Chapter 466: The End of the Family Banquet (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 466: The End of the Family Banquet (1)

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Chu Lian had never gotten such treatment from He Sanlang before, especially under the scrutiny of everyone. As thick-skinned as she normally was, this time, she couldn’t help but blush.

When no one was watching, Chu Lian shot a glare at He Changdi, who pretended not to notice it and continued putting food into her bowl.

Chu Lian was feeling rather helpless about the situation, but she could only let him continue and pretend that there was nothing going on.

However, when someone else noticed He Sanlang’s loving actions, they were so jealous that their eyes almost turned red.

Madam Zou secretly glanced at He Dalang, who was only concerned with his own meal. Ever since she had been grounded, their relationship had grown even more tenuous. Now that Miaozhen was pregnant, he would occasionally go over to Miaozhen’s room to rest for a night. However, he hadn’t stepped into her room for months, even though she was his legitimate wife!

The more she thought about it, the more her hatred and dissatisfaction grew.

Conversely, it was Matriarch He who was happy with the loving young couple of the third branch. Since the two of them were so harmonious, she believed that she would be able to see a great-grandson soon.

Pan Nianzhen’s head was lowered to hide the disappointment in her eyes. She imagined how happy she would be if that person next to He Sanlang was her instead.

Meanwhile, Muxiang stood to one corner, her wide sleeves hiding her clenched fists. She didn’t even realise that her nails had pierced right into her palms.

The mistiness over her eyes showed how lost she was. The image of that loving couple in front of her seemed to be both clear and fuzzy at the same time.

Her mind seemed to be covered in a haze that made her unable to see clearly what was right in front of her.

She was Chu Lian, who had been reborn into another body after her death in her previous life. Since that was the case, then who was that Chu Lian who had taken over her original body?

Was that still her?

A spark of wit flashed through her mind, clearing the strange daze she had fallen into. Her eyes instantly turned clear and fierce.

How could it be her?

She had never shown such an expression on her face ever!

Muxiang wasn’t stupid. As the original female lead, she was rather smart. Furthermore, she was a reincarnated soul, and that had made her even more enlightened than before.

Since she had been able to be reborn into a maidservant’s body, then it wasn’t all that strange that her original body had been taken over by someone else!

She was only curious who that person living in her original body was!

Muxiang took in a deep breath and concealed all the doubts in her heart. She stared greedily at He Changdi one more time before lowering her head and transforming back into the old Muxiang.

Since her enemies were out in the open, she had to hide herself in the shadows.

The element of surprise was going to be her biggest advantage. After living a whole lifetime, she had to be even more careful in this one and plot carefully to get what she wanted. She had enough patience and willpower to wait for her prey to fall into her trap, never to escape again.

The corners of Muxiang’s lips curled up and she sneered sinisterly.

Unfortunately, there was one factor that was out of the careful Muxiang’s expectations. He Changdi was no longer the bright, innocent, handsome young man of the past. He was a man who had undergone the trials and tribulations of his past life. His personality was vastly different from before.

He Changdi and Chu Lian had only just returned to the capital after many days of travel, so Matriarch He didn’t keep the couple for too long. After they were done with dinner, she instructed them to return to their courtyard early to rest.

The young couple then escorted Countess Jing’an on the way out of Qingxi Hall.

Since the main guests of the family banquet had left, there was no reason for the other family members to outstay their welcome.

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