Chapter 508: Dealing with Her (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 508: Dealing with Her (1)

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Fuyan didn’t even get a chance to speak. The words had barely sunk into her head when she heard a light crack, quickly followed by an intense pain in her jaw that overwhelmed her senses. Her forehead broke out into cold sweat from the pain.

She couldn’t even close her mouth, so how would she be able to say anything?

He Changdi threw her to the ground, where she sprawled out in a pitiful manner. She was in so much pain that she couldn’t even straighten her back.

He Sanlang had just dislocated her jaw!

Following that, He Changdi ordered, “Servants, come in and take her away!”

Someone pushed open the door to the study a second time. The person who entered was none other than He Changdi’s manservant, Laiyue.

Laiyue had come in with two guards. With a wave of his hand, they swiftly dragged Fuyan out.

After Fuyan was taken away, Laiyue secured the door before reporting to his master.

“Third Young Master, after some investigation, we found that it was someone from Qingxi Hall.”

“Who is she serving?”

“She’s a third-ranked maidservant who used to do menial chores in Qingxi Hall. When Eldest Madam and Miss Pan returned to the estate, Senior Servant Liu promoted her and assigned her to serve Eldest Madam.”

“Send someone to keep an eye on her.”

Laiyue acknowledged the order, but he didn’t leave right away. He stood at He Changdi’s side, appearing as if he was hesitating to speak.

He Changdi turned a bland look on him.

Laiyue felt a chill roll through his body from head to toe, startling him into action.

“It’s about Third Young Madam. Third Young Madam’s servants already know that Fuyan came in earlier.”

After listening to Laiyue’s report, a trace of panic appeared in He Changdi’s eyes. However, he managed to get his emotions under control in short order.

“I understand. You’re dismissed.”

Leaving behind that order, He Sanlang abruptly broke into a quick stride and exited the study. He seemed to be going towards the direction of the bedroom.

Laiyue was still rooted to the same spot in confusion.

What exactly was going on? Wasn’t his master still mad at Third Young Madam? Why did it seem like he was in a rush?

Since he couldn’t understand it, Laiyue decided that it was better to stop thinking about it. A bachelor like him wouldn’t be able to understand the goings-on between couples anyway. It would be more practical to just go back to his room and rest early.

He Changdi slowed down only when he reached the parlour. He suddenly realised that he was still holding the letter in his hand.

He paused in his steps and held up the letter, staring at it for a few seconds. A shadow fell over He Sanlang’s eyes and he walked towards the brazier. With a quick flick of his hand, the unopened letter fell into the fire. The greedy flames quickly crept over the paper. It only took a few seconds before the letter turned into a pile of ashes.

He Sanlang breathed a sigh of relief after he watched the letter turn to dust. The knot of emotions within his eyes seemed to have disappeared along with the letter.

He turned around and walked towards the bedroom, his rapid pace betraying his sense of urgency.

Wenlan was on the night shift, so she was the one who heard his arrival from the side room. Knowing that it was He Changdi, she didn’t come out to disturb him.

The moment Chu Lian heard the footsteps from outside, she hurriedly put away the storybook and hid inside the blanket.

In the darkness, she could sense the other side of the bed sink a little.

Following that, she was suddenly pulled into a familiar embrace, blanket and all.

Before Chu Lian could even open her eyes, kisses continuously rained down on her face. Finally, her dewy lips were captured, forcing her to open her crystal-clear eyes.

He Changdi hadn’t given Chu Lian any chance to resist. By the time he released her, she was already panting hard with a flushed face.

He Changdi’s expression was strangely calm. He stared at that beautiful, delicate face in front of him and suppressed his burgeoning desires so that he could say, “It was Fuyan. The one who relayed the message was a maidservant who serves He Ying.”

Chu Lian didn’t seem surprised by the news. She had already known that Fuyan wasn’t loyal to her, but that maidservant was definitely suspicious.

“Someone from Aunt’s side? But this doesn’t feel like the way she works.”

He Changdi took off his shoes and got on the bed. He didn’t even take off his outerwear and leaned directly against the bed frame, his long arms cradling Chu Lian.

The silence broke with his cold snort. “He Ying? She’s not that smart. She’s not responsible for this.”

The gravity of the matter they were discussing slowly helped calm the young couple down from their previous intimacy.

Chu Lian lifted her head and asked out of curiosity, “Then who do you think is responsible for this?”

He Sanlang couldn’t resist caressing Chu Lian’s shoulder with the hand that he had placed around her.

“Eldest Sister-in-Law. But I’m not sure about the mastermind behind her. Madam Zou doesn’t have the guts to do this herself.”

Chu Lian inadvertently thought of the servants under Matriarch He. Multiple faces flashed through her mind, but none of them stood out to her.

In the end, even her brows had furrowed together.

He Changdi’s thoughtful gaze had returned to Chu Lian’s face at some point. The little wrinkles caused by her frown gave him the irresistible urge to smooth them out. He finally gave in to the desire and reached out to gently stroke the crease between her brows.

“Lian’er, are you still angry?”

Chu Lian was jolted out of her thoughts by his sudden question. She glared at him and said, “What did Fuyan say to you?”

He Sanlang suddenly remembered that letter. His eyes narrowed and he hugged the lovely figure in his arms tighter. “Nothing much. She was just an ambitious maidservant.”

His half-hearted attempt at brushing off the topic made Chu Lian even more suspicious.

She placed her hands against He Changdi’s chest and pushed some distance between them. Her brows furrowed even more.

“He Changdi, do you take me for a fool?”

He Sanlang was slightly startled by her reaction. He had no choice but to confess the whole truth. “The letter Xiao Bojian wrote to you.”

Chu Lian: …

Had she been cursed with bad luck somehow? When had Xiao Bojian written a letter to her? Why didn’t she know anything about it?

So such an important piece of evidence had been in Fuyan’s hands this whole time. Coupled with the feelings that she had for her crazy husband, it was no wonder that she had decided to jump at the chance tonight.

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