Chapter 504: Who Said The Child is Beyond Saving? (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 504: Who Said The Child is Beyond Saving? (1)

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“Aunt, if my memory serves correct, I am still the Honoured Lady Jinyi, a title personally conferred to me by the emperor.”

The meaning behind her words was that He Ying had no right to call her ‘Miss Chu’! After all, He Ying was just a commoner with nothing to her name!

Chu Lian’s words were like a fist clenched around He Changdi’s heart. His expression showed how displeased he was. As he looked at his wife’s delicate figure, there was a prick of pain in his heart.

When Chu Lian had spoken, she hadn’t mentioned her authority as Marchioness Anyuan, and had fallen back on her title as Honoured Lady Jinyi instead.

Although the honoured lady title had given her the status of an honorary member of the imperial family, it was still a few ranks below the wife of a marquis, who was automatically given a first-rank noble title.

Insecurity ate at He Sanlang from within. He couldn’t help but allow his imagination to run wild. Could it be that his wife hadn’t acknowledged him and had never thought of relying on him at all?

Eldest Madam He Ying was completely shut down by those words of Chu Lian’s. Her face turned deathly white and her lips trembled as she struggled to speak.

According to their customs, even as a senior family member, He Ying was supposed to curtsey towards Chu Lian in her capacity as an honoured lady.

This was similar to how it would be for ladies who entered the palace and became imperial concubines. When imperial concubines returned to their maiden homes for a visit, the elders in her family would have to kneel and kowtow to her in deference to her title.

Chu Lian had never exercised that right on Eldest Madam He Ying before, because she respected the matriarch. However, now that Matriarch He simply wasn’t worthy of her respect anymore, was there any need to be mindful of He Ying’s pride?

Did she really think that Chu Lian was an easy target to bully?

“You! How dare you speak to me like this! I am your senior!” He Ying was utterly flustered. In her anger, her face contorted into an ugly expression.


The matriarch finally spoke.

She raised her voice and said with an authoritative tone, “Sanlang’s wife, does this old lady need to get up and greet you as well?”

So the matriarch had finally decided to shed all pretenses? Hmph!

Chu Lian slightly lowered her head to hide the mocking smile on her lips as the tension in her chest faded away. She wasn’t afraid of going up against the matriarch; she had only been worried about hurting someone who truly cared for her.

What Matriarch He just said had completely depleted all the goodwill that Chu Lian had left for her.

It was better this way. She wouldn’t have to deal with the burden of guilt in the aftermath and it would be easier to talk back to her.

Seeing that the matriarch was on her side, He Ying’s contorted face immediately turned into a proud smile. That smile was as infuriating as any smile could get.

He Changdi clenched his fists. It took the last shreds of his patience to stop himself from going up to Chu Lian, taking her into his arms, and shielding her from all this.

Madam Zou was also smirking on the inside. On the other hand, Countess Jing’an’s expression had slowly morphed into a frown. She opened her mouth, thinking to persuade the matriarch, but looking at the terrible complexion of her mother-in-law, she decided against aggravating the situation further.

Chu Lian bowed slightly. “I dare not.”

Matriarch He slammed the table beside her, causing the teacup that had been placed there to crash to the ground.

“You dare not? What else could you possibly dare not to do?!”

Chu Lian kept her head lowered and maintained her silence.

Matriarch He gripped the edge of the table and glanced at He Changdi. Seeing that he hadn’t moved an inch and didn’t seem to have the intention to intervene at all, relief washed over her.

In her mind, she thought that her grandson probably had something against his wife as well.

After finding out that Chu Lian had been kidnapped in the northern border, Matriarch He had become estranged from Chu Lian. With He Ying’s multiple attempts at sowing discord between them, the aged matriarch who had become increasingly muddle-headed was now biased against Chu Lian.

She absolutely wasn’t going to relent now.

“Doctor Qian, please explain the situation and let us hear if I’m wrongly accusing her!”

Having received permission from the matriarch, the doctor who had been standing quietly beside He Changqi immediately walked into the center of the parlour. He started off with a respectful bow towards the matriarch.

Doctor Qian was dressed in a grey robe. He had a long face and his eyes were large but murky, as if there was something darker hidden in their depths.

“Matriarch, this humble one has already taken Miss Miaozhen’s pulse three times. Miss Miaozhen’s miscarriage was indeed caused by overconsumption of hawthorns.”

After listening to Doctor Qian, the matriarch turned to the heir apparent, He Changqi, and said, “Dalang, speak!”

He Changqi had a haggard expression, evidently grieving over his lost child. Although he usually seemed indifferent about the matter, no noble would be happy about lacking an heir.

Despite all that, he was still much more rational than Matriarch He was.

“Grandmother, although it was my personal attendant who called Doctor Qian here, it’s better if a proper investigation is held. I don’t think this matter is that simple.”

He Ying hadn’t expected such a sentiment from her oldest nephew at a time like this. Infuriated, she pelted him immediately with reprimands. “Dalang, think about what you just lost! That was your own flesh and blood! Why are you still speaking up for others!?”

He Changdi’s face tensed up. He turned to look at He Ying with his thick brows furrowed tightly.

Matriarch He ignored the dispute between her daughter and grandson and questioned Chu Lian instead. “Sanlang’s wife, do you have anything more to say?”

He Ying and her daughter were overjoyed within. Look at what had become of Honoured Lady Jinyi, the Marchioness Anyuan! See how far she had fallen! Even the husband standing right beside her hadn’t spoken up for her at all! What a pitiful sight!

Chu Lian was just about to speak when a heartbroken scream was heard from the inner room.


Followed immediately after was the sound of panicked footsteps and maidservants talking.

“My child! My dear child!”

The woman’s voice was hoarse and filled with despair, as if she was carrying anger that she didn’t have the energy to express. Chu Lian had heard this voice before and she knew that it belonged to Miaozhen.

Next, the voice of an old servant resounded with comforting platitudes. “Lady Miaozhen, the child is gone. It has already died in your womb. If we don’t take it out, you’ll lose your life as well.”

“No, I don’t want to, my child isn’t dead, he isn’t dead! Please, please don’t take away my child…”


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