Chapter 533: Nourishing Soup (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 533: Nourishing Soup (2)

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Chu Lian slept extremely well. Other than feeling slightly warmer than usual, she felt great when she woke up from her nap.

She was helped by Xiyan to the bathroom to wipe down her body. After changing into a loose, comfortable dress for home, she returned to her bedroom.

She immediately noticed the small porcelain bowl on the table and let out an anguished wail. “I still have to drink that?!”

Wenlan covered her mouth to hide her grin. Senior Servant Zhong explained, “Third Young Madam, this nourishing soup only takes effect after drinking it long-term. Great Doctor Miao said that you’ll have to drink it every day for half a month. It’s only been four days.”

Chu Lian: …

Although the nourishing soup wasn’t hard to swallow and even had a nice aroma, she drank it daily. To make matters worse, that daily schedule included more than one serving! Anyone would’ve gotten sick of drinking something that often, and Chu Lian wasn’t the exception.

Under the watchful eyes of Senior Servant Zhong and the other servants, Chu Lian had no choice but to gulp down the soup with an unwilling expression.

She didn’t know if she was just imagining things, but she started feeling uncomfortably hot inside after drinking the soup.

She tolerated it for a while, but eventually she couldn’t continue enduring the uncomfortable feeling, so she asked Xiyan, “Cut a pear for me, I’m feeling a little thirsty.”

Now that it was February, the only fruit available in the capital was pear. Apples hadn’t been discovered yet in the Great Wu Dynasty, so there was no point in asking for those. As for tangerines, they hadn’t been in season for a while now.

The pears available now had been specially preserved from last year’s harvest using a special method, so they were rather expensive too. Most commoners wouldn’t be able to afford them.

At this thought, Chu Lian kind of missed the modern convenience of having access to practically any kind of fruit, even during the winter.

When fruits returned to the market this year, she was going to think of ways to can or candy them.

Xiyan revealed a troubled expression. Senior Servant Zhong secretly shook her head at Xiyan.

Chu Lian noticed that Xiyan hadn’t moved to get her a pear, so she looked at her in confusion and said, “Why aren’t you going? Could it be that there’s no more pears in the estate?”

Since Chu Lian had come up with a plausible explanation herself, Xiyan quickly nodded and agreed. “That’s right, Third Young Madam. The remaining few have been sent to Countess Jing’an.”

Chu Lian could only sigh in response. She had them move the braziers out of the room before changing into a thinner robe. After making these changes, she was finally feeling more comfortable.

Senior Servant Zhong took the excuse of sending some tea to meet with He Changdi in the study and make a report.

He Sanlang was seated behind the desk with a pile of official documents that he had just completed. His expression was grim and he was obviously in a horrendous mood at this time.

“What did you say? Grandmother demanded Guilin Restaurant back?!”

Senior Servant Zhong nodded. “Third Young Madam has already returned the deed to the matriarch.”

A shadow covered He Sanlang’s gaze. He stared into blank space, but there was no telling what he was thinking about. Senior Servant Zhong stood quietly to one side as she didn’t dare to disturb him. With how still she was, she looked just like a statue.

After some time had passed, He Changdi’s deep, magnetic voice resounded through the room. “I’ll take note of this matter. Is there anything else, momo?”

Senior Servant Zhong hesitated for a moment. Then, a little awkwardly, she added, “Third Young Master, Great Doctor Miao instructed that Third Young Madam must not participate in any bedroom activities within seven days of taking the nourishing soup.”

He Changdi: …

Even though he was a man, it was still uncomfortable for him when Senior Servant Zhong was so blunt about it. Great Doctor Miao had already made this clear to him before, yet Senior Servant Zhong was reminding him about it again… Was he someone who seemed to be lacking in restraint?

He Changdi coughed to conceal his awkwardness. “Don’t worry, momo. I am aware.”

Senior Servant Zhong sigh in relief inside upon hearing his answer. She had been afraid that the youthful Third Young Master would be unable to suppress his desires… However, Third Young Master had always been a calm and collected person who followed through with his promises. If he said so, he would definitely do it. Besides, this concerned Third Young Madam’s health, so he wouldn’t be careless.

After making these things clear, Senior Servant Zhong quickly left.

When evening fell, He Changdi finally left the study and returned to the parlour. He then asked after Chu Lian’s whereabouts.

Wenlan replied, “Third Young Madam went to visit the countess over an hour ago.”

He Sanlang thought about it for a moment, before heading off to his mother’s courtyard himself.

The moment he entered the parlour, he was met with the sight of Chu Lian happily picking up a small slice of snow pear with a toothpick and putting it into her mouth.

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