Chapter 530: How Couples Should Communicate (5)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 530: How Couples Should Communicate (5)

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Speechless at the toughness of his skin, Chu Lian stopped biting him and buried her head in his chest instead. The discontentment in her slowly faded away and the impulse that had filled her head dissipated. When she finally regained her calm, Chu Lian suddenly realised that He Changdi had derailed the conversation completely!

She had been intending to have a serious discussion with him and make him realise his mistakes. How on earth had it turned into asking if he believed her about the letter and the jade amulet?

Thinking back on it carefully, she wasn’t the one at fault for the letter or the jade pendant! She was the innocent victim here!

Once she had thought it through, Chu Lian quickly pushed He Sanlang away and glared at him with her clear, almond-shaped eyes.

He Sanlang lowered his head to meet his wife eye-to-eye. Upon seeing her eyes clear without any of the anxiety and impatience from before, he realised that Chu Lian had realised what he just did.

He looked away and said, “Ahem. Lian’er, how I acted after we returned from Prince Wei’s estate was entirely my fault, I apologise.”

For the first time, He Sanlang had stopped trying to avoid the topic and had actually admitted to his mistake.

Although his apology was rather vague, it was already a huge step forward that he had admitted fault to this degree, especially considering his awkward personality. Chu Lian knew that she shouldn’t push him too hard for now. Rome hadn’t been built in a day after all.

Chu Lian believed that their understanding of each other would naturally deepen over time as long as they could live together harmoniously.

By then, these mysterious problems wouldn’t need to be resolved at all, as they wouldn’t even exist.

He Sanlang had never admitted to his mistakes in such a straightforward manner before. When he finished apologising, his ears even turned red without his knowledge.

Staring at his stiff expression, Chu Lian couldn’t help bursting into a wide grin. She reached out with her fair fingers and touched He Sanlang’s flushed ears.

They were hot to the touch and were at a much higher temperature than the rest of his body. He Changdi’s earlobes had always been sensitive, so having it touched by his lover made him stiffen up. All of the surplus blood in his body gathered into a certain area.

“It took so much to get you to admit your mistake. Also, don’t go around getting jealous for no reason; I don’t have any relationship with Xiao Bojian at all!” Chu Lian declared. Her tone was serious.

He Changdi wrapped both arms around her and pulled her into an even closer embrace. The rigid tension that had filled his body slowly drifted away from having her soft figure in his arms. He sulked a little as he said, “I know that I shouldn’t be jealous, but I can’t help it. The way Xiao Bojian looked at you didn’t help, either.”

Chu Lian rolled her eyes. She was on the verge of suffocating from all this injustice being piled upon her. What could she even do about it if someone looked at her funny?!

Xiao Bojian wasn’t some random commoner, so she couldn’t just lash out at him in the open or dig out his eyes... He Sanlang’s jealousy was completely unreasonable.

He Sanlang’s hand was caressing her petite back even as he continued sulking. “You’re MY wife! Anyway, other men aren’t allowed to look at you like that. Just you wait, I definitely won’t let Xiao Bojian off.”

The corner of Chu Lian’s lips twitched. She didn’t feel like replying to He Changdi’s pointless proclamation. In any case, she didn’t care about what happened to Xiao Bojian. If He Changdi really had the ability to drag Xiao Bojian down from his high horse, she would actually support her lunatic husband in doing so.

Now that they had resolved all the misunderstandings between them, the couple had naturally become closer as a result.

Chu Lian frowned and fiercely said, “He Changdi, you’re not allowed to brood so much on your own in the future. I can’t always guess your thoughts. If you’re feeling uneasy, you have to let me know.”

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