abnormal sounds of lovemaking in the room...

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