Chapter 501: Miscarriage (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 501: Miscarriage (2)

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The young couple quickly made it back to their estate.

Once they were behind the screen of the main entrance, the carriage rolled to a stop and He Changdi dismounted from his horse. In a few quick strides’ time, he was already beside the carriage.

The moment he shoved the curtain flap out of the way, He Changdi was immediately met with Chu Lian’s startled gaze.

The dim light of the evening under the shade of the privacy screen and He Changdi’s tall figure were enough to obscure anyone else from peeking into the carriage.

Chu Lian’s first reaction upon meeting her husband’s gaze was stunned amazement. For some reason, her mood lightened up.

“Do you really think that I’m not the culprit?”

He Changdi nodded his head as the ice on his face melted a little. He tucked some loose strands of hair behind her ear in a show of affection.

“Why? You’re really trusting me just like that?” Chu Lian was curious. Everyone else likely thought of her as the culprit behind this matter. Furthermore, they had just been squabbling.

He Sanlang suddenly bent over to place a gentle kiss on her lips. His voice was soft as he stated, “My Lian’er isn’t that stupid.”

Chu Lian was rather satisfied with his answer. This proved that her husband wasn’t a complete idiot and that he did love her. The sacrifices she had made hadn’t gone to waste after all.

Chu Lian let out a crafty smirk, but she didn’t reveal the cards in her hand to He Changdi. Her test of He Sanlang’s faith in her had only just begun.

He Changdi’s expression suddenly turned stern. “Lian’er, I want you to act along with me.”

Their enemies were still hidden while they were exposed in the open. They needed to put on a show to get their enemies to reveal themselves!

When Xiyan alighted from the second carriage, she happened to see Third Young Master walking away coldly from the first carriage. Laiyue turned to shoot her a troubled look.

Xiyan stared after Third Young Master’s straight back, icy tendrils of fear creeping into her heart. Did Third Young Master not believe in their Third Young Madam?

Xiyan’s face turned pale at the thought. By the time she managed to regain her senses, she saw that Chu Lian had lifted the curtain and was about to get off the carriage.

She quickly blinked away the sour tears in her eyes and went up to help her.

It was only when she was close enough to her master that she noticed how pale and fragile her master looked under the hazy glow of the lantern lights around them. Her tiny face was tense with worry and the blood had drained away from her cheeks, making her seem like a delicate porcelain doll that would break at the slightest touch.

Xiyan’s heart hurt for her master. When had her lively and wilful Third Young Madam ever looked so down? She lost control of her emotions and the wetness in her eyes overflowed. This was exactly like how things had been back in the Ying Estate.

Afraid that her mood would affect Chu Lian, she quickly tried to reassure her master by whispering, “Third Young Madam, please stay strong. Didn’t you say it yourself? Those candied hawthorns you made weren’t actual hawthorns.”

Chu Lian turned to Xiyan with a weak smile.

If she didn’t have to support Chu Lian right now, Xiyan might have covered her mouth and burst into tears.

Although she knew that this matter had nothing to do with Third Young Madam, what use was that when Third Young Master didn’t believe in her? The one on the losing end was still Third Young Madam!

Though Chu Lian seemed like she didn’t have any energy left and her complexion was rather pallid, she still rushed over to Countess Jing’an’s courtyard as soon as she could.

The lights were burning brightly in the courtyard and the parlour was full of people. Even the grounded Madam Zou was present.

Countess Jing’an and Matriarch He sat at the head of the room. To the matriarch’s side was He Ying and her daughter. As for Madam Zou, she was seated by Countess Jing’an’s side.

The eldest son, He Changqi, was standing to the side speaking to an old doctor, while Great Doctor Miao was seated with his medicinal chest placed nearby, sipping his tea without a care in the world.

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