Chapter 494: Dinner Conversation (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 494: Dinner Conversation (1)

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The five men were still unsatisfied. Since Prince Wei was present, they even had to leave the very last piece for him.

This being Prince Wei’s estate, the maidservants were watching their masters attentively. When the young prince gave two light coughs, one of them hastily bent down to ask for his orders.

Lu Tai whispered, “Why are you so tactless? Can’t you see that the plates on the table are empty?”

The maidservant had a troubled expression on her face after hearing his question. She explained, “Young Prince, Honoured Lady and Royal Princess only made two roast ducks. We’ve already served everything here…”


They had gone to the trouble of specially cooking this food, yet they had only made so little of it. It wasn’t even enough to feed a child.

Lu Tai really wanted to stomp around in a fit of childish temper. He definitely had to enlighten his sister later.

Since there wasn’t any roast duck left, all Lu Tai could do was wave his hand and dismiss the maidservant.

He couldn’t help looking over at his mother’s table. After that one glance, jealousy flared up within him.

The mouths of the three ladies were all oily from eating. Both plates were still half full.

If father wasn’t here, he would have definitely gone over to sit at his mother’s table to shamelessly eat more roast duck.

Princess Wei usually avoided eating rich foods, but Chu Lian’s roast duck was different. It was fat, yet not greasy. It was also crispy and tender. She just couldn’t resist eating more of it and she had nothing but praise for Chu Lian’s roast duck.

Since the roast duck was gone, the men at the other table all regained their composure.

Prince Wei took a sip from the wine cup in front of him and said, “I really liked the roast duck that Jinyi made. Do come to visit more often in the future, child.”

Chu Lian promptly got up and bobbed in agreement after hearing his words.

Prince Wei continued speaking, but this time, his words were directed at Xiao Bojian and He Changjue.

“This prince has heard that the two of you are currently seeking a wife. Have you found someone suitable yet? Although this prince doesn’t interfere with politics, I still have some connections within the capital.”

Xiao Bojian was surprised that Prince Wei would ask about this. His first instinct wasn’t to answer Prince Wei, but to dart a sideways glance at Chu Lian instead. There was a persistent gloom remaining on his face, as if the thought of a major life event like marriage still wasn’t enough to lift his spirits.

He secretly clenched his fists to control his emotions before respectfully answering Prince Wei, “In response to Your Highness, I’m currently seeking a wife. This junior doesn’t have any blood-related relatives left in this world, so my teacher has been helping me with this matter. It’s just that there hasn’t been any progress so far.”

How could there be no progress so far? Xiao Bojian was just openly lying. Old Duke Ying had already mentioned his intention to have him marry his legitimate granddaughter several times. It was just that Xiao Bojian hadn’t agreed to it yet.

After hearing his response, Prince Wei said, “Since Old Duke Ying will handle this matter, then there is no need for this prince to worry.”

After saying so, he looked towards He Changjue with an obvious meaning.

The tips of He Erlang’s ears instantly reddened. “Replying to Your Highness, my grandmother hasn’t found a suitable person yet, but this junior already has someone in mind.”


Prince Wei lifted a brow since he wasn’t expecting this answer from He Changjue. Was the die-hard bachelor of the capital finally awakening to love?

“Since that’s so, this prince will be the first to wish you all the best for your marriage. If you run into any problems, come look for me. This prince will help you.” Prince Wei rarely interfered with the affairs of the noble families in the capital. It was a great surprise that he would be willing to help out with He Changjue’s marriage. From this, it could be seen that Prince Wei was really fond of He Erlang.

He Changjue was pleasantly surprised after hearing this. He immediately stood up to bow in gratitude without thinking about where he was. “Thank you, Your Highness.”

Prince Wei kindly waved his hand, unaware that he had sold away his precious daughter in just a few sentences.

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