Chapter 471: Nuptial Wine (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 471: Nuptial Wine (2)

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Her attempt at struggling made He Changdi stiffen up even more.

The dangerous swelling from a certain part of He Sanlang’s body made the huffed up ‘kitten’ on top of him quieten down.

Chu Lian laid in He Sanlang’s embrace stiffly, not daring to move at all. Her hands were still on his eyes. This position was extremely uncomfortable for her, but she felt too embarrassed to put down her hands.

The hand that He Sanlang had wrapped around her waist was now rubbing her back in a soothing motion. He said with a chuckle, “Put down your hands.”

Chu Lian shook her head first before realising that he couldn’t see her action since his eyes were covered. She coughed awkwardly and attempted to start a negotiation, “I can put down my hands, but only if you let me change my clothes, okay?”

He Changdi found this really funny. Even at this point, his little kitten was still trying to flee.

He stopped being courteous and used his other hand to grab hold of her slender wrists. He easily pulled away both of her hands from his eyes.

Chu Lian hadn’t expected him to resort to brute force, so she tried to struggle subconsciously. However, He Changdi reacted by chiding her in a cold manner.

“Stop moving!”

He Sanlang had always possessed a naturally chilly temperament. After spending a few months with the northern army and experiencing real fights on the battlefield, his aura had been forged into one of blood and steel. When he reprimanded someone now, the air around him was truly frightening.

Chu Lian was also shocked still by him.

Now that the woman on his chest had stopped struggling, He Changdi was able to take a good look at her. He continued to caress her back as he turned around, picked up a gold cup from the side table and passed it to Chu Lian.

When Chu Lian returned to her senses, she had already accepted the golden cup that He Changdi had passed to her.

She looked down at the contents of the cup before bringing it closer and sniffing at it. She tilted her head in confusion and asked, “This is wine?”

He Changdi reached out to the side again to pick up an identical cup. He tapped it against the one in Chu Lian’s hand with a light clink before nodding. With an averted gaze and a light tone, he explained, “Nuptial wine.”

Despite how soft his voice had become, Chu Lian heard him clearly.

Nuptial wine…

Her mind flew back to their wedding night. Back then, He Changdi had poured away the nuptial wine prepared by the bridal attendant right in front of her, throwing her into a state of stunned shock.

Was he trying to make up for what happened then by offering her nuptial wine now?

Noticing that the kitten on his chest hadn’t lifted up the cup to her lips, He Sanlang’s expression became a little more awkward. He adjusted his posture and coughed once. He humbled his tone to ask, “Lian’er, what happened back then was my mistake. I shouldn’t have poured away the nuptial wine. Will you let me make up for that today?”

Chu Lian rolled her eyes at him.

Making up for that!?

Had this guy ever thought of how horrified and disappointed he had made her when he had gone insane then?

She didn’t really feel like forgiving him, but when she thought of the time they had spent together and how he had saved her without any regard for his own safety, she couldn’t bear to do that to him.

He Changdi wasn’t made of steel after all. He couldn’t bear watching as his wife refused to forgive him. Panic arose in him as he stared fixedly at the nuptial wine in their hands.

He recalled the instructions of the bridal attendant on their wedding night; they had to drink half from each cup of nuptial wine for their marriage to last forever.

Thus, Chu Lian was met with the spectacle of the frosty He Sanlang emptying the wine in his cup into his mouth. However, it seemed like that wasn’t enough for him. He grabbed her wrist and poured the contents of her cup into his mouth as well.

Chu Lian: …

Had this fellow’s mind snapped from her lengthy silence?

The moment the strange thought appeared in Chu Lian’s mind, she was pulled back into He Sanlang’s embrace.

She felt a slight chill on her lips before warm wine flowed into her mouth.

A forceful tongue slid in as well, forcing her to swallow all of the spicy alcohol.

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