Chapter 483: Protective of His Wife (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 483: Protective of His Wife (2)

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Matriarch He started speaking after everyone in the parlour had settled down.

She looked over Chu Lian first. The young lady was wearing a lilac dress that cinched at the waist, paired with a jacket that buttoned down the front. Her hair had been combed into a style that was currently popular in the capital. A ruby chain headdress shone against her dark hair, which made her skin appear even more fair and smooth. The bright smile on her face made her a picture-perfect beauty.

Matriarch He suddenly felt somewhat displeased with her granddaughter-in-law, who seemed to be blossoming into her looks.

However, there wasn’t a single hint of her inner thoughts showing on her face as she asked, “Sanlang’s wife, are you going out today?”

Chu Lian nodded upon hearing the matriarch’s question. “Replying to Grandmother, Royal Princess Duanjia sent an invitation yesterday. Since I happen to be free today, I wanted to pay a visit to Prince Wei’s Estate.”

He Ying and Pan Nianzhen were shocked when they heard her words. It was out of their expectations that the first person Chu Lian would visit upon returning to the capital was Royal Princess Duanjia!

They had heard about the status of Royal Princess Duanjia.

Pan Nianzhen had also personally met Royal Princess Duanjia in Prince Wei’s Estate during the birthday banquet.

Royal Princess Duanjia had a high status by birth. She also had a haughty and cold personality which meant that she didn’t interact much with other noble ladies. Pan Nianzhen had seen how several legitimate daughters, all from noble families, had tried to chat with Royal Princess Duanjia at Princess Wei’s banquet only to be coldly rejected.

A personage like Royal Princess Duanjia had actually sent an invitation to Chu Lian post-haste!

Pan Nianzhen was shaken to the core by this bit of news.

He Ying was surprised as well, but she had already begun making her own plans.

Matriarch He wasn’t really surprised by this since she knew that Chu Lian had a good relationship with Royal Princess Duanjia. She had also gone to Prince Wei’s Estate often before her trip to the northern border.

Thus, the matriarch simply stated, “Princess Wei provided much assistance during your journey to the northern border. You should indeed pay her a visit in person to express your gratitude. When I visited Prince Wei’s Estate some time ago, Princess Wei even asked after you. Don’t forget your manners when you go today. “

Chu Lian’s expression showed that she was listening very seriously. When the matriarch finished speaking, she nodded in response.

Although there was nothing wrong with Matriarch He’s words, Chu Lian could sense the difference in the matriarch’s attitude.

Her words were polite, but she seemed to be completely ignoring her obligation as an elder member of the family.    

If her attitude was the same as before, Matriarch He would have instructed the servants to help prepare a suitable gift.

After all, Prince Wei’s Estate had really provided much needed help throughout the trip to the northern border. Moreover, Chu Lian wasn’t the only one who benefited from their help. It could be said that Prince Wei’s Estate had taken care of House Jing’an as a whole.

Otherwise, Princess Wei wouldn’t have invited Matriarch He to her important birthday banquet.

He Ying quickly shot her mother a look. She stared at Matriarch He with pleading eyes.

When the matriarch made eye contact with her daughter, she was momentarily stunned. It didn’t take long before her heart softened.

She still felt a little guilty when she thought of the cold treatment her only daughter had received upon returning to the capital.

The matriarch had the intention to help her daughter settle in the capital. Although her daughter had been rather ‘rebellious’ when she was younger, she had already matured with age and was now able to comport herself with proper etiquette.

The only problem was that she still had a bad reputation, especially as a widow who had returned to her maiden family. Thus, she wasn’t very welcome in the social circles of the capital’s noblewomen. The matriarch had brought her daughter and granddaughter along to several banquets, so she had personally seen her daughter being excluded. It was inevitable that Matriarch He would feel uncomfortable with this situation.

Although she blamed those noble ladies for only pandering to power, her daughter had indeed been a little too deviant in the past. Therefore, there was nothing she could do about her exclusion from noble society.    

However, if her daughter and granddaughter could get on friendly terms with Royal Princess Duanjia and Princess Wei, then there might be a favourable turn to this situation.

The matriarch couldn’t bear her daughter’s earnest pleading for long.

She let out an awkward cough before asking, “Sanlang’s wife, are you going to Prince Wei’s Estate alone today?”

While Chu Lian thought that the matriarch’s tone had changed rather quickly, she hadn’t realised that it was related to He Ying and her daughter. Thus, she answered truthfully.

“Husband is also going, but he’s stopping by the Left Military Guards first.”

The road to Prince Wei’s Estate and the Left Military Guards happened to be in opposing directions. Matriarch He smiled kindly and said, “Since you’re going by yourself, then take Miss Pan along with you. You’re all about the same age as Royal Princess Duanjia. There’ll be plenty to talk about with three young ladies together.”   

Pan Nianzhen hadn’t expect her grandmother to say this. Delight appeared on her face. She would be able to interact more with Third Cousin like this.

Hesitation flared up in Chu Lian’s heart, but she didn’t let it show on her face. She shot a nonchalant glance at the matriarch, before turning her gaze on Eldest Madam and her daughter.

Although she was unhappy, as a granddaughter-in-law, she couldn’t reject Grandmother upfront when she had made such a request.

Matriarch He was obviously using her to help He Ying and her daughter make some connections.

He Changdi’s cold voice resounded just as Chu Lian was about to agree.

“Grandmother, I need to accompany Lian’er to Prince Wei’s Estate first. Princess Wei and Royal Princess Duanjia have been taking great care of Lian’er. As her husband, it’s improper that I haven’t paid them a visit them yet. Thus, it would be inconvenient for Cousin to follow along.”

He Changdi spoke with a cool tone that brooked no argument. The Emperor had placed him in an important position, so even Matriarch He had to give some face to her youngest grandson.  

“If that’s so, then the two of you should leave earlier. Miss Pan, you won’t go along today. Sanlang’s wife can bring her along next time.”

“Grandmother, thank you for your understanding. It’s getting late, so Lian’er and I will take our leave first.”

Matriarch He waved her hand and dismissed the couple.

He Changdi pulled Chu Lian up with him and they both bowed towards Matriarch He before leaving Qingxi Hall.

As soon as they left, He Ying let all of her dissatisfaction show on her face.

Indignant, she began to complain. “Mother! Is Sanlang looking down on us? If Sanlang dislikes us, then I can’t continue living in this estate. I’ll bring Nianzhen back to Siyang tomorrow morning.”

Pan Nianzhen was similarly stunned. She hadn’t thought that He Changdi would actually refuse Grandmother and leave her back at the estate.

Matriarch He was getting a headache from the sound of her daughter’s wailing. Her heart was also pent up with frustration.

Of course she had noticed that He Sanlang had done that to protect Chu Lian.

There was a hint of anger in her voice as she said, “What’s there to cry about?! If it weren’t for all the preposterous things you did in the past, would Sanlang have rejected you on the spot?”

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