Chapter 526: How Couples Should Communicate (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 526: How Couples Should Communicate (1)

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Chu Lian gave him a sideways glance as if she hadn’t seen the complaint in his eyes. She picked up a brush from the rack and dipped it into the inkwell, seemingly intent on continuing her writing.

This time, He Sanlang caught hold of her wrist.

Chu Lian finally set aside the recipe in her hands. She looked up with a furrow in her brow and asked, “What are you doing?”

He Sanlang’s handsome features were cast in a stiff expression and his lips were pressed together. He continued staring down at her with a shadowed gaze, as if he hoped that Chu Lian would be able to read his thoughts from the look in his eyes alone.

Chu Lian met his gaze with her own clear, innocent eyes. She could see the mix of frustration and petulance in his gaze, and she even understood where he was coming from. However, not everything could be conveyed by looks. As close as they were, there would likely come a time where she wouldn’t be able to read him with just one look.

Chu Lian shifted her gaze away as she stated with a cool tone, “He Changdi, if you have something you want to tell me, then speak. Otherwise, get out. Don’t disturb me.”

He Changdi’s pupils contracted. He obviously hadn’t expected such an order from Chu Lian. The grip he had around Chu Lian’s wrist tightened unconsciously.

When Chu Lian felt a sharp pain around her wrist, she struggled and tried to pull her hand away.

“He Sanlang, you’re hurting me!”

After He Changdi realised that her expression had even contorted from the pain, he quickly let go. A red mark in the shape of his grip stood out accusingly on her fair skin.

That red mark kept the words that He Sanlang had been about to speak trapped in his throat. However, seeing how Chu Lian had turned her back to him in a fit of pique as she rubbed her wrist, the anger he had only just managed to suppress flared up again.

The couple continued their standoff in the study, Chu Lian remaining seated with her back to him. The tension between them filled the tiny little room and made it suffocating.

Time seemed to stop. Every second passed at an agonisingly slow speed.

He Sanlang’s eyes never left Chu Lian’s figure. He stood frozen by the desk, his hands clenched into fists behind his back and his lips pressed together in a thin, white line. He was waiting for Chu Lian to speak first.

Chu Lian had been angry with He Changdi’s attitude ever since they had returned from the Wei Estate. After that, although they had acted out a pretense together during the incident with Miaozhen, and despite buying a whole box of accessories to make her happy, He Changdi had never admitted his fault in the matter. He had also never explained the reason behind his attitude face-to-face.

It wouldn’t do for their interactions as a couple to be this way. While they were attracted to each other and in love for now, they lacked communication and trust between them.

During their time together, Chu Lian had understood that He Changdi wasn’t someone who liked to open his heart to others.

They couldn’t keep miscommunicating and quarreling like this. They had to sit down and face their problems together.

Otherwise, if they continued on in this manner, it would only make things worse in the future.

Chu Lian had already decided that she would lay her cards on the table and get rid of all their communication issues today. Thus, she was resolute on remaining silent until He Changdi spoke up.

In the end, it was He Sanlang who sucked in a deep breath and said, “Lian’er, we inadvertently bumped into Xiao Bojian that day. Prince Wei was the one who invited us all back to his estate.”

With her back still turned towards her husband, Chu Lian inwardly heaved a sigh of relief. She had been afraid that He Changdi’s temper would rear its ugly head and that his pride would keep him from speaking. Although he had gone a little off topic, it was good that he had broken the silence first. That showed that he had realised it was his fault.

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