Chapter 531: How Couples Should Communicate (6)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 531: How Couples Should Communicate (6)

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He Changdi reached out and caught hold of Chu Lian’s delicate chin, lifting her head upwards to make her meet his chilly and serene gaze. Chu Lian noticed the tinge of dissatisfaction in his eyes and made a moue of frustration. She repeated the words she had said earlier, but this time, she addressed him as ‘Hubby’ instead. Finally, the tsundere He Sanlang was satisfied.

He made an affirmative grunt in response and followed up by moving to kiss her soft cherry lips. His tongue pushed its way past her teeth and toyed with the sweet softness inside.

Chu Lian hadn’t expected things to develop in this direction. She froze up at first, but she quickly melted into his tender and gentle kiss. She felt as if she had turned into a puddle of water and was going to fuse into his warm, broad chest.

He Changdi couldn’t stop his hand from roaming up and down her soft, supple back, as if he were inspecting his territory.

At this point, Chu Lian’s mind was turning fuzzy. Her skin grew heated, as if his touch scalded.

Her rational mind gradually faded away and she couldn’t help releasing a moan. Her body rubbed against his chest subconsciously.

He CHangdi had been holding back with everything he had from the start, but when Chu Lian let loose such an enticing sound, the floodgates burst open.

In an instant, his reason was blown to smithereens.

His hand headed up Chu Lian’s back and fiddled around for a few seconds, causing her dress to slide away from her chest. He immediately pounced upon the two soft peaches and toyed with them like a tyrant.

Chu Lian panted for breath. She was feeling feverish all over, but there was still a shred of rationality left in her which found this strange.

She didn’t understand why her inhibitions had suddenly disappeared. With just that small motion from He Changdi, she had been unable to stop herself from rubbing herself against him…

There seemed to be a strange energy in her body spurring her on to follow her instincts.

When they got to the point when their clothes were in disarray and they were about to lose control, He Changdi suddenly pushed Chu Lian away. There was a terrifying darkness in his eyes and his breath sounded uncontrollably hoarse.

He placed his arms on Chu Lian’s feeble shoulders and put some distance between them.

He looked down; he didn’t dare to look at the alluring sight that Chu Lian was right now. He forcefully calmed his breathing, reached to the side, and put his own large cloak on Chu Lian, completely covering up her exposed skin.

His hands turned into fists and he quickly got up. Before leaving, he announced, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

He then made a hasty escape from the study as if a monster was chasing at his heels.

Chu Lian watched dazedly as he cut a sorry figure in his departure.

Only when the scorching heat inside of her had fully receded did her wits return.

The return of her rational thought made her cheeks bloom red.

Chu Lian punched at the chaise with her fists and bit her bottom lip.

What had happened to her just now? Why had she started rubbing against He Changdi? And why had she acted so… wanton?

Could it be that she lacked self-control? Could it be that it was just this easy for He Changdi to seduce her?

More importantly, He Changdi had actually rejected her!

How embarrassing!

Chu Lian wanted to bury herself in a hole somewhere.

However, when she thought back to He Changdi’s reaction, she found it strange. He was already in that state, so he obviously wanted it. Why did he end up pushing her away at the last minute?

The more Chu Lian wondered, the darker her expression became. She wasn’t just angry at herself for being so easily seduced, she was also angry because of He Changdi’s abnormal rejection.

Taking in a deep breath, the red-faced Chu Lian took off the dark cloak that He Changdi had put on her. When she looked down at herself, her face heated up uncontrollably.

There were red marks all over her fair chest, including a long chain of them on her collarbones. She frantically pulled the skirt of her dress back up, before adding on a vest. Once she had covered herself up properly, she finally gathered the courage to leave the room and get a change of clothes.

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