Chapter 487: Roast Duck (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 487: Roast Duck (2)

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The matriarch was also most likely facing a ton of guilt over all of this. She probably blamed herself for not teaching He Ying better in her younger years and causing her to become such a dislikeable character. This was also probably why the matriarch was so patient and accommodating to He Ying, especially in her old age.

Chu Lian’s eyes narrowed into slits. The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Growing up under a mother like that, it was likely that Pan Nianzhen’s personality would be similar.

Time flew by as the couple was immersed in their chat. Before they knew it, the carriage had already slowed down and come to a stop.

Someone announced from outside, “Third Young Master, Third Young Madam, we’ve arrived at Prince Wei’s Estate.”

He Changdi lifted his wife off his lap and set her down gently to one side. He straightened out the crooked phoenix hairpin in her hair before helping her off the carriage.

Royal Princess Duanjia’s handmaid, Jinxiu, was already waiting at the entrance of Prince Wei’s Estate.

When she noticed that Chu Lian had alighted from the carriage, she quickly brought a group of maidservants over in welcome.

“This servant greets Marquis Anyuan and Honoured Lady Jinyi,” Jinxiu said with a bright smile.

Chu Lian quickly helped her up from her bowed position.

“Are Princess Wei and Royal Princess Duanjia in the estate today?”

Jinxiu came over to support Chu Lian as she walked. While leading her towards the estate, she explained, “Honoured Lady, our Royal Princess has been waiting for you for the longest time! Princess Wei also missed you very much. When Royal Princess heard that you would be coming today, she woke up early this morning.”

He Changdi was following behind Chu Lian with a cold expression.

Seeing how his wife had been taken away by a servant, his heart felt a little sour.

Also, what had that lowly servant addressed his wife as just now?

Honoured Lady Jinyi?

Shouldn’t she be called ‘Marchioness Anyuan’ now?

The expression on tall and slender He Sanlang turned overcast. He kept his cool as he followed his wife into Prince Wei’s Estate.

Right as they passed the screen wall of the main gates, they met a young man.

He Sanlang gave pause as he watched Chu Lian bob in greeting towards the man.

The young man had handsome features and a slender body. He was dressed in a long sapphire robe with a fierce mountain tiger embroidered on it.

He Changdi had a good guess as to who this man was.

He strode over to his wife’s side and bowed precisely towards the young man.

“Royal Prince.”

The youngest son of Prince Wei’s Estate, Lu Tai, raised an eyebrow in surprise before returning the bow. “I didn’t know that Marquis Anyuan came visiting as well. Since this prince has nothing at hand, would Marquis Anyuan have some time for a short discussion on tactics?”

He Changdi had already agreed the moment his eyes had met with Lu Tai’s gaze.

There were two royal princes in Prince Wei’s Estate. The older one, Lu Kang, had already taken a wife at the start of year and had taken up an official position in another province. He would only return home for the New Year. Thus, only the younger one was left in the estate, and he had not come of age yet.

It was rare for Chu Lian to meet the young royal prince, Lu Tai, so this was an interesting coincidence.

He Changdi glanced at his wife before following the royal prince to the main study in the outer court.

Chu Lian followed Jinxiu into the inner court to meet Royal Princess Duanjia and Princess Wei.

She was helped onto a sedan and brought into Princess Wei’s courtyard within fifteen minutes.

Once the sedan came to a halt, the curtain flap was immediately lifted from outside.

Following the motion came a loud complaint. “Chu Liu! Were you having too much fun up in the north? Why did you take so long to come back!”

Chu Lian felt speechless upon seeing that Royal Princess Duanjia had already stuffed most of her head into the sedan to glare at her.

She quickly alighted from the sedan and smiled as she blinked innocently. “Good day to Royal Princess Duanjia.”

Royal Princess Duanjia quickly helped her up from her bow and rolled her eyes. “Good? What’s good about these days? I’ve been dying of boredom in my estate while you were out living free and happy as a lark!”

Chu Lian’s smile grew even wider. If living in the north could be termed ‘free and happy’, then there wouldn’t be so few people living there.

Royal Princess Duanjia tugged at her arm. “Hurry up, let’s go in, Mother’s waiting for you!”

The two of them walked into the courtyard with linked arms as they chatted. “Chu Liu, did you bring any presents? If you didn’t, I won’t forgive you!”

Chu Lian chuckled. “Would you like some pearls? Agate? Or maybe some rubies and sapphires?”

Royal Princess Duanjia turned her head away haughtily, acting like she couldn’t be bothered with Chu Lian.

Chu Lian covered her mouth to hide her grin. She turned her wide and innocent gaze to Royal Princess Duanjia as she said, “Alright, alright. I know Royal Princess loves to eat the most. I brought some new foods for you to try. We can eat them together with Princess Wei later.”

Chu Lian’s words made Royal Princess Duanjia cheer right up.

The edges of her mouth curled up. “Really? Tell me what it’s made of!”

Chu Lian’s lips pressed together into a smile. “It’s a secret!”

“Very well, Chu Liu! We haven’t seen each other for a few months and you’ve already turned bad! Don’t forget that you still owe me a roast duck!”

Chu Lian resisted the urge to sweat. How much did Duanjia love eating roast duck? It had already been a few months and she still remembered that promise.

“Well, since I’m free today, why don’t we make it today? Otherwise, you’ll keep thinking of it night and day!”

“Really?” Royal Princess Duanjia’s eyes were sparkling now.

Chu Lian found her reaction a little overboard. “Royal Princess, do you like eating roast duck that much?”

Upon getting questioned by Chu Lian, Royal Princess Duanjia abruptly sunk into silence and the smile that had been on her face slowly disappeared.

“I’m not the one who likes roast duck; it’s my father!”

Chu Lian was stunned speechless.

Prince Wei?

Royal Princess Duanjia sighed. “Actually, it was Grandfather who loved eating roast duck. It’s almost the anniversary of Grandfather’s death in a few more days, so Father hasn’t been in a very good mood.”

Chu Lian really hadn’t seen this coming. Who would have thought that a simple roast duck would somehow involve the previous Emperor?

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