Chapter 484: Considerate (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 484: Considerate (1)

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Matriarch He had only mentioned her daughter’s mistakes from the past in the heat of the moment.

The moment she said it, she was overcome with regret as her daughter’s cries turned even more aggrieved.

Matriarch He sighed deeply. “Alright, that’s enough crying. They have a lot of socialising to do because they just returned. Just wait for a few more days, and I’ll have Sanlang’s wife take Miss Pan around.”

Matriarch He’s promise immediately stopped He Ying’s sobbing. She lifted her head with a face full of tears and hoarsely said, “Mother, do you mean that for real?”

Matriarch He grabbed He Ying’s hand and a slight smile finally surfaced on her face. “You’re my own flesh and blood; when have I ever lied to you?”

The mistakes He Ying made in her youth were already matters long past.

She had finally gotten to see her daughter after so many years apart. How could she bear to see her sad?

After leaving Qingxi Hall, He Sanlang and Chu Lian didn’t return to Songtao Court. Instead, they headed straight to the outer court to embark on their trip to Prince Wei’s Estate.

He Sanlang personally helped Chu Lian up the carriage and immediately followed after her with a single stride of his long legs.

Xiyan tactfully went to the next carriage instead of sitting with her master as usual.

Chu Lian stared at him with her clear eyes, her mouth still slightly agape from the surprise.

“Didn’t Laiyue bring Leaping Clouds out for you earlier?”

He Changdi glanced at her and casually straightened out his robes before replying, “Who said that the horse has to be ridden if it’s brought out?”

For lack of a good response, Chu Lian rolled her eyes at him. The noblemen of the capital rarely sat in carriages unless there was some physical reason keeping them from riding.

Wasn’t he afraid of getting laughed at for sitting in a carriage with her instead of riding on a horse like a man?

He Sanlang’s dark pupils were focused on Chu Lian. Seeing her luscious lips and almond-shaped eyes, he couldn’t help swallowing his saliva. He reached out and pulled her against his side.

Chu Lian nearly let out a startled cry but she held it in. Once she managed to calm down, she realised that she was already sitting on her lunatic husband’s lap.

Despite the contrast between his black robe and her bright lilac dress, they gave off a inexplicable sense of harmony when put together.

He Sanlang held the woman in his embrace tightly and dropped a light peck on her forehead. The ruby that hung over her forehead made her little face all the more brilliant.

Chu Lian was already a little uncomfortable when she realised she could feel a certain reaction from his very male body even through his clothes. She started struggling a little and complained with an enraged whisper, “He Changdi, can’t you be a little more decent?!”

He Sanlang’s sharp brows furrowed together and he used a little more force to keep her flailing body in place. He held her soft earlobe between his lips and gently nibbled on it. His husky voice resounded in her ear. “Stop moving, or I might truly lose control.”

His deep, magnetic voice and the warm breath caressing her ear caused her whole body to turn limp.

As a result, Chu Lian turned completely stiff and motionless on He Changdi’s chest.

He Changdi petted her black hair and kissed the top of her head. “Smart girl.”

Chu Lian leaned against He Changdi’s broad, muscled chest like this for a while. When she finally felt his horniness fade away, she gulped and finally found the courage to speak up.

Chu Lian lifted her head and put some distance between them. Then, she tilted her head and stared at his handsome, chilly face, locking her eyes with his gentle gaze. Chu Lian suddenly pouted and laid back down on his chest. With an aggrieved tone, she asked, “He Changdi, why does it feel like Grandmother doesn’t like me anymore?”

He Sanlang’s heart melted from the needy look in his wife’s eyes.

With great difficulty, he opened his mouth and said in a deep voice, “Call me Hubby.”

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