Chapter 528: How Couples Should Communicate (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 528: How Couples Should Communicate (3)

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“Lian’er, can you avoid meeting Xiao Bojian in the future?”

Chu Lian blinked in astonishment before shaking her head inwardly. He Changdi was really tsundere!

However, she suddenly felt that there was something strange about his question. Was there something up with He Changdi? Ever since she had gone to the north, she could sense that He Changdi seemed to be secretly guarding against Xiao Bojian.

It was like they had been born to be enemies.

She had read the original novel, so she knew about the enmity between the two. However, the current He Changdi was just too different from his novel counterpart. It could be said that he and the gentle, straightforward He Sanlang from the book were two completely different people aside from sharing the same face.

She had already struck out the possibility that he might be the same as her early on. However, from the way he treated his family, he didn’t seem like a ‘fake’ He Changdi at all.

Then what on earth had caused his personality to change so much?

Although Chu Lian really wanted to know the truth, it clearly wasn’t the right time to ask now.

She let out a helpless sigh and said, “He Changdi, answer me this. When have I ever actively gone to meet Xiao Bojian? Wenqing and Wenlan are your servants. I’m sure that you know about everything I’ve done before I went to the north. Don’t tell me that I have to list them all out for you again?”

His jealousy was completely unfounded. There was no reason for him to have thrown his little fit of temper.

A glint flashed through He Changdi’s eyes. Chu Lian was right. He knew every single one of her movements while she had been in the capital.

He had indeed assigned Senior Servant Zhong and the Wen sisters to her side to keep an eye on her. Chu Lian had never tried to meet Xiao Bojian. When he had become the top scholar of the year, she had even politely rejected his invite to a celebration.

Even so, a single scene in his memory remained like a thorn in his heart.

He Sanlang reached out and stroked Chu Lian’s soft cheek. Voice a low rumble, he asked, “Then what about that lucky jade amulet? Why is it in Xiao Bojian’s hands?”

“Eh?” Chu Lian made a sound of confusion in response. She couldn’t remember what amulet He Changdi was talking about.

He Sanlang was a little unhappy with her response, so his tone dipped a few degrees. “The jade amulet that Grandmother gave to you the day after our wedding.”

Thanks to He Changdi’s hint, realisation dawned upon Chu Lian.

So it was that lucky jade amulet!

“What did you say? That lucky jade amulet is with Xiao Bojian?”

He Changdi kept his eyes fixed on her, not willing to miss the tiniest change of expression on her face.

“I saw it with my own eyes.”

He was all too familiar with that jade amulet. It had belonged to the old count and he had seen that amulet pretty often ever since he was a little boy. He couldn’t possibly have misidentified it.

Chu Lian held a hand up to her forehead. She was completely speechless from this turn of events. She slowly thought back to the events of the day she had met with Royal Princess Duanjia at Defeng Teahouse. That was where she had lost the amulet.

Her wide almond-shaped eyes darted from side to side as she thought. It couldn’t have possibly been such an amazing coincidence, right? That Xiao Bojian had later come by to pick up the amulet she had dropped in that room...

The corners of her lips tugged downwards as she realised that that really might have been the course of events.

Chu Lian wanted to curse Xiao Bojian a hundred times over. As expected of the main lead of a novel! His mind really worked in different ways. He had picked up an amulet that she had accidentally dropped and somehow taken it as a sign of her affection for him.

She knew that He Changdi wouldn’t be convinced if she came up with any sort of reason now. She weighed her options inwardly for a few seconds and decided to tell him the whole truth.

“...He Changdi, that’s exactly what happened. I didn’t know that I dropped the jade amulet and he somehow picked it up. However, I think that Xiao Bojian isn’t as simple as he looks. There must be some hidden power backing him. Otherwise, he couldn’t have possibly lured the princess away so easily at the teahouse.”

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