Chapter 5: The Virgin Test (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 5: The Virgin Test (1)

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Jingyan entered with a restless heart, but came out full of smiles.

She bobbed in greeting towards the two senior servants and respectfully said, "Senior Servant Liu, Senior Servant Zhou, Third Young Master and Madam have just awoken. I'm afraid the two of you will have to wait for a moment longer."

Senior Servant Liu was one of the stewards by Countess Jing'an's side. Upon hearing Jingyan say so, she hurriedly waved her hands and said, "It's this old servant who came too early and disturbed Third Young Master and Madam's rest."

Senior Servant Gui didn't dare to let these two esteemed guests stand outside and wait, so she ordered the maidservants to bring snacks. She then brought out some Xiliang [1. Xiliang was one of the states in the Sixteen Kingdoms period in Chinese history. It's located somewhere in the west of modern China now. You can read more about it here:] specialties that they had brought specially from the House of Duke Ying for these two senior servants.

Meanwhile, within the bridal chamber, Chu Lian had already risen after hearing the movements from outside. She smiled and put on a surprised expression as she cast a glance towards He Changdi, who had also woken up and was resting against the side of the bed.

"Husband, when did you return to our room? I didn't notice you at all."

He Changdi didn't even bother looking at her. He chose to stare at the canopy of the bed instead, speaking as if Chu Lian was worth less than even the lifeless curtains. "If you have the leisure to think about when I came back, why don't you think about how you're going to confess to the two servants outside!"

He leaned against the headboard, looking like he was simply here to watch a show, clearly intending to just be an observer.

After the wedding night, if a bride wasn't able to present the white handkerchief, there were only two reasons: the bride wasn't a virgin, or the newlywed couple didn't consummate their marriage.

No matter which reason it was, the consequences were not something Chu Lian could bear.

She had just married into the House of Count Jing'an. Although she wouldn't be able to gain a firm foothold in the household for the time being, the very least she should do was refrain from earning their ire so early into her marriage.

"Thank you for your reminder, my husband." Chu Lian smiled as she spoke before letting Xiyan come in to serve her.

Her smiling face was pleasant like a flower in bloom, but He Changdi only felt that it was disgustingly fake. He turned to one side, unwilling to look at her for a minute longer.

Xiyan served Chu Lian as she went through her morning routine and helped her change into a beautiful set of everyday wear suitable for a newlywed wife. She supported Chu Lian as she sat in front of the dressing table, and was about to help her put on her makeup when Chu Lian shook her head. Glancing to the side, she noticed that He Changdi was about ready as well, so she quickly drew on her brows and dabbed a little rouge on her face, completing her makeup for the day.

Her face was bright and beautiful, so light makeup like this showed off her great skin more than thicker makeup would have. She looked like a flower bud about to bloom.

As a maidservant passed a handkerchief to He Changdi for him to wipe his face, Chu Lian instructed Xiyan, "Go and invite the two senior servants in."

Seeing as Third Young Master and Third Young Madam weren't even speaking to each other this early in the morning, the two of them were clearly still angry at each other. Xiyan had heard from Jingyan, who had been on the night shift, that Third Young Master had only returned to the bridal chamber in the wee hours of the day. Then... Xiyan couldn't help showing her worry on her face.

"Sixth M- ...Third Young Madam." In her moment of panic, Xiyan wasn't able to remember the new way she had to address her mistress.

Chu Lian reassured her with a look before urging her to invite the servants in.

After all the maidservants in the inner chamber had retreated, He Sanlang sat by the bed. He looked like he was just waiting to watch the drama unfold.

Chu Lian frowned and cast a sideways glance at him. She really didn't know what this new husband of hers was thinking. His personality had turned so strange.

But Chu Lian was too lazy to bother with him. She could still remember how he had tried to strangle her to death last night. He hadn't given her any due respect as his spouse. No one could possibly be in a good mood after getting treated like that!

Luckily, the two senior servants soon entered the bridal chamber brimming with smiles, breaking the hidden awkwardness between the couple.

"This old servant congratulates Third Young Master and Third Young Madam. May Third Young Master and Third Young Madam be blessed with children soon."

Chu Lian shot a look at Senior Servant Gui, and she quickly passed over the prepared red packets to the two senior servants. Chu Lian also thanked them for their blessings.

He Changdi watched her smile as she exchanged greetings with the two senior servants, inwardly ridiculing how fake her actions were. The corners of his lips raised in loathing. Even if she made a good impression on the two servants, she still wouldn't be able to pass this next trial. Without the white handkerchief, even if she awarded them with ten thousand taels of gold, it wouldn't change a thing.

"Third Young Madam, it's getting late and this old servant has to report back, could you..." Senior Servant Liu was a little embarrassed to request the white handkerchief from this newlywed wife, but Third Young Master was sitting by the bed with a cool and completely unapproachable expression. They really didn't dare to request anything from him. However, this new young mistress was full of smiles and seemed rather amiable and gentle, much more approachable in comparison.

When Senior Servant Liu spoke up, Chu Lian blushed at the proper moment. She lowered her head, acting shy as she coughed twice. She even turned and glanced at He Changdi bashfully, the very picture of a new wife.

Even He Changdi was almost tricked by her. If he wasn't absolutely sure that he had only returned to the bridal chamber early in the morning, and had even slept for about an hour under cold blankets, he would have suspected that he had done something beastly to her last night.

He Changdi gritted his teeth as his handsome face turned even more overcast.

Chu Lian lowered her head and instructed Senior Servant Gui to retrieve an exquisite sandalwood box from the drawers to the side, before passing it to Senior Servants Liu and Zhou.

The two servants opened the wooden box and checked its contents. They then exchanged glances and smiled brightly.

"We've troubled you, Third Young Madam. We'll take our leave now and report to the main house."

The two senior servants were about to leave when He Changdi coldly called out to them. "Hold it!"

They turned around with suspicion and bobbed in greeting to He Changdi. "Third Young Master, is anything the matter?"

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