Chapter 476: Early Morning (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 476: Early Morning (1)

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Wenqing held Xiyan’s arm and shook her head. She whispered, “Sister Xiyan, you don’t have to worry so much. Third Young Master usually dotes on Third Young Madam; why would he bully her? As servants, we shouldn’t interfere with our masters’ business. Moreover, Third Young Madam didn’t call for us. We can’t just go in like that. Also, think about Third Young Madam’s personality. If she was really being bullied, wouldn’t she call for help?”

Although Xiyan was still worried, Wenqing ultimately convinced her.

After their masters had returned to Songtao Court, they were able to see for themselves how much Third Young Master cared for Third Young Madam. Also, Third Young Madam was someone who would definitely return an eye for an eye. If she really suffered any grievances, she wouldn’t endure it in silence.

The two personal maidservants stayed up until midnight. Xiyan finally breathed a sigh of relief when they could no longer hear any movement within the room.

Wenqing finally relaxed as well, her face flushed.

Since their masters had settled down for the night, they didn’t need two servants to stay up for the night shift. In the end, Wenqing told Xiyan to take a rest and leave her to keep watch through the night in the side room by herself.

After leaving the room, Xiyan didn’t immediately go back to her room to rest. She headed to Senior Servant Gui’s room first to report that the young couple had finally consummated their marriage.

Senior Servant Gui was still awake, waiting for Xiyan’s report.

After receiving the news, Senior Servant Gui clasped her hands together and bowed in prayer. A smile appeared on her face.

She pushed Xiyan and said, “Well, I can rest assured now. If Third Young Madam gives birth to a son in the future, I’ll be able to enjoy my old age in peace. It’s getting late now. You should hurry and go sleep.”

Xiyan watched as, contrary to what she had just told Xiyan, Senior Servant Gui got up from her bed and began to get dressed instead. Curious, she asked, “Momo, why are you getting up when it’s already this late?”

Senior Servant Gui’s grin was so wide that her eyes disappeared. “Sixth Miss has a thin and weak body. This first night must have been tough for her. I’m going to brew some nourishing soup for her to drink first thing in the morning.”

Seeing how excited Senior Servant Gui was, Xiyan didn’t stop her. “Momo, do rest earlier when you’re done. I’ll go back to my room first.”

Xiyan and Fuyan lived in the same room.

When Xiyan returned to her room, she saw that the room was still lit. Her brows creased into a frown and she muttered to herself, “It’s already so late, why hasn’t Fuyan slept yet? What’s that girl doing at this hour!”

She quickly walked towards the door and tried pushing it open, only to find out that someone had actually locked it from the inside.

Chu Lian’s personal maidservants all lived together in a small courtyard within Songtao Court. They usually took turns to be on standby with their masters at night, so the courtyard entrance and the room doors were never locked.

There was also a senior servant guarding the courtyard entrance at night. It was even more strictly guarded outside, so nothing had ever happened before.

A trace of suspicion was aroused in Xiyan’s heart. She called out softly to Fuyan from outside the door.

Fuyan suffered a fright when she heard the door being pushed. She had been expecting Xiyan to be on duty until morning since she was taking the night shift. Who could have thought that Xiyan would return to their room at this time?

She panicked and hid the letter she had been clutching in her hands underneath her pillow. Then, she straightened out her dress and calmed her breathing before opening the door as if nothing had happened.

When the door opened from the inside, Xiyan immediately entered the room, only to see that Fuyan hadn’t even changed her clothes. It was obvious that she hadn’t slept yet, so Xiyan asked, “It’s so late, why aren’t you resting? It’s your turn to serve Third Young Madam tomorrow!”

Fuyan went over to the bed and sat down. She picked up the sewing basket next to her and said, “I wanted to finish sewing the flower on this handkerchief before going to sleep. I didn’t realise that time flew by so quickly. So it’s already midnight.”

Xiyan furrowed her brows. “There’s no need to stay up so late. You can work on the handkerchief anytime. Alright, go to sleep now. If something goes wrong tomorrow, momo won’t spare you.”

“Mm, I’ll listen to Sister Xiyan. I’ll pack my things up and sleep now. It won’t happen again.”

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