Chapter 510: Chu Lian's Defence (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 510: Chu Lian's Defence (1)

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Once Doctor Miao’s words rang out, Matriarch He’s first reaction was stunned silence before her expression turned dark.

Chu Lian was also shocked by the doctor’s action. She helplessly shook her head. Great Doctor Miao was too accustomed to acting as he liked. Although he had spoken up to defend her, it had backfired. Judging by the expression on the matriarch’s face, it seemed that the misunderstanding between them had deepened.

Great Doctor Miao only realised that he should have put more thought into his words after the fact.

However, there was no use in regretting it now. Words couldn’t be taken back once thrown out.

He made a cupped fist salute towards Matriarch He before finding an empty seat in the corners of the parlour and sitting down.

Matriarch He wasn’t in the mood to be angry with Great Doctor Miao right now. Her expression turned grim and she abruptly turned her gaze towards Chu Lian, who was seated beside He Changdi. She demanded with a thunderous shout, “Madam Chu, do you still have anything to say for yourself!”

It was out of Chu Lian’s expectations that the matriarch’s first reaction was to condemn her, let alone with such a hostile tone.

This was likely all ‘thanks’ to Great Doctor Miao’s previous remark.

Likewise, He Changdi hadn’t expected that Grandmother’s mindset hadn’t changed even after a whole night. It wasn’t as if this incident was airtight. If Matriarch He had her wits about her, then she would have already realised the truth overnight.

He Sanlang’s expression darkened. He was about to stand up to defend Chu Lian, but Chu Lian tugged at his hand and lightly shook her head.

After that, she stood up in a calm and easy manner.

There was a faint smile on her face, as if she wasn’t facing a ‘trial’ and being interrogated from all sides. Instead, her peaceful expression made it seem like she was enjoying the beautiful scenery of a lakeside garden. She looked around leisurely. Her gaze stayed the longest on Madam Zou and Eldest Madam’s faces before she finally made eye contact with the matriarch’s muddled yet sharp eyes.

There wasn’t a single trace of fear in Chu Lian’s bright eyes. A moment later, her reply to the matriarch resounded in the parlour for everyone to hear.

“In reply to Grandmother, Granddaughter-in-Law has plenty to say!”

Matriarch He’s expression became even darker and uglier. Beside her, He Ying’s temper was also provoked by Chu Lian’s nonchalant attitude.

He Ying coldly sneered and said, “Sanlang’s wife, do you think that everyone will believe you just because you’re acting this way? Let me warn you! Even if the child is safe, we won’t pretend like this never happened! Mother, our estate can’t tolerate the existence of such a cruel and vile woman!”

He Ying’s words were very harsh. She had obviously said those words because she wanted to kick Chu Lian out of House Jing’an and have He Changdi divorce her.

What a pity that she didn’t have much in the way of smarts. The Empress Dowager herself had decreed He Changdi and Chu Lian’s marriage. He Changdi wouldn’t be allowed to divorce his wife as he liked. Furthermore, Chu Lian had a noble title on her that gave her the status of an imperial daughter.

“Aunt, please make sure to use your brain before speaking in the future. Polish your eyes while you’re at it, too.”

When dealing with people like Eldest Madam, there was no need to reason with her and give her respect.

Although Matriarch He knew that He Ying’s words had been out of line, since He Ying was her very own daughter, she still sided with He Ying in the end. She reprimanded, “Madam Chu, Miaozhen nearly had a miscarriage because she ate the candied hawthorns that you made! Though that child will be born an illegitimate child, he’s still your eldest brother-in-law’s first son!”

The first person to feel guilt because of the matriarch’s words was Countess Jing’an. She couldn’t resist glancing at her youngest daughter-in-law’s ramrod straight posture and saying, “Mother, I’m also at fault regarding this matter. I’m the one who told Sanlang’s wife that I wanted to eat some candied hawthorns to boost my appetite. It didn’t occur to me that the pregnant Miaozhen liked sour foods…”

“Don’t say anymore. Even if that’s true, she was still the one who made those harmful candied hawthorns.”

Anyone who had half a mind would have probably realised what was going on by now.

Matriarch He hadn’t convened this trial just to investigate the truth regarding Miaozhen’s miscarriage. Her hidden motive was to take this opportunity to discipline Chu Lian.

He Changdi clenched his fists as a glint flashed within his deep eyes.

The matriarch had been wielding great power and influence within House Jing’an for many years. Countess Jing’an had been bedridden for so long that she hadn’t managed the household for a long time. Thus, her character was much weaker in comparison. After that retort from her mother-in-law, she couldn’t continue speaking.

Chu Lian didn’t seem to care about Matriarch He’s harsh words. She calmly took a couple steps forward, tilted her head, and said, “Grandmother, even if you’ve already decided that I’m guilty, you should at the very least let me have a chance to defend myself!”

Matriarch He stared at Chu Lian without saying a word. Her silence meant that she had agreed to give Chu Lian a chance to explain herself.

He Ying smirked. Her eyes were full of pride for herself. She wanted to see what kind of explanation her nephew’s wife could come up with today.

Chu Lian wasn’t stupid. She wasn’t really going to let others slander her.

She turned her head towards Countess Jing’an and said, “Mother, do you still have some of the candied hawthorns that I sent you?”

Countess Jing’an quickly nodded in response. “There is. Miaozhen only ate a few because she wanted a snack. The rest are still here.”

After she said that, Countess Jing’an turned around and told her handmaid to retrieve the hawthorns.

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