Chapter 542: Escape (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 542: Escape (1)

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“Ah? But you haven’t changed out of your dress!” Wenlan said. She was currently using a handkerchief to soak up as much of the wet stain as she could.

“There’s no time for that. We have to leave now.”

Ever since that maidservant had bumped into her and gotten her clothes dirty, Chu Lian had felt that something wasn’t right.

She wasn’t seated at the main table and instead was placed right along the side of the hall. Even the maidservants serving tea wouldn’t walk right by her. Furthermore, with Miss Su’s warning still fresh in her mind, the whole incident seemed even fishier.

Although Chu Lian had brought Wenqing and Wenlan with her just in case, there wasn’t an absolute guarantee of her safety even with their martial arts skills.

This was the Ying Estate, not the Jing’an Estate.

She wasn’t the original ‘Chu Lian’ and she wasn’t familiar with this place. There was still Xiao Bojian waiting somewhere in the shadows, too. She couldn’t be sure that she wouldn’t get into trouble.

Thus, the best way to avoid any unfortunate accidents was to leave right now!

When she thought back to the incident at Defeng Teahouse and how Wenqing and Wenlan combined hadn’t been enough to stop Xiao Bojian, a wave of fear swept over her.

Chu Lian was starting to regret attending Chu Yuan’s coming-of-age now.

Of course, Wenqing and Wenlan obeyed Chu Lian’s orders unconditionally.

The three women immediately got up to prepare to leave the secluded room.

When Chu Lian pushed the door open, she spotted a plain-looking maidservant dressed in purple standing guard right outside.

Various thoughts flew lightning-fast through her mind. There weren’t any guards outside when they had entered the room. When had this maidservant appeared?

In the time it took for those thoughts to pass through her mind, she shot Wenqing a meaningful look.

Wenqing flew forward with an outstretched claw, ready to capture the maidservant. The purple-clothed maidservant subconsciously reacted to the attack and ducked, managing to dodge Wenqing’s grasp.

Alarms blared in Chu Lian’s head.

That was no ordinary menial servant! She was a martial arts practitioner!

It wasn’t just Chu Lian who had a bad feeling about all of this now. Even Wenqing and Wenlan could sense the danger approaching.

Before Chu Lian had the chance to give any orders, the Wen sisters had already moved in front of her and started tangling with the purple-clothed maidservant.

Chu Lian only knew some basic self-protection moves, which were nothing when faced with a true practitioner of martial arts.

All she could do was watch anxiously as Wenqing and Wenlan exchanged blow after blow with the purple-clothed maidservant.

She could tell that the seemingly normal servant was very skilled. Even though she was up against two opponents, she hadn’t lost much ground.

Chu Lian knew that she had already fallen into a trap. She was afraid that even Wenqing and Wenlan wouldn’t be able to protect her if she didn’t escape quickly.

Right now, there was only this one unfamiliar maidservant watching this secluded room. However, more were sure to come as time passed. Wenqing and Wenlan couldn’t keep fighting forever, either.

With a quick turn of wit, Chu Lian took out a cloth purse from her waistband and quickly stepped forward. She waited for a chance when the guard wasn’t looking and threw a packet of red powder right into the maidservant’s face.

The maidservant let out a cry of pain and immediately shut her eyes. Tears flowed continuously down her cheeks.

“Wenqing! Wenlan!”

The Wen sisters reacted equally fast and captured the purple-clothed maidservant together.

After stuffing a handkerchief into her mouth, Wenqing knocked her out with a chop to the neck. When all that was done, they looked towards Chu Lian.

Chu Lian made a snap decision. “Search her and look for clues, then hide her on the bed inside.”

Wenqing and Wenlan worked quickly and did as Chu Lian had ordered. Unfortunately, they didn’t manage to find anything on the purple-clothed maidservant’s body.

“Let’s go,” Chu Lian stated calmly.

With the Wen sisters protecting her on both sides, they made a hasty exit from the room while hoping no one had discovered them.

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