Chapter 492: Eating Roast Duck (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 492: Eating Roast Duck (1)

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It wasn’t just Chu Lian and Royal Princess Duanjia who were shocked; Princess Wei was rather dumbfounded too.

Prince Wei never got involved with court politics and he rarely interacted with younger nobles. Why did he bring back three young men along with their son? Furthermore, their identities weren’t ordinary.

He Changdi’s arrival didn’t surprise Chu Lian much as he had mentioned that he would come to pick her up after settling his business with the Left Military Guards. But how had Xiao Bojian come into the picture?

Chu Lian’s features tensed up subconsciously and there was an extra spark of guarded caution in her eyes.

It had been about half a year since Xiao Bojian had last seen Chu Lian. The moment he entered the parlour, his gaze was drawn uncontrollably to Chu Lian’s figure. His gloomy eyes were like those of a desperate man who had found an oasis in the desert, glittering with excitement.

If it wasn’t for his extreme self-control, he might have actually run up to her the moment he spotted her.

He murmured her name in his heart as he clenched his hands under his sleeves.

He Changdi had been completely focused on Xiao Bojian’s movements while standing next to him, so he had naturally noticed the changes in him. Luckily, Chu Lian hadn’t welcomed Xiao Bojian’s gaze; there was even a look of disgust in her guarded eyes. Otherwise, He Sanlang might have actually spit up blood out of sheer anger.

Although five new people had entered the parlour at the same time, the atmosphere took on a strange air. There was an awkward silence no one could deal with.

Prince Wei glanced at them with a hint of a smile, as if he wasn’t affected by the weird atmosphere at all.

Knowing that his wife was surely puzzled over his guests, he quickly walked over to Princess Wei’s side. He took the master seat and explained, “I was at the Left Military Guards to handle some business today and I happened to bump into these fine young men. Ah-tai was there as well. I heard from Ah-tai that Jinyi was here, so I decided to bring them over here for dinner.”

As he spoke, Prince Wei and his wife exchanged looks. After so many years of marriage, they were able to read each other’s intentions just from looking at each other.

Princess Wei looked at the young men before her with a composed and dignified smile. “Well, since that’s the case and it’s already getting dark, let’s start dinner! You’ve lucked out today, Duanjia and Jinyi spent most of the day making tonight’s roast duck. Even the palace hasn’t served such a dish before.”

Hearing this, Lu Tai’s brows raised in interest. Jinyi’s skill in cooking was widely acknowledged. He had gone to Guilin Restaurant once before, and the food there was indeed better than the imperial kitchen’s. It was addictive from the first bite!

Roast duck? Although Yuehong Restaurant had roast duck too, he felt that something personally made by Chu Lian would probably be better.

He Erlang was a simple man who had never been very interested in good food, but upon hearing that Royal Princess Duanjia had done half the work for the dish, he was starting to look forward to it as well.

He Sanlang’s face turned black. He obviously wasn’t happy about this.

If his wife cooked for Prince Wei and Princess Wei alone, then she was simply showing filial piety to her elders and it was part of her obligations. After all, Princess Wei had showed care and concern for his wife. However, the fact that the dish that his wife had personally cooked was going to be shared with Royal Prince Lu Tai, and above all, that damned Xiao Bojian, made him extremely unhappy.

The jealousy in He Changdi’s heart was hitting its peak. He wanted to cast Xiao Bojian out from the estate on the spot.

The gloominess on Xiao Bojian’s fine features faded a little upon hearing this. He sent a tender look at Chu Lian. There were many layers of unsaid emotions in that one stifling look.

How wonderful, he thought. He had never expected to have another opportunity to taste Lian’er’s cooking again.

With such sweet thoughts occupying Xiao Bojian’s mind, he completely ignored He Changdi’s ice-cold glare.

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