Chapter 46: Wontons (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 46: Wontons (2)

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Chu Lian instructed Xiyan and Mingyan to bring the wontons to the parlour. She had even specially taught Xiyan how to fry up some delicious scallion pancakes as a side dish to go with them. However, there was no vegetable oil, so they used the lard from the pork instead. Unfortunately, that meant it might taste a little greasy later.

Senior Servant Gui had told them that Third Young Madam’s recipes were all to be kept a secret, and ordered them to keep out any curious passersby. While Chu Lian was cooking with the maidservants, the kitchen door was always closed.

When they finally opened the doors and let a refreshing morning breeze blow in, the sweaty Chu Lian felt much better.

Chu Lian wanted to return to her room quickly to change, so she couldn’t help but increase her pace. However, when she reached the parlour, she spotted He Sanlang sitting there.

He Sanlang raised his head the moment he heard footsteps. When he saw Chu Lian’s state of dress, he blushed. Then, his expression turned ugly.

Chu Lian froze for a moment before she strolled right up to He Changdi, a round fan in her hands. She blinked her big, beautiful eyes before asking, “Husband, why are you up so early?”

He Changdi saw that her slender shoulders were practically exposed and, upon abruptly remembering that Laiyue was also in the room, he quickly stood up and pulled Chu Lian by her thin wrists towards the bedroom.

Upon receiving such rough manhandling, Chu Lian was so shocked that her eyes were wide open. She didn’t even have the time to react.

When they entered the bedroom, He Changdi carelessly threw Chu Lian’s hands to the side. Then, in an equally frigid manner, he said, “Change your clothes!”

Chu Lian furrowed her brows and rubbed her reddened wrists. At his pointed remark, she looked down at her clothes.

The fabric had turned sheer from her sweat. However, to someone like Chu Lian who regularly wore bikinis to the beach, this didn’t seem immodest at all.

Chu Lian inwardly rolled her eyes before looking back at He Changdi. Didn’t this guy dislike her? What did it matter to him how she dressed?

Furthermore, what was going on with him? Didn’t he want her to change? Then why was he still here staring at her?

Although she had a slender figure, she usually wore loose clothing that masked it. Now this translucent pink dress was doing exactly the opposite and exposing her curves.

He Changdi was a little stunned.

Chu Lian frowned and used the round fan in her hands to hide her chest. She glared at him. Then, she headed over to her closet and casually took another dress out. When she turned around, He Changdi was still standing by the folding screen with his hands behind his back. She pouted and said unhappily, “I’m going to change. Get out.”

It was only then that He Changdi realised that he had been staring at her the entire time. Frustrated with himself, he turned around and left without another word.

As Chu Lian was changing, she complained, “Hmph, he left pretty quickly. If he was a real gentleman, he should’ve left much earlier!”

He Changdi returned to the parlour, where Xiyan and Mingyan had already placed the freshly made breakfast on the table.

Although there was an enticing aroma filling the room, He Sanlang didn’t look at the food and instead gave Laiyue a pointed look, ordering him out.

When Laiyue left, He Sanlang finally sat down.

He was staring so intently at the food that Mingyan automatically scooped a serving of wontons for him. She poured some vinegar onto it before passing over an exquisite little spoon as well.

He Changdi hesitated, but he still took it. Then, he stared at her.

There was so much pressure in He Sanlang’s gaze that Mingyan trembled and couldn’t speak.

“Third Young Master, these are the wontons that Third Young Madam taught this servant to make. Next to it are some scallion pancakes. Third Young Madam said that you have to eat the wontons with vinegar and finely chopped spring onions. Third Young Master, w-why don’t you try it first?”

He Changdi appeared completely unmoved by Mingyan. His cold exterior didn’t betray the depth of the astonishment he felt inside.

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