Chapter 539: Meeting Miss Su (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 539: Meeting Miss Su (2)

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Chu Lian had initially found it a little strange that Third Aunt-in-Law had suddenly mentioned Miss Fu. However, once she finished speaking, Chu Lian instantly understood what she meant.

She was extremely shocked, to put it lightly. Third Aunt-in-Law was hinting at giving Miss Yuan to He Changdi as a concubine to bear children!

What kind of mother was she? Why was she so desperate to give away her own daughter?

Even if the prestige of the present House Ying had declined, a legitimate daughter of the family couldn’t just be given away as a concubine, even to a highly ranked official! What was wrong with this Third Aunt-in-Law’s brain!

The smile that Chu Lian had somehow managed to squeeze out completely disappeared after Third Aunt-in-Law said those words.

She really didn’t want to bother with what these aunts of hers had to say, but she had to nip things in the bud and give them a direct response now.

“Grandmother, I know that you’re thinking for my sake. However, my husband has already said that we’re still young and that he’s not in a rush to have children right now. It’s best to let nature take its course. Besides, you should know about the rules of the He Family.”

Chu Lian’s response was a merciless slap to everyone’s face. It was also a firm rejection to Third Aunt-in-law’s suggestion.

Out of all the women present, not a single one of their husbands was without a concubine or even a bedservant. Even the old madam’s husband, Duke Ying, had two maidservants under the age of twenty to ‘prepare his ink’ in the study! Of course, the fact that there was a bevy of aging concubines in his harem went without saying.

There were plenty of illegitimate children in this household. Chu Lian’s father, Chu Qizheng, was considered the best amongst the husbands of House Ying. She and Chu Yuan didn’t have any illegitimate siblings, but that was most likely because Chu Qizheng was lacking in vigour with old age…

Of all the women in the room, it was only Chu Lian’s husband, He Changdi, who didn’t have a concubine. It was written right in the rules of the He Family after all!

All the noble madams who had been babbling away earlier instantly fell silent. The entire parlour instantly filled with an awkward tension.

In the end, it was Madam Rong who purposely coughed and drew back everyone’s attention. Madam Rong smiled and said, “Aunts, don’t you feel ashamed as elders for envying a young lady like Miss Lian? It’s also a blessing for our Chu Family that Miss Lian was able to marry so well.”

Those who had more wits hastily chimed in and agreed with her.

Chu Lian smiled slightly. It wasn’t appropriate for her to say anything else after that. However, the old madam was smiling somewhat awkwardly.

“Alright, alright, it’s getting late now. The coming-of-age ceremony will start soon. Everyone should get going now,” Madam Rong took the chance to remind them.

Everyone in the room promptly stood up and walked towards the parlour in the outer court of the Ying Estate, where the coming-of-age ceremony was to be held.

Once the maidservants had helped the old madam out of the room, Madam Rang personally came over to Chu Lian.

Madam Rong examined Chu Lian carefully from head to toe first. Then, she beamed with a genuine smile and said, “Miss Lian, it’s only been a few months since we last met and you’ve become even more beautiful. It’s no wonder that Marquis Anyuan wouldn’t let you come back by yourself.”

It was undeniable that Madam Rong was good at speaking.

With such a formidable daughter-in-law at the helm of the main branch, their inner court was likely much more organised than those of the other two branches.

Chu Lian returned the smile. “Eldest Sister-in-Law, don’t tease me.”

Madam Rong reached out and hooked her arm with Chu Lian’s. They left the parlour of the inner court together. “Miss Lian, I’m busy today, so I can’t take care of you. Could you go to the outer court with Miss Su?”

It might have been because of the previous incident at the Dingyuan Estate, but Chu Lian had a strange feeling that Madam Rong was being more careful and flattering towards her.

Chu Lian nodded. “Eldest Sister-in-Law, please go ahead since you’re so busy. You don’t have to worry about me. I’ll look for Fifth Sister right now and go to the outer court with her.”

Madam Rong gave her an apologetic smile before making a hasty departure.

When Chu Lian left the old madam’s courtyard and turned the corner, the first thing she spotted was Miss Su standing beside some rose bushes.

Miss Su had become much thinner since the last time they had met.

The baby fat on her cheeks had disappeared. Not only that, but her cheeks were actually slightly sunken in. She didn’t exactly look like the picture of health.

Chu Lian frowned. She hadn’t expected Miss Su to have become so gaunt after just a few months.

“Fifth Sister,” Chu Lian called out softly when she got closer.

Miss Su snapped out of her light daze after hearing her voice. She turned towards Chu Lian’s direction and gave a wan smile.

“Fifth Sister, why have you lost so much weight!”

Miss Su shook her head. “It’s nothing, I got wrapped up in some troublesome matters within the estate that I couldn’t avoid, so I naturally lost some weight...”

Seeing that Miss Su didn’t want to talk about her troubles, Chu Lian didn’t press the issue.

Miss Su pulled Chu Lian’s hand into her own and looked her over with a measuring gaze. The faint smile on her face became a touch more sincere. “Sixth Sister seems to be more lively than before.”

Chu Lian forced a smile. How could she not be ‘lively’? She had to drink a nourishing tonic twice a day. He Changdi was still on leave, so he was eating with her everyday. With He Changdi watching her at mealtimes, she had to eat a lot more compared to before…

“Come, let’s chat over there.” Miss Su held hands with Chu Lian and led her towards the outer court.

There was a small garden just up in front. Everyone was gathered in the outer court right now, so there were barely any servants around in the inner court. It was quiet and serene in the garden, making it a good place for a private chat.

Miss Su sent a signal to the handmaid behind her using her eyes. The handmaid immediately bobbed in acknowledgement and retreated several steps, keeping a good distance from Miss Su and Chu Lian.

Chu Lian could understand Miss Su’s intention, so she waved at Wenqing and Wenlan to do the same.

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