Chapter 507: Snitch (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 507: Snitch (2)

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Chu Lian was lying under her soft blankets as she breathed in the faint scent of Chinese agarwood drifting around the bed. It was snug under the covers because Wenlan and the others had warmed them up with a hot water bottle earlier.

Despite her warm and comfortable surroundings, Chu Lian wasn’t the slightest bit sleepy at all.

She blinked hard as she stared up at the begonia-colored canopy of the bed. Her heart felt unsettled for some reason.

Although she had read the original novel, she hadn’t been able to finish reading it. Moreover, many things had changed since she had arrived in the Great Wu Dynasty, and events had turned out completely different from the novel.

It was February right now. Her knowledge of events only lasted until May.

She regretted it very much now. She regretted not reading more in the past. She should have at least read the ending first.

If she had, then she wouldn’t be at a loss for what to do right now.

Chu Lian’s sleepiness was fading away as she tossed and turned like a pancake.

In the end, as she grew more and more awake, memories of her interactions with He Changdi today flashed through her mind unbidden.

She had appeared calm in front of Senior Servant Gui and the others. However, she was the only one who knew if her facade matched what was going on inside her heart.

For some reason, her thoughts kept drifting to what Fuyan might be saying to He Changdi in the study right now.

After some time had passed, Chu Lian still wasn’t sleepy. She got up and opened the curtains, picking up the storybook she had placed on the nightstand and settling in to read.

Wenlan heard the sounds coming within the room and came in to take a look. When she saw that Chu Lian had sat up against the headboard and started reading, she hastily trimmed the candlewick to make it brighter in order to avoid any damage to her master’s eyes in the dim lighting.

Wenlan sighed inwardly as she retreated from the room.

Third Young Madam’s words and actions were very different.

Someone who would normally fall asleep the moment her head touched the pillow was unusually sleepless tonight. If it wasn’t because she was worried about Third Young Master, then what would it be?!

Inside the study.

Fuyan was wearing a brand new light green dress, a pearl hairpin made in the latest style in her hair. Her figure was tall and slender, especially at her waist. Her most attractive feature was her slim and delicate waist.

She was holding a tea tray as she swiftly walked towards He Changdi’s desk with her head lowered. Fuyan covertly lifted her eyes to peek at the tall and handsome man behind the desk. Her heart instantly began to beat even harder due to her nervous excitement.

She held the tea tray in front of He Changdi and said, “Third Young Master, please have a cup of tea to warm your stomach.”

He Changdi finally shifted his deep gaze towards Fuyan.

His gaze was cold and expressionless.


Fuyan froze when she heard his command. Although pleasant to the ear, his voice was completely devoid of any emotions.

A moment of disbelief made her give pause. She had never thought that Third Young Master would use such a cold and chilly tone to talk to her.

She had purposely dressed up today. Didn’t people often say that women looked more beautiful under a lantern light? Furthermore, her looks weren’t too bad in the first place. She could still be considered a slender and graceful beauty.

The manservants at the second entrance would stare at her every time she went out for an errand.

How could Third Young Master be so indifferent to her charms?!

Fuyan secretly bit her lip in anger and clenched her hands.

He Changdi was quickly losing his patience when he saw her still standing there.

“What are you still doing here?! Scram!”

Fuyan hadn’t thought that Third Young Master would get angry. She trembled with fear and kneeled down immediately.

She refused to leave just like that. This was a rare opportunity to come by.

Someone had deliberately informed her that Third Young Master and Madam had just quarrelled. If she didn’t take the chance to fan the flames now, then it would be hard to find a better time in the future.

Since He Changdi hadn’t personally thrown her out yet, she suddenly laid prone on the floor and cried, “This… this servant has an important matter to report to Third Young Master.”

Fuyan didn’t hear any response from He Changdi. With her head lowered, she didn’t catch the jeering expression that flashed over He Changdi’s handsome face, either.

She didn’t dare to hesitate anymore this time. Fuyan hastily took out the letter and moved a couple steps forward on her knees, presenting the letter to He Changdi with both hands.

“Third Young Master, please take a look at this letter. Then you’ll understand this servant’s sincerity.”

He Changdi didn’t reject her request and took the letter from Fuyan. The writing on the letter looked very familiar. It belonged to Xiao Wujing.

However, he didn’t open the letter. He stared at the maidservant beside him, his thin lips pressed together without a word.

Fuyan panicked when she didn’t hear the sound of the letter being opened. She lifted her head in a spurt of bravery and looked towards He Changdi.

Taking a deep breath, she said,“Third Young Master, this is a letter that Mister Xiao wrote to Third Young Madam! Third…Third Young Madam is unfaithful to you!”

Fuyan had gritted her teeth as she blurted out her declaration. Quickly following after, she lifted her head and stared intently at He Changdi’s expression.

The rage, shock, and regret that she had been expecting… None of those negative emotions appeared…

He Sanlang’s expression hadn’t changed a bit. It was still the same coldly handsome face as always. The evidence that would have churned up a storm of emotions in anyone else hadn’t phased him at all.

Fuyan’s eyes widened comically until they looked like they were about to pop out of her sockets. Her internal panic was on full display in her expression.

“Third…Third Young Master, don’t you care about Third Young Madam’s infidelity? She… she has an illicit relationship with Mister Xiao. She’s not being faithful to you!”

He Changdi suddenly bent down and got closer to Fuyan. His slender fingers caught hold of Fuyan’s chin, digging into her tender flesh.   

The sharp pain on her chin made Fuyan cry out. He Changdi’s sinister, icy tone crept into her ears like a slow, winding snake. “Even if that were true, how is it any of your concern?”

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