Chapter 496: Chance Encounter with Chu Qizheng (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 496: Chance Encounter with Chu Qizheng (1)

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Chu Lian’s whole body stiffened. She opened her eyes and looked towards the man who was emitting cold air.

“What’s wrong?”

Chu Lian just couldn’t tell why He Changdi was suddenly acting so strangely after a simple trip out. She thought about it, but she couldn’t recall triggering him in any way today...

He Changdi sat perfectly straight across from her with a stern expression on his face. His cold eyes stared at his wife, who was sitting in an easy manner in front of him.   

He recalled the scene of Chu Lian and Xiao Bojian meeting at Prince Wei’s Estate earlier, as well as the infatuation in Xiao Bojian’s eyes when he looked at Chu Lian.

He knew that his wife didn’t have any feelings for the ‘lover’ from her past life. Moreover, she seemed to detest Xiao Bojian. However, it still felt like a thorn stuck in his heart. There was a sourness that was similar to drinking a whole jar of vinegar.

He knew that it was wrong to blame the innocent Chu Lian, but he couldn’t help being jealous.

He Changdi gripped the fists resting on his knees. He turned his head away and muttered, “Nothing.”

Chu Lian carefully observed her eccentric husband. She tilted her head and furrowed her brows. A moment later, she suddenly laughed. Her laughter was clear and melodious, like a silver bell. Even Laiyue, who was escorting the carriage outside, heard the sound and perked his ears curiously.

He Sanlang hadn’t expect his wife to burst into laughter at his expense. However, he reacted swiftly despite his annoyance. He pulled Chu Lian into his embrace with lighting speed and covered her alluring red lips with his wide palm.

His eyes narrowed dangerously as he directed the full force of his dark gaze at the lovely woman in his arms, as if he wanted to see through her heart by looking her clear eyes.

Chu Lian immediately noticed the change in the depth of his gaze- staring into his eyes was like falling down a deep well. Finally, she realised that his gaze had taken on a dangerous tint.  

It was as if she were confined in the arms of a ticking time bomb. How could she continue laughing in this situation?

She knew that this wasn’t the time to be laughing, so she quickly hid the smile on her face. Her watery eyes stared up at him pitifully, as if she was pleading with him to be magnanimous and to spare her.

The corner of He Sanlang’s mouth lifted slightly. The dangerous air in his eyes was about to seep out. He slowly bent down and crept closer to Chu Lian. When they were close enough to feel each other’s breath, he gradually released his hold over Chu Lian’s mouth. In a hoarse voice, he whispered, “It’s too late!”

After saying so, He Sanlang immediately attacked Chu Lian’s red lips. She tried her best to mumble around his lips and resist, but He Changdi’s strong arms held her even tighter.

Chu Lian knew that he was a little tyrant, so she gave up on struggling and complied with his intimate actions.

He gently parted her teeth before capturing her soft tongue and forcing it into a passionate duel.

A moment later, Chu Lian’s face and neck were flushed red from the lack of air. Her small hands grasped the lapels of his black robe tightly. The contrast of her pale skin against the darkness of his clothes gave off a strange sense of beauty. Soon afterwards, Chu Lian’s hands released his collar and shifted to pushing him away instead.

However, He Changdi was still pent up with frustration, so he refused to let her retreat. He trapped her soft, sweet body firmly within his arms, keeping her from moving while his lips and tongue continued to plunder her mouth and tease her.

He Changdi only released Chu Lian after he had finally released all the frustration in his chest.

By this time, Chu Lian was already breathing heavily with a flushed face.

Chu Lian glared at He Changdi’s cold face and began to scold him. “He Changdi, do you really think that I don’t have a temper?”

He Changdi froze after hearing what Chu Lian had said. He lowered his eyes and looked at her, a trace of indiscernible uneasiness in his deep gaze. He pressed his lips together, which had turned red from the kiss.

He couldn’t bring himself to speak the apology that was on the tip of his tongue.

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