Chapter 498: Father-in-Law's Invitation (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 498: Father-in-Law's Invitation (1)

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Laiyue hesitated for a moment. When he didn’t hear any orders from He Changdi, he guessed that his master was allowing it. He got off his horse and led a few guards over to meet the Second Master of House Ying.

Chu Lian lifted the curtain flap, intending to disembark the carriage to welcome Chu Qizheng herself. However, the cool-faced He Changdi suddenly reached out to grasp the hand she was using to lift the carriage curtain.

“It’s cold outside; I’ll go welcome Father-in-Law by myself.”

When Chu Lian saw how firm his grip on her hand was, she sent He Changdi a warning look, but she didn’t continue her action.

Chu Lian took her hand back and sat still.

He Changdi’s heart twisted into knots. His fingers curled up into a fist. When Chu Lian had pulled her hand away from his grasp, it felt as if a piece of his heart had been taken away along with it.

He lowered his head and nimbly leaped off the carriage.

Chu Qizheng and his manservant were quickly brought over to the carriage by Laiyue.

He Changdi greeted Chu Qizheng cordially with a closed-fist salute. “Father-in-Law.”

Chu Qizheng cast a measuring gaze over the handsome, heroic young man before him. The more he looked, the more he found himself liking the young man. At the same time, there was a hint of dissatisfaction in his heart. Why was a young man with such potential wasted on that jinx Chu Lian? He could have been married to Miss Yuan instead!

However, Chu Qizheng kept these thoughts to himself without displaying them on his face.

He smiled and made some casual chat with his son-in-law. “Zixiang, now that the Emperor has entrusted you with an important position, you have to do your best to work for the court. We haven’t shared some wine for a while, so why don’t you come and visit the Ying Estate with Lian’er in two days’ time? Lian’er’s mother misses her.”

He Sanlang eyed the tall, clean-shaven middle-aged man in front of him and resisted the urge to laugh.

He had been married to Chu Lian for almost a year and this was the first time his father-in-law had invited him to his estate. This was likely due to his newly bestowed title of Marquis.

He Changdi didn’t reject the invite and accepted it instead, in order to protect his wife’s dignity in front of her father.

Chu Qizheng treated him like a promising junior family member and patted He Changdi’s shoulder in familiarity. “Lian’er is still young. I’ll have to depend on you to take care of her in the days ahead!”

If not for his experience in his past life, he might have thought that Chu Qizheng was a kind father who cared for his daughter!

“As you say, Father-in-Law. This son-in-law will take good care of Lian’er. She will never experience any suffering at all.”

Chu Qizheng showed an amiable smile. “Father will rest assured with your promise.”

He Changdi invited Chu Qizheng up the carriage. He waited until the curtain was let down before he mounted his beloved steed, Leaping Clouds. With a wave of his hands, the carriage started rolling along again.

Within the carriage, Chu Qizheng settled down in He Changdi’s original seat. The moment he sat down, his expression turned thunderous.

He glared at Chu Lian, who was slowly opening her eyes, and scolded her. “Where are your manners!”

Chu Lian lazily looked up at the black-faced Chu Qizheng and chuckled. It was a rather strange day. Why was it that everyone she met today was trying to make her mad? Was she supposed to just take it lying down?

Chu Lian wasn’t someone with a lot of forbearance. She preferred giving as good as she got. Chu Qizheng wasn’t her real dad anyway, so there wasn’t any need to respect him.

“Well, isn’t that the fault of my dear father? Otherwise, I might have manners as good as my Eighth Sister.”

“You…” Chu Qizheng’s face was flushed red with anger from his daughter’s words.

It was out of his expectations that the personality of his timid and careful daughter would change so much.

He clenched his fists and managed to swallow his frustration for the moment.

“Miss Lian, don’t think that Father won’t be able to reprimand you now that you’re Marchioness Anyuan. Let me tell you. No matter how high your status rises, you’ll always be a member of my Chu Family and the daughter of Chu Qizheng!”

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