Chapter 522: Interrogation (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 522: Interrogation (1)

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Deep inside a private residence, there was a dark and enclosed room without any windows, making it hard to tell whether it was day or night. The cramped, claustrophobic space could push any sane person into a nervous breakdown, given enough time.

There was an interrogation room set up right outside this enclosed space. He Changdi was seated at the head of the room, wearing a cold expression. He waved his hand towards Laiyue.

“Bring her out.”

A moment later, Laiyue led two guards into the enclosed room and they dragged out a person who looked to be on their last breath. They threw her in front of He Changdi’s feet.

That half-dead person was clad in a light green dress, her hair disheveled and her face pale and haggard. The lifeless, empty expression in her eyes made her seem more like a corpse. With that distinctively soft and slender waist, who else could it be other than Fuyan?

Fuyan remained unresponsive. She laid prone on the floor where she had been thrown, seemingly ignorant of the remnants of dried blood around her. She looked as if her soul had been taken away from her.

He Sanlang lowered his eyes. His icy gaze fell upon Fuyan. “Speak. Who ordered you to do it?”

Fuyan’s whole body trembled back to life when she heard He Changdi’s question.

She raised her pitifully dirty face. With dismay in her eyes, she pleaded, “Third Young Master, please! Please don’t lock this servant up inside that pitch dark room. This lowly servant will confess everything. This lowly servant will tell you everything that you want to know!”

After Fuyan finished speaking, a sudden foul odour spread throughout the room. Her emotional breakdown had led to her physical incontinence…

Beside her, Laiyue immediately covered his nose in disgust.

He Changdi came out of the interrogation room fifteen minutes later.

Dressed in a black robe, he stood in the corridor with his hands clasped behind his back and stared up at the darkening night sky. His ramrod-straight back appeared even more lonely and desolate under the dim light.

Laiyue came out to join him after a few moments.

“Third Young Master, all she knows is that someone was sending her messages; she doesn’t know who the sender was. She got hold of that letter during Old Marquis Dingyuan’s birthday banquet. Someone had specially sent it to Third Young Madam and she just happened to be the one chosen as the messenger. However, she hid the letter and never delivered it to Third Young Madam.” Laiyue reported all the details that he had found out to He Changdi.

He Changdi’s lips drew up into a cold arc. Xiao Wujing was truly resourceful!

When Laiyue didn’t hear any response from his master, he hesitated for a second before asking, “Fuyan is already useless to us. What should we do with her?”

He Changdi rubbed at the jade thumb ring on his left thumb. There wasn’t any trace of emotion in his magnetic voice, but it still sent chills down Laiyue’s spine. “Settle it.”

Laiyue was stunned silent for a moment when he heard his order. He managed to shake himself awake and quickly nodded. “This servant will take care of it.”

Laiyue had worked under He Changdi for many years, so he understood the meaning behind his master’s two short words. Although he felt these measures were rather merciless, it was undoubtedly the best solution. Death was the only outcome for a traitor with such greedy ambition.

He Changdi nodded slightly before walking towards the outer court of the private residence. There was still someone else waiting for him. Today was the day that he would take care of all his debts!

The subordinate guarding the entrance of the parlour gave He Changdi a silent salute when he arrived.

There were already two people seated inside the parlour.

Xiao Hongyu was the first to walk up to him.

He gave a wide, silly grin as he greeted He Changdi. “Brother He, since you’ve arrived, I’ll leave these guys to you. I’ll take my leave first.”

He Changdi patted his shoulder.

A moment later, there were only three people left in the entire parlour, which included himself, Mo Chenggui, and Huang Zhijian.

He Sanlang walked up to the seat at the head of the room and sat down. He lifted his lips into an unexpected smile. The strange smile didn’t complement his cold, handsome features at all, sending chills down the backs of those present instead.

“Uncle Mo, Uncle Huang, please sit.”

Mo Chenggui and Huang Zhijian had already gotten up when He Changdi entered.

Although they were also veterans of the battlefield, they lacked the imposing and formidable aura that Third Young Master carried.

The immense pressure of his aura made them extremely tense.

Although they knew that they shouldn’t be acting this way, it was just a basic involuntary response to stress. It was completely out of their control.

Mo Chenggui and Huang Zhijian shared a doubt-filled look before anxiously sitting down.

There wasn’t anyone else inside the parlour, so they were more or less sitting across from each other. It was so quiet that they could probably hear a needle drop.

The longer the silence stretched, the more nervous the two old soldiers became.

They waited for a long time for He Changdi to speak. They were both becoming increasingly restless.

In the end, Mo Chenggui was the first to break the silence. “May I know why Third Young Master has invited us over today?”

He Changdi’s shadowed gaze swept over him. “Are you sure you don’t have the answer to that already, Uncle Mo?”

Mo Chenggui’s scarred cheek twitched in response. The mocking tone in He Changdi’s words made his heart thump.

He racked his mind for all the possible reasons. When a startling idea popped into his mind, his eyes abruptly widened and he looked at He Changdi in shock.

“Is it… Is it because of Third Young Madam?”

“You may be getting on in age, but your memory is still as sharp as ever, Uncle Mo.”

Once He Changdi confirmed his suspicions, it was as if the floodgates had broken. Mo Chenggui started sweating profusely. Despite the chill of the early spring night, his inner garments were quickly soaked with sweat.

An hour later at the entrance of the residence, He Changdi mounted his horse with a suave wave of his black brocade cloak. The sound of hoofbeats accompanied their departure as he led his men away into the darkness of the streets.  

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