Chapter 474: Husband and Wife (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 474: Husband and Wife (1)

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He Changdi watched as she clung tightly to the corner of the blanket, which was only covering the most important spot on her body.

Everything else was practically bared to his gaze. The faint lamp light filtering through the gauzy bed curtains gave her fair skin a lovely glow, enticing him.

Chu Lian was like a lamb placed on the table for slaughter. The sight soothed He Changdi’s sense of urgency.

He raised his body slightly and stripped off his top. With a trace of humour in his voice, he asked, “How would you like me to spare you, Lian’er?”

Chu Lian stared back in a daze. That’s right, how exactly did she want him to spare her?

They were husband and wife already. This was something inevitable.

However, his hurried actions made her a little afraid and uneasy.

Chu Lian continued clinging to the corner of the blanket. In a soft and coaxing manner, she asked, “How about doing this another day, Husband? We’ve just returned to the capital today, and you even went to the palace. You must be tired. Why don’t we postpone this to… tomorrow? It’s already late; let’s rest for the night!”

He Sanlang held back the urge to burst into laughter. His little kitten was actually trying to escape even at this point.

He casually tossed his inner clothes to the floor, revealing the fine lines of his body and his well-defined abs to Chu Lian’s eyes.

He Changdi wasn’t going to let her avoid him forever. He pulled away the blanket in his eyes and whispered huskily into her ear, “Alright, I’ll listen to you. We’ll rest early.”

Chu Lian barely had the time to let out a surprised gasp when He Sanlang pounced on her.

Within a few minutes, the couple was intertwined like a pair of mandarin ducks and the sounds of lovemaking resounded in the room.

Unfortunately, as bold and strong as He Sanlang was, he was still a virgin…

The couple’s first time together was over in less than fifteen minutes...

Chu Lian’s face was completely flushed red. Her pleading had landed on deaf ears, so in a last show of temper, she pulled the blanket to her and bit down into it, resisting the foreign waves of pleasure rushing over her body.

Her mind was a complete haze. She wailed inwardly, not knowing how long the torture would last. Her body felt like jelly all over and she was on the verge of giving in...

It was Chu Lian’s first time, so she didn’t get to enjoy much of the pleasure of this conjugal activity. On the other hand, He Sanlang had already become an addict.

Just as Chu Lian was wondering when this would end, she felt a strange sensation in the lower half of her body. Her strong husband froze up and the stiff object inside her softened.

Neither of them had expected their first time to be over so quickly.

Chu Lian slowly opened her eyes, only to be met with a black-faced He Changdi.

Chu Lian quickly used up all of her restraint to hold back the urge to laugh. Luckily, she succeeded in her efforts. Otherwise, her lunatic husband might have taken that as a challenge to make her bedridden the next day.

Since it was already over, Chu Lian bore with the soreness in her body and reached out with her wobbly arms to push him.

She blinked innocently. Then, in a slightly hoarse voice, she said, “He Sanlang, I’m feeling too sore so I’m going to take a bath.”

He Sanlang was still immersed in the shock from the blow of finishing so quickly. Thanks to his momentary lapse, Chu Lian was able to make her escape.

Chu Lian quickly scrambled off the bed, bearing with the soreness between her legs. She grabbed the nightclothes by the side of the bed and pulled the robe over her body before running towards the bathroom…

Although she was stumbling a little, she finally made it.

Chu Lian rang the bell to summon Wenqing in.

Wenqing entered from the servant’s entrance, her head lowered as she waited obediently for Third Young Madam’s orders.

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