Chapter 497: Chance Encounter with Chu Qizheng (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 497: Chance Encounter with Chu Qizheng (2)

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Chu Lian took a deep breath and used her handkerchief to wipe her swollen lips. She struggled slightly before she was able to break free from He Changdi’s embrace, returning to her seat across from him.

She could vaguely sense that He Sanlang’s gloomy and depressed mood was related to Xiao Bojian. Perhaps it was due to the way Xiao Bojian had looked at her in Prince Wei’s Estate.

But what did that have to do with her? She wasn’t the original ‘Chu Lian’. She had already done her best to distance herself from Xiao Bojian. It wasn’t her fault that she had encountered Xiao Bojian at Prince Wei’s Estate today. He Sanlang was being unreasonable by venting his anger on her.

Although it was his fault, he couldn’t even bring himself to apologise now? Even if he had his pride, he should also be able to distinguish right from wrong!

She was usually able to tolerate He Sanlang’s weird temperament. However, she was genuinely angry today.

There had been some things she wanted to ask him about, but now that the two were locked into a cold war, there was no chance to speak.

Actually, Chu Lian was rather meek and good-natured. She wouldn’t make trouble for someone unless they provoked her first. Moreover, there weren’t many things that she cared about in the Great Wu Dynasty. Thus, her personality had become even more carefree and easygoing.

He Changdi had truly provoked Chu Lian’s temper now. On one hand, it was because Chu Lian genuinely cared for him. On the other hand, He Sanlang’s actions had been utterly infuriating.

Chu Lian leaned against the pillow. Her pair of clear almond-shaped eyes were shut as if she no longer wanted to look at the man across from her.  

There was a gloomy atmosphere inside the small carriage. It was so quiet that even the turning of the axles on the carriage could be heard.

Chu Lian propped her head on one arm and closed her eyes. It was hard to tell if she had fallen asleep.

He Changdi kept his eyes fixed on Chu Lian’s beautiful face. There was an unprecedented sense of regret in his heart. He loosened and tightened his fists. The frustration in his chest built up until his chest felt like it was going to explode.

He parted his thin lips and took a deep breath. He was about to apologise when the carriage abruptly stopped and Laiyue’s voice sounded from outside.

“Third Young Master, Third Young Madam, a carriage broke down ahead so the road is blocked.”

He Changdi was interrupted by Laiyue just as he was about to speak. Thus, his face immediately became as black as the bottom of a pot. Gritting his teeth, he spat, “Take a detour!”

Then, He Changdi’s gaze turned back towards Chu Lian, only to see her acting as if nothing had happened. She was still leaning against the pillow with her eyes shut, like she was asleep.

He Sanlang’s fragile heart tightened, as if it had just been ruthlessly squeezed.

For some unknown reason, Laiyue felt a chill down the back of his neck when he heard his master’s voice. He hunkered into his shoulders, lifted the reins, and was about to order the guards to take a detour.  

However, before the carriage had even moved, Laiyue noticed a familiar figure.

A troubled expression appeared on his face. He could more or less guess that Third Young Master and Madam were probably fighting. However, he couldn’t pretend he didn’t see the person that had just gotten out of the carriage in front of them. Thus, Laiyue mustered up his courage and reported, “Third Young Master, the person in the carriage before us is the Second Master of House Ying.”

The original ‘Chu Lian’s’ father, Chu Qizheng!

He Changdi couldn’t just take a detour now, since he now knew that it was his father-in-law’s carriage that had broken down in the middle of the road.

Although Chu Lian wasn’t treated well during her maiden days in House Ying, Chu Qizheng was still her biological father. He was the person who had given her life.

Chu Lian, who had been resting, also opened her eyes now.

She didn’t look at He Changdi and turned her head towards the waiting Laiyue outside. Then, she instructed, “Invite Second Master to come sit in our carriage.”

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