Chapter 529: How Couples Should Communicate (4)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 529: How Couples Should Communicate (4)

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Surprise leaked out from He Changdi’s gaze. He hadn’t expected the truth to be so absurd. However, Chu Lian’s tone had been even and sincere, so it didn’t seem like she was lying.

His memories from his past had also corroborated Chu Lian’s words. Xiao Bojian did indeed have some sort of power backing him. He Changdi had been exiled in his past life and he had entered the army under a pseudonym later on. Despite living far away from the capital and not knowing anything of the situation there, he had still managed to use his limited influence to investigate major events.

A dangerous glint came to life in his eyes as he narrowed his gaze.

Xiao Bojian... He was going to take back every debt owed to him and let him have a taste of all the suffering he went through in his past life.

He Changdi quickly pulled himself away from his dark thoughts and stared at Chu Lian for a few seconds. “The letter that Fuyan gave me was something passed to her during Old Marquis Dingyuan’s birthday banquet. Xiao Bojian sent a messenger to pass the letter to you, but Fuyan kept it instead.”

The sudden mention of the letter stunned Chu Lian for an instant. She wanted to cry out loud. What was going on? She hated Xiao Bojian so much that she never ever wanted to see him again, yet the events around her seemed to be connecting the two of them together no matter what.

Wasn’t this the plight of being the protagonist? If He Changdi was even the slightest bit dumber, their relationship might really have been destroyed by this.

Chu Lian looked up and met his shadowed gaze. “He Sanlang, you believe me, don’t you?”

He Changdi frowned deeply. “What did you call me?”

The corners of Chu Lian’s lips tugged into a pout. She turned her gaze away and refused to speak.

He Changdi lifted her chin first before raising his upper body to lean over and plant a gentle kiss on her lips. He softened his tone and coaxed, “What should you call me?”

Chu Lian couldn’t understand how their open and frank conversation had somehow turned into a flirtatious scene. The two of them were just too close together now. Her exhales were blowing directly over his slightly exposed collarbones. Chu Lian couldn’t help but flush in response to the situation.

“Call me Hubby.”

He Changdi’s low and magnetic voice resounded beside Chu Lian’s ears, raising goosebumps all over Chu Lian’s body.

Since she was still trapped in the circle of He Changdi’s arms, she could only give in. She bit her bottom lip before letting out a frustrated huff. “Hubby!”

A faint smile finally appeared on He Changdi’s lips. He tugged with the arm around Chu Lian’s waist, pulling Chu Lian into his embrace and enveloping her body with his own, forming a protective cage around her.

“It’ll be better if you use a gentler tone next time.”

Chu Lian raised a brow. “He Sanlang! You’re still picking on my tone?”

He Changdi rested his chin on the top of Chu Lian’s head. As low laughter rang out from above her, Chu Lian could feel the vibrations of his chest. Before she had the chance to enjoy the warm moment, his palm landed a sound smack on her pert bottom.

“You’ve already forgotten what I just taught you?”

The abrupt switch from their serious conversation into perverted flirting caught Chu Lian off guard. That one smack made her cover her bottom instinctively as she trembled with indignation. Her next reaction was to push He Changdi away and glare at him.

He Changdi reached out to stroke her back as if soothing an alarmed kitten.

“Lian’er, I believe you.”

Chu Lian took in a deep breath to gather all of her rising fury and quickly bit down hard on his exposed collarbone.

Afraid that she would hurt her teeth on his tough skin, He Changdi purposely relaxed his muscles and let her do as she liked.

Chu Lian gnawed on He Sanlang’s collarbone until all her anger had been spent. Despite her best efforts, all she managed to leave in the end was two faint rows of tiny tooth marks. She hadn’t even drawn any blood and had instead made her jaw ache from all the effort.

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