Chapter 473: Conjugal Love (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 473: Conjugal Love (2)

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Once he finished speaking, Chu Lian could feel something wet against her sensitive earlobes as he sucked on them.

Chu Lian tried to push him away. “But it’s already been a whole afternoon and we just drank wine…”

He Changdi couldn’t let her off any longer now that they were already here. Chu Lian was his lawfully wedded wife after all. This was supposed to have happened a long time ago. Since they were in mutual love now, he had done pretty well to restrain himself up to this point.

Before Chu Liuan could finish her words, He Changdi grabbed the tip of her chin. His dark eyes were slightly narrowed as they roamed all over her body, like a conqueror looking over his territory.

He Changdi’s gaze passed over her ruddy red lips, then down to her slightly open collar, then her inviting collarbones. He abruptly bent down and captured her parted, tender lips. Once he had the first taste, he could no longer hold back his desire to lick and explore her mouth.

Chu Lian panted for breath, her cheeks flushed red again, as she hit his sturdy chest in protest. Unfortunately, He Changdi easily caught her hands and trapped them between their bodies so that she couldn’t move.

When He Sanlang felt that the woman under him had already given in, he pushed past her teeth and tangled his tongue with hers...

The smell of alcohol mixed with the aroma of the incense burning in the room made Chu Lian’s mind dazed. Her husband had trapped her so utterly within his hold that she couldn’t muster any strength to struggle, even if she still wanted to.

As if sensing Chu Lian’s remaining reluctance, He Sanlang tightened his hold around her wrists. Chu Lian’s waist finally relaxed, indicating that she had completely given in.

Chu Lian wanted to cry inside. It looked like she wouldn’t be able to escape tonight, she dejectedly thought to herself.

Why was He Changdi so overbearing!

He Changdi loosened his hold a little once he felt that his wife had stopped trying to escape. He let go of her lips, allowing her to gasp for breath once again.

Following that, he littered gentle kisses on her lips and played with her tongue. The hand he was using to hold her chin slowly moved downwards...

By this time, He Changdi’s cold countenance had already taken on a tinge of red. His eyes were like dark mirrors; the only image reflected in them was his absolutely lovely wife. He lowered his gaze and stopped his kisses, only to switch to licking her trembling tongue.

Chu Lian felt a sudden chill on her shoulders and realised that He Changdi had already slipped her thin nightclothes off. She subconsciously tried to cover herself up again by sitting up and pulling forcefully at the blanket nearby, but He Sanlang took that chance to catch the thin cloth ties on her back and pull them loose.

By the time Chu Lian had grabbed hold of the edge of the blanket, all she had left on her was that thin pair of sleeping pants...

Her eyelashes trembled as she looked up in alarm. He Changdi had never been so forward with her before.

Unfortunately for her, she had only grasped a tiny bit of the blanket and the rest of it was still trapped under He Sanlang’s legs. She couldn’t move it with the small power contained in her slender arms...

The pitiful amount of blanket she had was only able to cover her upper half, leaving her lower half exposed...

He Sanlang’s usually calm, cool expression had already crumbled into a light blush. As he admired how the red hue of the mandarin duck blanket complemented his lovely wife’s fair skin, his breathing got a little heavier.

Chu Lian didn’t have any fight left in her by now.

She held onto the corner of the blanket to protect what was left of her modesty and tried to appeal to her husband with the most pitiful expression. In a soft voice, she said, “Husband, please let me off for tonight…”

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