Chapter 479: Early Morning (4)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 479: Early Morning (4)

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He Sanlang had a cold expression on his face, but his voice was hoarse. “Be good. I’ll accompany you to greet Grandmother after you apply the medicine.”

Ahem…. He had done a careful inspection while cleaning her up last night. That area was red and swollen because he had been too reckless...

Chu Lian wailed and covered her head with the blanket. She felt too ashamed to face anyone else right now.

About twenty minutes later, Chu Lian was still curled up in the blanket, covering her flushed face. She slowly calmed down as she listened to the sound of water coming from the bathroom.  

He Sanlang had actually ignored her opposition and personally applied the medicine for her.

It served him right that he had to take a cold bath, Chu Lian thought angrily.

Afterwards, she called Wenlan and Fuyan in to help her.

Chu Lian was still feeling somewhat uncomfortable, so she awkwardly walked about after getting off the bed. It took a few rounds around the bedroom before she got used to the strange new feeling. Wenlan was keeping a happy smile hidden beneath her lowered head, but the look in Fuyan’s downcast eyes were filled with envy and jealousy.

When He Changdi came out of the bathroom wearing a loose robe, before Wenlan could walk up to him, Fuyan had already beaten her to it and handed him the dry towel in her hand.

She attempted to reach out and help him dry his dark hair, but He Sanlang cast a cold gaze over the two maidservants.

Wenlan immediately bobbed towards her two masters and turned to leave. When she noticed that Fuyan was still standing there in a daze, she grabbed Fuyan’s hand and dragged her out before Third Young Master got angry.

When they got to the outer room, Fuyan angrily flung off Wenlan’s hand and scolded her. “Wenlan, what are you doing?!”

Wenlan took a deep breath and glared at Fuyan. “Fuyan, can’t you tell? Third Young Master doesn’t like us staying in there.”

Fuyan snorted. “You’re just being overly cautious! Third Young Master didn’t even say anything!”

Wenlan’s brows furrowed even more when she heard her reply. “Fuyan, I’m going to give you some advice. Even if you came as part of Third Young Madam’s dowry, you still need to know your place. Remember Mingyan!”

Wenlan turned and left the outer room after leaving her warning.

She was starting to dislike Fuyan more and more. Did Fuyan really think Third Young Madam was an idiot? Although Third Young Madam was usually very kind and friendly and didn’t like to make a fuss over small matters, that didn’t mean that she was naive and easily fooled.

Even if they didn’t have a Third Young Madam, did Fuyan seriously think that Third Young Master was someone she could afford to provoke?

Fuyan hadn’t gone to the northern border with them, so she hadn’t seen how many people Third Young Master had killed on the battlefields. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have had these presumptuous thoughts.

Fuyan couldn’t care less about Wenlan’s warning.

Third Young Master might be treating Third Young Madam as sweet as honey right now, but wait until he learns about Third Young Madam’s betrayal! Once he finds out about her dalliance with another man, there was bound to be a trace of doubt in his heart.

No man can stand a woman’s betrayal, especially if she was his wife!

Fuyan smirked. She had been waiting for so long. Wasn’t it all for this day?

He Sanlang’s expression finally softened once the two handmaids left the inner room. He walked over to Chu Lian and handed her the towel in his hand.

Chu Lian rolled her eyes before taking it. She got up and made him sit on the stool in front of the dressing table.   

She moved to his back and started gently drying off his wet hair.

“Weren’t Wenlan and Fuyan around just now?” Chu Lian asked with a slight pout.

He Sanlang’s dark eyes looked at Chu Lian through the bronze mirror.

His voice was cold and stiff as he said, “I don’t like them serving me.”

Chu Lian couldn’t help smiling as she recalled what Senior Servant Zhong had told her before.

Before she had married He Changdi, Songtao Court didn’t have any ranked maidservants at all. There had only been a few menial servants responsible for cleaning. He Changdi’s basic needs had always been handled by Laiyue.

“I really don’t know how to serve others.”

Chu Lian was speaking the truth. She really didn’t know how to take care of others. After experiencing the luxury of maidservants at her beck-and-call, her actions naturally couldn’t compare...

Humour shone in He Changdi’s deep eyes. “I need you to take care of me, except in bed.”

Chu Lian was stunned by his words. Her face instantly flushed and she threw the towel at He Changdi. If he didn’t need her help, then he could do it himself!

Chu Lian felt that just throwing the towel at him wasn’t enough, so she also shot a glare at him. What was wrong with this He Sanlang? Ever since their relationship had progressed to the next step, he had been constantly making dirty jokes. How annoying!

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