Chapter 540: Sixth Sister, Be Careful (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 540: Sixth Sister, Be Careful (1)

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The cousins walked together along the garden path. When Miss Su saw that there was no one else around them, she clasped Chu Lian’s hand and whispered, “Sixth Sister, you have to be careful today in the estate. You can’t trust anyone’s words! Be extra cautious even during the banquet. It’s best if you can avoid drinking any wine.”

Chu Lian was stunned by Miss Su’s words.

“Fifth Sister, do you mean that someone is trying to trap me?”

Miss Su hesitated for a moment before nodding.

The gears in Chu Lian’s head turned quickly. There were only a few people within the Ying Estate who had enough resentment and would gain enough benefits to do so.

Her stepmother, Second Madam, and the one who hated her, Miss Yuan.

Chu Lian sneered. “It wouldn’t happen to be the two people that I’m thinking of, right?”

Miss Su’s expression turned grim. She shook her head and revealed that there was much more to the situation in just two words: “Not only.”

For some reason, Miss Su felt that Chu Lian had become much more likeable after she had gotten married, compared to how she was before as a young miss of the Ying Estate. Could it be that a person’s personality would be affected by a change of environment?

Miss Su quickly got rid of the foolish thoughts in her heart. Her expression turned grave as she stared at Chu Lian.

Even though she had come prepared, Chu Lian’s eyes widened in surprise after she heard this unexpected answer.

“That’s why I’m telling you to be careful.” Miss Su patted her hand.

Chu Lian slowly hid the shock in her eyes and started making plans in her heart.

She recalled her encounter with Chu Qizheng in the middle of the road that day and the special invitation that he had extended to her at the end... Could it be that her father had a part to play in this?

Chu Lian raised her head and looked towards Miss Su. “Fifth Sister, thank you for the warning.”

Miss Yuan smiled indifferently “It’s nothing. I just happened to stumble upon this news inadvertently. Since you happened to come over today, it was a simple matter to give you a quick warning.”

Chu Lian didn’t say anything else. They couldn’t stay in the garden for too long because the coming-of-age ceremony was about to begin.

Second Master and Second Madam had put in a lot of effort for Chu Yuan’s coming-of-age ceremony. They had even invited several esteemed noblewomen to keep up with appearances. Miss Yuan’s coming-of-age ceremony was a grand event. The married daughters of the Chu Family in attendance were wringing their handkerchiefs in jealousy.

Chu Yuan was so proud that she couldn’t even conceal the smugness in her expression.

Miss Yuan had purposely glanced over at Chu Lian as she was walking up the ceremonial stage. It was clear from her gaze that she was trying to flaunt her status and provoke Chu Lian.

There was a banquet right after the coming-of-age ceremony ended.

Chu Lian was assigned to sit next to the main table. This banquet was held solely for the female guests and it was separated from the men’s banquet.

During the meal, there were people who kept trying to strike up a conversation with her. Since they were all her married cousins, Chu Lian went along with the flow and chatted a little with them.

Chu Lian didn’t eat much at the banquet since she had gotten a warning from Miss Su. She only tasted dishes that others had already eaten from and took a few bites to make it appear as if she was eating. She used the excuse that she was currently taking medicine to nourish her body to avoid drinking wine.

Second Madam was sitting anxiously within the adjacent room. The handkerchief in her hands was already crumpled up from all her worrying. She occasionally looked towards the door as if she was waiting for someone.

Finally, someone knocked on the door and a maidservant in a blue dress entered the private compartment.

The maidservant quickly walked over to Second Madam. “Madam, this is bad. Sixth Miss didn’t drink any wine.”

Second Madam had stood up excitedly at the maidservant’s arrival, but now she sat back down in frustration after hearing the report.

“How can that be? How could she avoid drinking a single cup of wine during a banquet?”

The maidservant looked equally troubled. “One of Sixth Miss’s servants said that Sixth Miss is currently drinking a medicinal tonic, so she can’t take any alcohol.”

Second Madam’s features contorted into a wretched expression. She clenched her fists as her face flooded with resentment.

“Madam, what should we do now?”

Second Madam was getting impatient. Her eyes darted around the furnishings in the room. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and the corners of her thin lips curved up into a smile.

She beckoned the maidservant over and whispered something into her ears.

After receiving her orders, the maidservant left the room at light speed.

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