Chapter 537: Bamboo Green (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 537: Bamboo Green (2)

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He Changdi leaned against the wooden lounge chair beside the window. Today, he was dressed in a bamboo green robe with a slightly darker cloak. His jade-embellished belt was secured with a high-quality black jade piece in the shape of a tortoise. A jade crown kept his high bun in place. Although he had a cold aura, he looked every bit a handsome gentleman.

Just by lounging on the wooden chair in a relaxed pose, he was like a living painting, enticing the viewer into infatuation.

He Changdi was already prepared to leave and was just waiting for his wife to finish. Since he didn’t have anything to do, he picked up one of the storybooks that Chu Lian usually read from the table beside him and casually flipped through the pages.

Chu Lian was in the peak of her life now. Her skin was smooth and fair, so she didn’t even need to put on any makeup.

After combing her hair, she picked out a phoenix hairpin with emerald inlays and a sapphire headdress. She lightly filled in her eyebrows and finished up by putting some rouge on her lips.

Though He Changdi appeared to be reading the storybook in his hand, he hadn’t flipped the page for a whole fifteen minutes.

While Baicha was serving him tea, she hid her smile when she noticed that Third Young Master was occasionally glancing in Third Young Madam’s direction.  

Third Young Madam had turned sixteen this year. Her facial features had matured compared to when she had just gotten married last year, and the baby fat on her cheeks had completely faded. She looked absolutely stunning now; her natural beauty still shone no matter how many times they looked at her. Even a maidservant like her was smitten by Third Young Madam’s looks, let alone Third Young Master!

At this time, Senior Servant Gui walked out from behind the screen with two dresses in hand.

“Third Young Madam, which one would you like?”

The two dresses that Senior Servant Gui had picked out were begonia and bamboo, respectively.

Both dresses were presents from Princess Wei which Chu Lian hadn’t worn yet.

Chu Lian was about to pick the begonia-coloured dress when He Changdi pointed at the bamboo green instead. “That one.”

Senior Servant Gui was a little conflicted from the command and she glanced at Chu Lian, asking for her opinion with her eyes.

Chu Lian nodded.

Both sets of clothing were skillfully tailored and made of high-quality fabrics. Since they had been sent over by Princess Wei, there was no way they would be of bad quality.

Although the designs on them were slightly different, it didn’t matter much to Chu Lian.

She wasn’t picky about what she wore, so Senior Servant Gui was usually the one who took care of her wardrobe.

Senior Servant Gui instructed a maidservant to put the begonia dress back in the closet and handed the bamboo green dress to Xiyan.

It was only after Chu Lian finished changing and glanced at He Changdi that she finally came to a realisation.  

They were actually wearing the same colour today. If they stood together, then it looked like they had purposely worn matching outfits…

Chu Lian smiled inwardly when she recalled He Changdi interrupting and picking out a dress for her just now.

Senior Servant Gui and the maidservants in the room came to the same realisation when they saw their masters standing together.

When He Changdi saw that she was about ready, he set the storybook aside.

He didn’t forget to help Chu Lian into an auburn cloak before stepping out the door.

Thirty minutes later, the couple arrived at the Ying Estate.

Since Miss Yuan was a legitimate daughter of the second branch, the estate was throwing a large and lively party for her coming-of-age ceremony today.

Chu Lian’s carriage stopped in front of the main gate. There were already senior servants and maidservants waiting for the guests in front of the main entrance.

He Changdi got off the carriage first before turning around and offering his hand to help Chu Lian.

The senior servants greeting the guests at the main entrance were all sharp-eyed, so they were able to recognise Chu Lian with a single look.

A senior servant hastily ran over with a maidservant following behind. “Sixth Miss is finally back. The old master and old madam have always been mentioning how they’ve missed you very much.” They then bobbed in greeting towards He Changdi, who was standing beside Chu Lian.

The senior servant’s gaze darted all over the couple. When she noticed the matching attire on Chu Lian and He Changdi, as well as how attentive He Changdi was to Chu Lian, she became even more careful in her interactions with them.

“Sixth Young Master, the old master, Eldest Master, Second Master, Third Master, and the other young masters are all in the outer court’s study! This old servant will send someone to guide you over.”

The servants of Ying Estate had become even more humble in front of He Changdi, thanks to his newly bestowed title of marquis.

Chu Lian turned towards him in question. “Do you want to enter and have a seat first?”

He Changdi shook his head. “No, you should go ahead. I have to go to the Ministry of War. I’ll come back around noon.”

Chu Lian nodded in acknowledgement.

He Sanlang took the reins that Laiyue offered to him with one hand and lightly grasped Chu Lian’s with the other. He also shot Wenqing and Wenlan a meaningful look before mounting his horse and quickly leaving.  

The senior servant could see how much He Changdi cherished Chu Lian. Even though he had official business at hand, he had still personally escorted Chu Lian back to her maiden home. It was clear as day that Sixth Miss held an important position in Sixth Young Master’s heart. Thus, the senior servant didn’t dare to slight her.

She cautiously invited Chu Lian into the estate.

Just as Chu Lian entered the Ying Estate and passed the screen at the entrance, a maidservant hidden in the shade hastily ran towards the inner court.

Anxiang Court.

This had been Chu Lian’s courtyard when she lived in the Ying Estate, but it belonged to Miss Yuan now.

Miss Yuan was currently in the middle of dressing up in her bedroom. She was the main character today and it was the very important day when she would finally come of age.

Second Madam had been afraid that she would make a mistake, so she had sent her trusted senior servant over.

Miss Yuan was currently sitting in front of the vanity table as her nursemaid combed her hair.

A maidservant suddenly ran over in a flustered manner. She almost bumped into the handmaid Xiaoqin, who was holding a tray.

Xiaoqin berated her furiously before asking, “What’s going on? Why are you in such a hurry!”

The maidservant peeked into the room at Eighth Miss, who was still getting ready, before she cautiously glanced back at Xiaoqin. “Sister Xiaoqin, Sixth Miss is back.”

Miss Yuan had heard the noise coming from outside, so she ordered the maidservant to enter the bedroom and report.

The maidservant anxiously entered the bedroom with her head lowered.

Miss Yuan lifted her hand to stop the nursemaid combing her hair. She turned her head towards the maidservant and said, “Tell me exactly what happened when Sixth Sister stepped into the estate.”

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