Chapter 500: Miscarriage (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 500: Miscarriage (1)

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Still seated in the carriage, Chu Lian slowly opened her eyes, a glint of something flashing across her gaze.

The corners of her lips curved upwards with a hint of ridicule as she whispered to herself, “So it’s finally come?”

He Changdi hadn’t been in a good mood from the start and his expression was overcast. When the guard came rushing over in a panic shouting his report, the thunder on his face could scare even the boldest of tigers.

“What news!”

Laiyue shot the reporting guard a look. Luckily, the guard seemed to have some wits about him and quickly suppressed his emotions. He came over to He Changdi’s side and reported more quietly, “Third Young Master, Miss… Miss Miaozhen’s child might not make it.”

After saying so, the guard lowered his head, unable to face Third Young Master’s stormy gaze.

The air around He Changdi turned frosty. “What does that have to do with us?”

The guard’s legs were shaking from having to bear the force of Third Young Master’s temper. He trembled and stuttered, but finally, under the pressure of He Changdi’s icy aura, he spat out the truth in one go. “The… the doctor said that, M-Miss Miaozhen’s miscarriage was caused… by eating the candied hawthorns that Third Young Madam sent over…”

Candied hawthorns?

A cold light filled He Changdi’s fathomless eyes. He kept his gaze on the quaking guard before him, his every word emanating a violent chill as he said, “Who sent for the doctor?”

The guard didn’t dare to hide anything when Third Young Master was in this state. “It was the heir… The heir personally sent for the old doctor in Chongde Hall.”

“Alright, I’ve received your report. You’re dismissed.” Not a single emotion could be heard from He Changdi’s magnetic voice.

The guard, who had fallen to his knees in fear, managed to gather enough courage to look up at Third Young Master and then at the carriage that hadn’t even moved. However, in the end, it wasn’t enough to make him spit out the rest of the report.

He didn’t believe that the good-natured Third Young Madam would do such a thing, but from the doctor’s testimony and the clear benefits involved, he had no choice but to think that the culprit was indeed Third Young Madam.

When he thought of Third Young Madam’s lovely visage and how there was a poisonous heart hiding underneath, he couldn’t help but tremble.

The main branch of the Jing’an Estate had no heirs. Miaozhen had invited a doctor specialising in gynecology to make a diagnosis a few months after getting pregnant. The doctor had mentioned that there was an eighty percent chance of the child being a boy. Although there hadn’t been any official announcements made, the whole estate knew that both Countess Jing’an and Matriarch He had great expectations for the child in Miaozhen’s belly.

Countess Jing’an had even kept Miaozhen by her side to keep an eye on things, afraid that there would be some unfortunate accident. Who could have thought that problems would arise when Miaozhen was this far along!

Now that the possibility of a male heir for the main branch was gone, if Third Young Madam were to fall pregnant, she would give birth to the very first little young master of House Jing’an.

What a scheme!

Laiyue knew that Third Young Madam had made candied hawthorns for Countess Jing’an yesterday, so he hurriedly explained, “Third Young Master, it definitely wasn’t Third Young Madam. There must be some explanation for this.”

He Changdi turned to look at the anxious Laiyue, but he didn’t say anything besides instructing the party to hurry back to the estate.

Laiyue couldn’t tell what was going on in his master’s mind. However, he knew that Third Young Madam and Third Young Master seemed to have quarrelled earlier. Now that this matter had suddenly arisen, his master wouldn’t really think that this had anything to do with Third Young Madam, right?

News spread fast. In just a short moment, even Xiyan, who was sitting in the carriage behind them, knew of the matter.

Her face immediately turned ashen. She remembered what Chu Lian had said to Princess Wei and Royal Princess Duanjia when they had been eating the so-called ‘hawthorn balls’ and clenched her fists as her thoughts raced. Who was trying to pin the blame on their Third Young Madam?!

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