Chapter 532: Nourishing Soup (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 532: Nourishing Soup (1)

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With so many hickies on her neck, Chu Lian couldn’t continue wearing her current dress with how revealing it was.

While she was changing clothes, Chu Lian could hear the sounds of He Sanlang taking a bath in the bathroom. She pouted and cursed him under her breath.

When she was done sorting out her appearance, she returned to the study to do some work.

Once Chu Lian had left and He Sanlang couldn’t hear any more sounds coming from the bedroom, he was finally able to move freely without the fear of being heard.

Some time later, a small piece of fabric fell out of He Sanlang’s hand, which had been draped over the edge of the bathtub. If Chu Lian had been there to see the soft light-coloured piece of fabric, she would have immediately identified it as her breast band...

He Changdi took a deep sigh and leaned back against the wall of the bathtub, basking in the afterglow as he calmed down.

He smiled bitterly, feeling as if his actions were like shooting himself in the foot.

When he got out of the bathtub, He Changdi picked up the small piece of fabric and put it together with his dirty clothes. He rubbed his nose a little awkwardly before putting on a set of clean clothes and leaving the bathroom.

He Changdi and Chu Lian had lunch together at noon.

Chu Lian had the habit of taking afternoon naps, so she went to sleep an hour after lunch.

He Changdi was tempted to take a nap with his wife, but when he recalled what had happened in the study, he gritted his teeth and went to his own study to work.

Chu Lian couldn’t be bothered with him. She had been craving sleep more and more over the past two days, perhaps due to the nourishing soup that Senior Servant Zhong had given her. It might also have been due to the arrival of spring, and she was having trouble adjusting to the changing seasons.

In any case, Chu Lian fell asleep soon after getting into bed.

Senior Servant Gui lifted the drapes to take a peek before stealthily leaving the room.

Senior Servant Gui’s eyes shone with happiness. When she bumped into Xiyan in the side room, she couldn’t help but say, “Third Young Madam has suddenly been sleeping a lot more than usual. Could it be...?”

Although Xiyan was a young maiden herself, she had been educated about various things by Senior Servants Zhong and Gui for the sake of serving Chu Lian as a handmaid. Therefore, she was aware of many details regarding matters after marriage.

Hearing that, she smiled and answered, “Momo, you’re overthinking things! How could anything happen this quickly? Third Young Madam has only just consummated her marriage! Perhaps she’s feeling easily tired because she overexerted herself at the northern border. It’s spring here now, her body might not be used to the change in weather.”

Xiyan’s suggestion caused the smile to fade from Senior Servant Gui’s face. “That won’t do. I’ll have to ask Great Doctor Miao to take a look at Third Young Madam tomorrow.”

Xiyan smiled; Senior Servant Gui was worrying too much.

“Have you forgotten? Third Young Master recently asked Great Doctor Miao to take Third Young Madam’s pulse and Third Young Madam has been drinking nourishing soup daily!”

After getting reminded of the situation, Senior Servant Gui shook her head helplessly.

She couldn’t resist adding, “I really hope Third Young Madam can get pregnant soon, so she can get a foothold in the estate.”

Xiyan sighed in response. Didn’t they all!

The customs in the Great Wu Dynasty were more open than the previous dynasty, so even young ladies who hadn’t come of age could participate in banquets and visit their friends. However, the rules were still more strict on women, especially after marriage. If a wife didn’t manage to produce any heirs, it was as good as committing a crime.

This could be seen from what had happened to the first branch. If Madam Zou had birthed a son, her relationship with He Dalang would have never deteriorated to its current state.

It had been at least half a year since Third Young Madam and Third Young Master had gotten married. Although they knew that the two had only consummated their marriage a few days ago, no one else did! If people started gossiping about it, Third Young Madam would be the one who received the blame.

When a wife couldn’t produce any heirs, the blame was always directed at the woman.

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