Chapter 525: He's Not Happy (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 525: He's Not Happy (2)

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After changing into an azure dress embroidered with crape myrtle flowers, Chu Lian asked, “Where’s my husband?”

“Reporting to Third Young Madam, Third Young Master went to the martial arts arena early in the morning. He headed to the study immediately after training. Laiyue met him there, so it seems like they have some business to take care of.”

Chu Lian nodded. Since that was so, she didn’t have to bother with He Changdi’s whereabouts today. She went to the parlour for breakfast after getting ready.

Wenlan followed behind Chu Lian. She tried to speak up several times, but she was stopped by Chu Lian’s glare each time she did so. Finally, Wenlan could no longer hold back her question . To the Chu Lian seated at the table eating breakfast alone, she asked, “Third Young Madam, should this servant go to the study and invite Third Young Master over?”

Chu Lian lifted her head and blinked innocently. She pretended as if she didn’t understand. “What for? He’s already a grown man. Wouldn’t he know when he’s hungry?”

Wenlan didn’t dare to say anything else after hearing Chu Lian’s reply.

Chu Lian made short work of her breakfast. When she was done, she wiped her mouth with a handkerchief and rinsed her mouth. She immediately stood up and headed straight for her little study.

Wenlan anxiously followed behind her. In the end, she shot a look at the junior maidservant behind her. The young maidservant quickly understood her meaning and hastily ran out towards the direction of He Changdi’s study.

Chu Lian couldn’t hold back her grin any longer once she settled down in front of the desk of her little study.

That He Sanlang was really useless. He clearly wanted to please her and make her happy, but he chose to do it in such a sneaky and covert manner. He couldn’t set down his pride to face her this morning, so he had deliberately gotten up earlier.

She couldn’t indulge this awkward tsundere personality of his. He deserved to suffer for his silly actions.

In the main study of Songtao Court, He Sanlang sat ramrod straight in front of his desk with two stacks of official documents piled on top of the surface before him. His head was lowered and he was seemingly reading the document in his hands. Laiyue had been observing him the whole time while standing beside him.

Uhhh… If he remembered it right, his young master had been staring at a blank page for almost half an hour…

Was he really reading?

When a sudden knock sounded at the door to the study, He Sanlang’s deep gaze immediately turned towards the door.

Laiyue rushed to the entrance to answer the knock. A moment later, he shut the door and walked over to He Sanlang.

Laiyue really wanted to kill himself. His luck was seriously terrible. Why did he have to come look for his master now of all times? He had come right when his master and his wife were in the middle of a quarrel.

In a trembling voice, he asked, “Third Young Master, Third Young Madam is currently having breakfast. Would you like to go over?”

He Changdi’s stomach growled right as Laiyue was speaking.

He Sanlang’s expression froze and his handsome face immediately turned as black as the bottom of a pot.

“Your young madam didn’t send any message over at all?” He Sanlang gritted his teeth as he sought confirmation.

Laiyue had a troubled expression on his face as he shook his head. Seeing how his master looked right now, Laiyue really wanted to turn into a quail and hide in a corner so that no one could see him.

“Then how is her appetite today?”

Heh heh… Laiyue’s eyes twitched. The maidservant who had come to report had told him that Third Young Madam seemed to be in a very good mood. She had even eaten an extra steamed pork dumpling…

In order to save his pitiful little life, it was probably better if he didn’t mention that…

Laiyue continued to lower his head until it was almost buried in his chest.

When He Changdi didn’t receive any response after a long moment, his expression turned so dark that ink was about to seep out from his pores.

The temperature inside the study instantly hit subzero. Laiyue felt like he was about to suffocate.

He Sanlang continued sitting in front of his desk and sulked all by himself. After waiting for about an hour, someone else finally came over.

Wenlan had personally come over this time.

When Laiyue saw that their next guest wasn’t Third Young Madam, he knew that the situation was bad. He went out to welcome Wenlan before she had even reached the entrance of the study.

He pulled Wenlan over to the corridor outside. Laiyue was so anxious that his brows were creased together. “Where’s Third Young Madam!”

Wenlan pulled her arm away from Laiyue’s grip and gave him a good glare before she replied, “What’s with all this tugging? Third Young Madam is in the little study.”

Laiyue was on the verge of tears. Why wasn’t Third Young Madam looking for Third Young Master at this time? Why had she gone over to the little study instead?

“Can’t you see that Third Young Master isn’t happy? Hurry up and bring Third Young Madam over.”

Wenlan rolled her eyes. “Why do I have to invite Third Young Madam over? Third Young Madam has some business to do in the study. I can’t disturb her.”

“Ahhhh, my dear ancestor, don’t you know what time it is right now? Do you even want to continue living?! I’m begging you, please! Please go and invite Third Young Madam here!”

Too lazy to bother with a response, Wenlan simple turned around to leave, but Laiyue blocked her way.

Wenlan began to grow a little angry. “Why do I have to bring Third Young Madam over? Third Young Madam didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not just Third Young Master who’s busy. Can’t our Third Young Madam be busy too?”  

Laiyue was stunned. When had this brat started siding with Third Young Madam? It was He Changdi who had arranged for Wenlan and Wenqing to be by Chu Lian’s side. They were ultimately considered He Changdi’s servants.

As the two servants started arguing, He Sanlang finally lost his patience.

Laiyue and Wenlan were still quarrelling when a shadow darted past them. By the time they regained their senses, all they could see was Third Young Master’s tall back disappearing into the distance.

Based on the direction he had gone, it seemed like he was going to look for Third Young Madam…

He Changdi moved quickly and reached the parlour in no time. Senior Servant Zhong was about to greet him when she saw him coming in, but he simply entered the little study as if he hadn’t seen her at all.

Chu Lian was in the middle of writing down some recipes when the brush in her hand was abruptly taken away.

She raised her head with bewilderment, only to be met with the gloomy expression on He Changdi’s handsome face.

The gloomy look in his eyes, the dark aura around him, the sharp angles of his furrowed brows and the thin line formed by his lips; all these signs were a loud declaration that he wasn’t happy.

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