Chapter 478: Early Morning (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 478: Early Morning (3)

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The moment Chu Lian opened her eyes, it was He Changdi who fell into her sight. In the time it took to overcome that short instant of confusion, He Sanlang had already tried placing a gentle kiss on her soft lips.  

Chu Lian immediately reacted by turning her head to avoid it.

Her temper piqued, she said, “He Changdi, you lied to me last night!”

Her whole body was wrapped up in the blanket within his embrace. She couldn’t move at all. At this moment, she could only move her lips. He Changdi couldn’t hold back his chuckles when he saw her flushed face.

“When did I ever lie?”

When Chu Lian recalled his shameless and insatiable demands from last night, she gnashed her teeth in frustration. However, she had already experienced for herself how well he could twist his words. Moreover, they were lying together on the bed right now and her whole body was still aching. She couldn’t afford to provoke him.

Chu Lian pouted and turned her head away. She didn’t want to answer his question.

He Sanlang stared at her reddened earlobe for a moment. He lowered his head to suck on it, his warm breath puffing over Chu Lian’s ear as he whispered huskily, “It was my bad last night. Does it still hurt?”

The combination of his question and their intimate pose made the flush of red on Chu Lian’s ears extend to cover her entire face.

She pursed her lips together and remained silent. It was too embarrassing to talk about this.

Moreover, He Changdi wasn’t a doctor. He wouldn’t be able to help even if she told him that it was hurting.

When He Sanlang saw that his wife was evading his gaze with a bashful look, he could guess what her answer would have been.

He Sanlang was worried about her, so he suggested, “Don’t go over to visit Grandmother and Mother this morning. I’ll send someone to let them know.”

Chu Lian’s eyes widened and she immediately shook her head upon hearing his suggestion.

“You can’t!”

She had been completely fine and healthy yesterday. If she didn’t visit her elders today for the usual morning greetings, what would everyone else think?  

Chu Lian didn’t want to discuss this topic with him any longer. She shifted her position and looked at the handsome man beside her. Then, she brought up her own question. “You went out to exercise this morning?”

A spark of discomfort flashed through He Changdi’s deep eyes, but he quickly recovered his usual calm.

He squeezed the lovely woman in his embrace and said, “Mm, it’s an old habit I’ve had even before I went to the north. When I joined the northern border troops later, Uncle Qian was really strict, so the time I spent training became even longer.”  

He Sanlang didn’t dare to speak the truth.

Actually, after consummating their marriage, he had been too excited to fall asleep last night. Instead, he had held her in his arms and spent the entire night staring at her, only managing to nap for about 3 hours.

When he had woken up, it had still been dark outside. Chu Lian had been sleeping on his chest with her rosy cheeks, fair skin, and bright red lips. Moreover, her nightclothes had gotten a little disheveled in her sleep. A man’s lust was the strongest in the morning. He Sanlang was also at the age when his body was full of vigour. With his beloved wife sleeping in his arms, it was unbearable.

However, afraid of hurting Chu Lian, He Sanlang pursed his lips with a grim expression and headed out to the martial arts arena to vent... Ahem… He also paid a visit to Great Doctor Miao on the way.

Chu Lian nodded without noticing the hidden meaning in He Changdi’s eyes.

She wriggled a little and complained, “He Changdi, let go of me. It’s getting late. I need to get up.”

While Chu Lian was struggling, He Changdi suddenly bent down and whispered something into her ear.

Chu Lian instantly froze, the healthy blush on her face instantly fading to a pale pallor. She seriously wanted to strangle He Changdi right now.

“You…..You actually went to look for Great Doctor Miao!”

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