Chapter 462: He Erlang Grows Up (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 462: He Erlang Grows Up (1)

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Pan Nianzhen couldn’t really be blamed for her mistake.

She had never met her second and third cousins, He Changjue and He Changdi, before. From what she had found out since arriving at the Jing’an Estate, she only knew that Third Cousin was very good-looking and she knew even less about Second Cousin.

He Changjue rarely stayed in the estate and his whereabouts were usually unknown. Plenty of servants in the estate wouldn’t be able to recognise their Second Young Master, let alone Pan Nianzhen.

She knew that Third Cousin, Third Cousin-in-law, and Second Cousin were all coming to Qingxi Hall for the reunion dinner. Third Cousin would certainly be arriving with his wife, so the person coming in right now couldn’t be Third Cousin, as he was alone.

It wasn’t strange that she made a mistake at first glance.

He Changdi’s five senses were acute. As soon as Pan Nianzhen had shyly called out ‘Second Cousin,’ he had instantly swept his icy gaze over.

That one look made her cold to the bone, as if she had been splashed by a basin of water during the coldest day of the winter. He Changdi’s glance caused Pan Nianzhen’s whole body to freeze up. The blush on her face was especially laughable now.

He Changdi didn’t correct Pan Nianzhen immediately. His brows wrinkled into a slight frown and he turned to look behind him. He stopped right at the entrance, as if he was waiting for someone.

Chu Lian’s face was flushed as she ran over holding up the hem of her dress. She lifted her head and smiled apologetically at He Changdi. Her big, watery eyes gave He Sanlang the irresistable urge to touch her face.

He Changdi gathered the hands he had clasped together behind his back. He waited until Chu Lian reached the doorstep before extending his hand to help her slowly cross the step.

Chu Lian huffed a little as she caught her breath. She secretly vowed in her heart that she would never wear this dress again.

Although it looked good, it was too troublesome to walk in. It had been so tiring to walk the short distance from Songtao Court to Qingxi Hall. Moreover, He Sanlang laughed at her a few times along the way.

If she hadn’t stopped him, he would have thrown her over his shoulder and carried her into Qingxi Hall.

Even though he had been scorning her for walking so slowly earlier, he had waited for her of his own accord when he had reached the door. It warmed up Chu Lian’s heart. Although her husband was a little eccentric, he was a few times better than any other man.

When they entered the parlour, Chu Lian wanted to take her hand out of He Sanlang’s large palm, but he refused to let her go.

Thus, Chu Lian was brought over to Matriarch He’s side by He Changdi like this.

He Changdi pulled Chu Lian along with him to greet Matriarch He.

The Matriarch was seated on the warm hearth bed. As she looked at the young matching pair in front of her, she was extremely pleased in her heart.

One could tell whether a couple had a good relationship from their daily interactions.

Based on how He Sanlang was doting on his wife, she could tell that they were currently in the honeymoon phase.

It seemed she had made the right choice when she had let Sanlang’s wife go to the northern border. The young couple had truly opened their hearts to each other. Their current state was completely different from when they had just gotten married. At that time, they had only appeared harmonious on the surface and they had actually been divided at heart.

Matriarch He kept looking at Chu Lian’s flat abdomen. Judging by how affectionate the young couple was with each other, it seemed like it wouldn’t be long before she would be able to hold her great-grandson.  

She made a mental note to ask Great Doctor Miao to have a look at Sanlang’s wife on another day and to help prepare her body for pregnancy.

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