Chapter 465: Muxiang (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 465: Muxiang (2)

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He Sanlang spoke the least during dinner. He only gave some short replies whenever the matriarch asked him some questions.

However, no one thought it was strange since he always kept a cold expression on his face.

Senior Servant Zhou and Matriarch He’s two personal maidservants had also set up a small table in the side room. Three dishes and a small pot of rice wine were enough for the three of them.

Senior Servant Zhou noticed that Muxiang seemed preoccupied, so she asked, “What’s wrong? Are you still feeling unwell from that cold you got a couple days ago?”

Muxiang quickly shook her head, “Momo, I’m fine now.”

“If you’re fine, then hurry and eat. These dishes are all your favourites. The matriarch specially told the cook in the main kitchen to make more for you.”

Muxiang stared at the appetising dishes in front of her and scowled in her heart. She didn’t like to eat these at all!  

Did these people really think that she was the former Muxiang?

Seeing that Muxiang still looked weary, Senior Servant Zhou muttered grudgingly, “What’s wrong with this girl? She’s acting like she’s been possessed.”

Muxiang snorted in her heart. That was exactly it! Why else would she be in this lowly body?

Muxiang promptly stood up.

Senior Servant Zhou set down her chopsticks and frowned.

“Girl, what’s wrong with you!”

Muxiang’s eyes fell on the wall beside her. She suddenly lowered her head and innocently smiled at Senior Servant Zhou, “Momo, since I don’t really have any appetite, why don’t I go and serve the matriarch?”

Senior Servant Zhou thought that she was too dedicated to her work. She tried to persuade her otherwise, “Xiangyun and Hexiang are taking care of the Matriarch. You don’t have to worry.”

Momo, just let me go, please? I have nothing to do anyway. I just want to spend more time with the matriarch.”

Senior Servant Zhou had no other choice but to let her go. She reprimanded with a smile on her face, “Just go then, you silly girl. I knew you were a restless one. Everyone else can’t wait to rest more, but you just can’t stop working throughout the day.”

Muxiang curtsied towards Senior Servant Zhou before she turned to walk to the parlour with a giggle.

What Senior Servant Zhou didn’t see was how Muxiang’s expression instantly changed after she left the side room.

The previously pure and sweet smile morphed into a contorted expression.

Muxiang tightly clenched her fists. Her heart was beating fast in her chest as she couldn’t hold back the mix of emotions surfacing on her face.

It seemed like there was agitation, agony, as well as excitement and tension. In short, various emotions were all mixed up, causing her originally pretty face to warp into a monstrous grimace.

Her complex emotions caused her steps to become disorderly.

Even though she was trying to restrain it, there was still a voice screaming in her heart. A voice that was trying to break through all the heavy shackles imprisoning it.

“He Changdi, I’m finally going to meet you again! This time, I won’t make the wrong choice anymore! You’re my husband! In all our lifetimes, you can only be my husband!”

Muxiang’s whole body was shaking like a leaf as she stepped into the parlour. Not because she was scared, but due to her extreme excitement and elation.

All the masters of the He family were busy with their dinner, so they didn’t notice Muxiang entering cautiously with light steps.

Muxiang slowly lifted her head and looked towards the table in the center of the parlour.

The moment her gaze landed on He Changdi, she couldn’t pull it away.

It was him! It was really him!

That was the face that was engraved into her memory. Now that she could finally see his face again, she realised that it hadn’t changed at all.

Muxiang tightly clenched her hands, using nearly all her strength to prevent herself from jumping right into He Changdi’s arms.

While in the middle of eating dinner, He Sanlang suddenly turned his gaze towards one corner with cold, probing eyes.

Muxiang immediately withdrew her gaze and took on a respectful pose with her hands to her sides.

When He Sanlang looked over, all he saw was a familiar-looking maidservant. He was slightly puzzled, but he didn’t think much of it. He lowered his head and continued eating. At times, he would pick some food from the dishes that were far away from Chu Lian and place them in her bowl.

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