Chapter 514: Finances (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 514: Finances (1)

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Eunuch Wei didn’t dare to reply. After serving the Chengping Emperor for so many years, he understood that the Emperor wasn’t actually trying to ask him for advice. The Emperor had likely already come to a decision in his mind.

The question was entirely rhetorical.

As expected, after a few minutes, the Emperor ordered, “Call Yang Yanfeng in.”

“Yes, Your Majesty, this servant will go immediately.”

After the whole fiasco with Miaozhen, everyone- including Dalang, Matriarch He, and Countess Jing’an- were in agreement with the main branch’s divorce.

On the next day, House Jing’an sent a notice to House Dingyuan.

They had already prepared the divorce papers with the relevant authorities the day before. The only step remaining was for Madam Zou to pack up her dowry and leave the estate.

Madam Zou was the eldest daughter of the second branch of House Dingyuan. While she was a true noble lady, old Marquis Dingyuan was already getting on in his age and the main branch of House Dingyuan was in charge now.

Once old Marquis Dingyuan passed on and the main branch succeeded the title of marquis, the second branch would be cast out of the estate. The second branch’s influence would only deteriorate from then on.

He Changdi was now trusted by the Emperor and he held the title of marquis. The second branch of House Dingyuan could no longer match up to House Jing’an.

Even though Madam Zou had been divorced, the second branch of House Dingyuan didn’t dare to make any comments. Furthermore, this had all been Madam Zou’s own doing.

As much as Madam Zou’s mother wanted to reprimand her daughter, since she had already gotten divorced by her husband, there was nothing else to say!

Since she couldn’t do anything to her daughter, Madam Zou’s mother, the Second Madam of House Dingyuan, could only help her daughter pack up her dowry.

Luckily her daughter hadn’t been a complete idiot. After so many years, her dowry hadn’t decreased one bit. Conversely, it had actually grown much larger.

Madam Zou had been in charge of the household for so many years. Of course she had dipped her hands into the public funds from time to time.

Once Madam Zou’s dowry had been taken out from the storehouses, the amount of silver as well as the properties belonging to the estate had actually been halved!

Madam Zou took her divorce papers and returned home to the Dingyuan Estate with Second Madam richer than before.

While this was what the He Family had agreed on, there wasn’t any hint of a smile on Matriarch He’s face.

In the warm room of Qingxi Hall.

Matriarch He sat on the hearth bed. Although it was already early spring, the winter chill still hung in the air in the capital. Matriarch He’s body was weak to start with, so she couldn’t bear to be out in the cold. The fires warming the hearth bed and the walls had never stopped.

He Ying and her daughter, Pan Nianzhen, were keeping the matriarch company in that room as warm as spring.

Pan Nianzhen was squatting by the matriarch’s side and kneading her legs while He Ying was flipping through some account books on the other.

The matriarch’s eyes were slightly shut. She breathed a sigh of comfort before opening her eyes. “You’re getting better at this, Miss Zhen. My old bones are feeling more comfortable thanks to your massage.”

Pan Nianzhen bashfully blinked and smiled. “Grandmother, as long as it’s good for your health, I won’t mind serving you like this forever.”

The matriarch reached out to stroke Pan Nianzhen’s smooth locks. “Grandmother can’t bear to tire you out so. Alright, your hands must be sore from massaging me for so long. Go and take a rest at the side. There are some new confections on that table that the kitchen sent over this morning. Why don’t you have a taste and see if you like them?”

“It’s okay, I’ll massage Grandmother for a while longer.”

Pan Nianzhen’s actions and words had completely won over Matriarch He’s heart.

He Ying secretly sent a look at her daughter, indicating that she had done well.

A wave of gratitude washed over Matriarch He’s heart. Only her real daughter and granddaughter would treat her so well. They weren’t at all like those granddaughters-in-law she had. Although they had married into this house, they had grown up in other houses after all.

“This old woman regrets not bringing the two of you back to the capital earlier. Otherwise, Miss Zhen’s marriage wouldn’t be delayed.”

Pan Nianzhen was the same age as Chu Lian and she had turned sixteen over the New Year. Since she hadn’t been engaged yet, it was indeed a little late for her.

He Ying smiled. “Mother, you don’t have to blame yourself. We’re fine as long as we know that we’re in your heart.”

The matriarch feigned an angry glare at her and said, “You silly girl. What are you saying? You should know better at your age! I gave birth to you myself; why would I not have you in my heart?”

This time, when He Ying smiled again, a satisfied glint flashed across her eyes as she lowered her head.

In a short moment, He Ying handed the account book over to Matriarch He. She had a frown on her face as she said, “Mother, take a look at these accounts.”

Matriarch He’s health was failing and she didn’t have as much vigour as before. Although the household management rights were in her hands, she hadn’t been able to work on the household at all. Most of the work had been given to her handmaid, Muxiang, while another portion had been handed over to Senior Servant Liu. He Ying was now the one looking over most of the accounts.

Her eyesight had become blurry over the past two years, so she couldn’t quite see the fine words on the accounts now.

“What’s wrong?” Matriarch He took the book and squinted hard. It took her some effort before she could finally see the words clearly.

Once she read the writing on the book, her eyes widened in shock. “That Madam Zou! I shouldn’t have left her in charge of the household back then!”

Half of the money and properties of the estate had actually been taken away!

That was a whole half of the assets under the Jing’an Estate!

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