Chapter 468: Nightclothes (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 468: Nightclothes (1)

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It went without saying that He Changdi absolutely wouldn’t voice those thoughts to his wife.

While trapped in his embrace, Chu Lian made a silent vow to never wear such an impractical dress again. It was beautiful to look at, but walking in it was just putting herself in trouble.

He Sanlang was a man of his word.

He put Chu Lian down by the decorative mountain in front of the corridor. However, he didn’t just walk off straight after. Instead, he helped her straighten out her disheveled clothes before taking her hand and walking to their room in Songtao Court together.

When Senior Servant Gui caught sight of Third Young Master holding Third Young Madam’s hand, she couldn’t help but smile.

The moment He Changdi entered the parlour, he shot a signal at Wenqing, Wenlan, and Senior Servant Zhong with his eyes before pulling Chu Lian towards the bedroom.

When Senior Servant Gui was about to enter the bedroom with Jingyan behind her to wait upon them, they were held back by Senior Servant Zhong.

“Dear sister, there’s something I need to discuss with you! Let’s just have Wenqing stand guard here for today!”

Senior Servant Gui glanced at the couple who had just disappeared past the curtains covering the entrance of the bedroom, then back at the smiling Senior Servant Zhong. Realisation dawned upon her.

She smacked herself on the forehead and admitted with some embarrassment, “Look at how muddle-headed I’ve gotten.”

Thus, the two senior servants sent away all the other nearby servants in tacit understanding, leaving only Xiyan and Wenqing in case Third Young Master and Madam called.

Chu Lian’s face began to heat up uncontrollably the moment she was pulled into the bedroom by He Changdi.

She had a sinking feeling that He Sanlang wasn’t going to let her off tonight…

Thinking of the promise she had made to him back when he was still recovering from his wounds, Chu Lian was both shy and nervous.

He Changdi had finally managed to get Chu Lian alone in the bedroom with him. There was no way he was going to remain restrained and reserved.

At almost the exact moment the curtains fell behind them, Chu Lian was already wrapped tightly in his embrace.

Chu Lian had a petite figure, so being bound by He Changdi’s arms made her feel like she was being folded into his body.

Her dainty cheek pressed against his chest. She could hear the strong and hurried thumps of his heart.

The pace of his heartbeat seemed to be contagious as her heart also started to beat faster without her control.

He Sanlang’s large palms gently caressed her back, like he was reassuring a panicking kitten.

He lowered his head and gently kissed her jet-black hair. In a deep voice, he asked, “Lian’er, do you still remember what you promised me?”

Chu Lian’s breathing came to a halt and her grip on his shirt tightened. She gulped nervously before putting on a strong front and mumbling, “Dinner was rather salty tonight. Husband, I want some water.”

She had truly run out of ideas. Otherwise, Chu Lian wouldn’t have used such a crappy excuse to change the subject.

She shut her eyes, filled with such embarrassment that she didn’t dare to check his reaction. She hadn’t thought much of it when she had made the promise as she thought that it was something that would be over with in the blink of an eye. However, now that it was actually time to fulfill her promise, she couldn’t help but grow nervous and scared.

It was Chu Lian’s first time in both this life and her last. She had also heard that it would be painful… So, she had suddenly turned into a scaredy cat and would take every opportunity to delay her impending doom.

Chu Lian believed that her words would anger the bipolar He Sanlang. However, who could have thought that, just a moment later, all she would hear was his deep, pleasant laugh from above? With her head on his chest, she could feel him shaking with laughter.

Chu Lian’s blush instantly deepened. This guy was actually laughing at her!

She pushed He Sanlang away in equal parts shame and anger before raising her head to look at his expression.

The moment she saw his smiling eyes, Chu Lian became even more annoyed.

He… he was actually laughing at her!

“You’re not allowed to laugh!”

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