Chapter 470: Nuptial Wine (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 470: Nuptial Wine (1)

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Xiyan helped Chu Lian with wiping her hair dry and anointed her with some perfume before taking her leave.

The room was extremely warm and comfy because of the heated floors. There were also several braziers placed around the room.

Chu Lian didn’t feel the slightest bit of chill even when she took off her cloak. She unfolded the blankets and dove into the bed. The warm and soft blanket covering her body made her sigh from comfort.

With her entire body ensconced in warmth, the tension in Chu Lian quickly dissipated and she fell asleep.

While in a half-dazed state, she felt someone pulling her into the crook of an arm. Due to her experience from before, Chu Lian hadn’t fallen into a deep sleep, so this action startled her awake.

The moment she opened her eyes, she was faced with He Changdi, whose eyes were as bright as stars in the night sky.

Chu Lian turned mute with shock. It took her a moment to take ahold of herself and speak, “You… why are you here?”

At this point, He Changdi had already lifted up the blanket and made his way into the warm and cosy nest. He tightened his grip around her and stared calmly at her blushing face. He let out a gentle laugh, “Were you expecting me to sleep in the study instead of our bedroom?”

Since he had just lifted up the blanket, it hadn’t completely settled down to cover their bodies yet. The whole area from Chu Lian’s neck to her chest was exposed to his gaze.

The faint lantern light streaming through the curtains on the bed made her exposed snowy white skin look all the more appetising.

He Sanlang sized up the nightclothes she seemed to have worn ‘intentionally’ with a smile. His voice dipped a few notches as he continued, “If I hadn’t come, wouldn’t you have worn this robe for nothing?”

Chu Lian’s mind was still hazy after getting woken up. However, his words made her recall that she was still wearing those extremely revealing nightclothes…

Her cute little cheeks lit up in a furious blush instantly.

Chu Lian hastily explained, “This was prepared by momo! I didn’t choose this, don’t misunderstand!”

“Senior Servant Gui?”

Chu Lian quickly nodded.

He Changdi’s eyes were already alight with humour, but he put on a dignified face and said, “Senior Servant Gui is indeed an experienced senior servant, it’s about time that I give her a raise.”

Once he finished speaking, He Changdi pulled away the blanket covering their body in one go.

Shyness and anger welled up within Chu Lian. She hadn’t expected such a sudden movement from him and her whole body stiffened up in response. It was only when He Changdi looked all over her body with his gleaming eyes that she finally returned to her senses.

Realising that she had nothing to cover herself with, Chu Lian sat up in a panic and tried to cover He Sanlang’s eyes with her hands instead.

When she raised her slender arms, the two soft lumps under her clothes were squeezed together, forming a deep ravine that called out to the beholder.

The Adam’s apple on He Changdi’s throat trembled as he gulped down his drool. Unfortunately, his eyes were immediately covered in the next second.

Chu Lian’s soft hands blocked He Changdi’s invading gaze. Her face was completely flushed as she said furiously, “You’re not allowed to look!”

He Changdi didn’t know what to do right now. Wasn’t his little kitten being too difficult? He was probably the most pitiful husband in the whole capital for getting scolded just for looking at his own wife. It left a bitter taste in his heart.

Now that He Changdi’s vision was obscured, Chu Lian felt safer. Little did she know that she was merely deceiving herself by delaying the inevitable

It was a rare sight for He Changdi to see her in such a helpless and shy state, so he didn’t stop her and let her cover his eyes as she liked.

Besides, her hands were so small and she was so tense that she hadn’t noticed that her ‘blindfold’ had already slipped and he could take in everything.

He Changdi was laughing endlessly inside. His dear wife was just too cute.

Chu Lian might have succeeded in blocking He Changdi’s ‘evil eyes’, but she had no way to counter his ‘evil claws’.

He Sanlang reached out to hook her around the waist again and pulled her soft and fragrant body on top of him with barely any effort at all.

The bedroom was very warm, so He Sanlang wasn’t worried about her feeling cold despite her thin clothes.

Chu Lian could feel the burning heat of his hand on her waist. She struggled a little in an attempt to break free from his evil claws, but it was pointless as she was imprisoned in his embrace…

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