Chapter 536: Bamboo Green (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 536: Bamboo Green (1)

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He Sanlang looked downwards and examined the displeased expression on her face. He littered kisses over her smooth and tender cheeks to soothe her. “Seven days. You can change to a different tonic after seven days and by then, you won’t have to be so strict about avoiding certain foods. You’ll be able to eat fruits and drink tea, but not too much.”

Chu Lian shook her head helplessly when she heard He Changdi’s reply.

At least it was only seven days. If it was one or two months, then she would probably die from the suffering.

Chu Lian pursed her lips. All she could do was accept this reality.

She tried to pry open He Changdi’s hold around her waist. “Let me go, I want to eat my dinner.”

He Sanlang smiled and loosened his arms. Chu Lian promptly got off his lap and sat beside him.

To be honest, Chu Lian wasn’t the only one blushing and feeling embarrassed when they were sitting together so intimately. He Changdi couldn’t endure it for much longer either, so it was better for them to sit separately.

Chu Lian still didn’t have much appetite. She only ate some of the mild-flavoured dishes before setting down her chopsticks.

When He Changdi noticed that she wasn’t eating a lot, his brows creased together. He personally ladled a bowl of chicken soup and placed it in front of her.

“You’re eating too little.”

Chu Lian didn’t want to waste his good intentions, so she took up a spoon and slowly drank the soup one sip at a time.

She suddenly recalled something she had been wanting to ask, so she turned her head towards He Changdi, who was focused on his food.

“He Sanlang, where did you get all the money to buy those accessories for me?” Those accessories cost at least four to five thousand taels, which was a rather large sum of money.

He Changdi’s hand hovered in the air for a moment, jade chopsticks still in his grasp. His deep gaze turned towards her.

The corner of her lips twitched slightly in a guilty manner. Chu Lian immediately added a sweet call of ‘Husband’, finally managing to suppress He Changdi’s discontentment.

The young couple hadn’t been together for long. Chu Lian was unable to step into the role of a wife and naturally address He Changdi as ‘husband’ so quickly, unlike the noble ladies who had been born and raised in this era. She still needed some time to completely adapt to it.

He Sanlang set down the chopsticks in his hand and looked at Chu Lian seriously. He pondered for a moment before saying, “Lian’er, I don’t want to lie to you. I can’t tell you where I got the money from right now. But you don’t have to worry. All of it rightfully belongs to me, and I didn’t use any illegal means to obtain it.”

Chu Lian didn’t expect to receive such a reply.

She was slightly shocked, but she didn’t push him for more answers. By reading the original novel, she knew the general direction that the Great Wu Dynasty would move towards in the future.

She didn’t want to bother with the politics in court and she didn’t have any wild ambitions. As long as she could have a comfortable life with enough money to spend, Chu Lian didn’t want to interfere with irrelevant matters.

Moreover, there were certain things that she couldn’t change by herself no matter how much she tried.

Her only wish was to live a leisurely life and laze around. As long as others didn’t provoke her first, she would keep to her place.

When the time came, all she had to do was to make sure that the He Family was moving in the right direction and that their future would be guaranteed.

“Alright, I won’t ask anymore. Even if it’s your money, you shouldn’t spend it so recklessly. If Grandmother and the others find out, they might misunderstand.”

Wasn’t it so?

House Jing’an was severely lacking in money right now. They had even been thick-skinned enough to ask her to return Guilin Restaurant. If Matriarch He ever found out that He Changdi had spent a few thousand taels to buy accessories for her, then she would definitely be mad at the third branch.   

The He Family hadn’t split off yet and they still lived with their elders. Thus, they had to do everything in a more low-key manner.

He Sanlang understood his wife’s misgivings and concerns. He reached over and stroked Chu Lian’s hair. “Don’t worry. Grandmother won’t find out. Don’t tell me that I still have to ask for permission from others before buying some jewellery for my wife?”

Chu Lian rolled her eyes. He hadn’t just bought ‘some’ jewellery. He had brought back almost all the accessories on display at Treasure Pavilion.  

“Eat some more.”

He Changdi added more food to her bowl.

Seated as she was beside He Changdi, when she watched him eating in such a serious manner, she unconsciously followed along and ate more than she expected.

She noticed that He Sanlang wouldn’t waste any food no matter his circumstances.

The couple’s meals usually consisted of three dishes and one soup, a typical amount served in most noble households. However, Chu Lian had improved the menu slightly and their meals tasted better than most. The amount served on the table was also just enough for the couple, so there wouldn’t be much leftover.

Two days later, the day of Chu Yuan’s coming-of-age ceremony had arrived.

Chu Lian had already received the invitation beforehand. Furthermore, it concerned her maiden family so she couldn’t just skip the event.

He Changdi had to go to the Ministry of War today to take over his duties so he wouldn’t be free until noon.

After the young couple had woken up this morning, Senior Servant Gui and Xiyan came to help Chu Lian pick out a dress to wear to go out today.

Chu Lian found it strange that He Changdi was still around when she came out of the bathroom. She asked, “Don’t you have to go to the Ministry of War today? Why haven’t you left yet?”

He Changdi glanced at the casually dressed Chu Lian and said, “I’m not in a hurry. I’ll go over to the Ministry of War after escorting you to the Ying Estate.”

Chu Lian was slightly surprised. “Won’t that delay your official business?”

As Chu Lian spoke, she sat in front of the vanity table and let Wenlan style her hair.

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