Chapter 458: The Department of Appointments (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 458: The Department of Appointments (1)

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As Chu Lian’s former wet nurse, Senior Servant Gui  couldn’t help but remind her, “Third Young Madam, it won’t do for you and Third Young Master to keep delaying this.”

Even without considering the future, they had the matriarch to deal with right now. The matriarch was expecting a great-grandson soon. There was also the sudden appearance of that Eldest Madam and Miss Pan.

From how the mother and daughter pair had been acting, it was unlikely that they would be easy to get along with.

They had managed to escape from the remote Siyang to the glamorous capital, so it would be crazy to think that they would want to go back.

If they didn’t want to go back, getting Miss Pan to marry into the He Family would be the best choice for them!

Despite the fact that the Second Young Master wasn’t married yet, Third Young Master was the most outstanding one amongst the brothers, so it was hard to say with certainty that Miss Pan wouldn’t set her sights on him.

Chu Lian knew that Senior Servant Gui was speaking out of consideration for her, but having such things spoken outright still made her blush.

Momo, I understand that. My husband was injured for some time before, so I’ve already promised him to consummate our marriage after we returned to the estate.”

Chu Lian’s words were a pleasant surprise to Xiyan and even more so for Senior Servant Gui.

She couldn’t help grabbing onto Chu Lian’s hands, “Sixth Miss, as long as your first child is a boy, your position in House Jing’an will be secured.”

Senior Servant Gui was so overcome with emotion that she had actually called Chu Lian by her previous title from House Ying.

Once Chu Lian had an heir by her side, it wouldn’t matter even if He Changdi’s love for her changed. Her position in the He Family would be as unshakeable as a rock.

Taking Dalang’s wife as an example, if Madam Zou had a son, her relationship with He Changqi wouldn’t have deteriorated to this point.

If she had a son, even if she quarreled with her husband, the matriarch and the countess would have considered taking her side.

In any case, no matter how high one’s status was, there was still a need to birth a male heir as a noble’s legitimate wife.

Senior Servant Gui wasn’t exaggerating in the slightest. This was just how noble families were in the Great Wu Dynasty. House Jing’an was better as there were fewer members and the men never took concubines. Otherwise, things would be worse than they already were.

Chu Lian had never considered such matters in the past. She had only thought about how she could live her days well as a lazy bug who never lacked money. Things were different now that she and He Changdi were in love. She naturally thought of sharing in some of his burdens.

It wouldn’t do for her to remain a layabout then.

She didn’t know what kind of post the Emperor would give to He Changdi currently. If he received an important position, then as his wife, she would have to start socialising with others.

For a whole afternoon, Chu Lian settled the many trivial matters in Songtao Court.

The Li siblings who had escorted her to the northern border had also returned to Prince Wei’s estate after completing their mission. Chu Lian had ordered the siblings to bring back the presents she had gotten for Princess Wei and Princess Duanjia too.

Chu Lian also ordered the servants to send the local specialties she had bought on her journey to the various branches of the family. By the time she was done, it was already evening.

A burst of noise started from the entrance of the courtyard. Xiyan went off to take a look and happily returned to report, “Third Young Madam, Third Young Master has returned.”

Chu Lian set aside the accounts that she had been looking through and ordered Fuyan and Jingyan to prepare a change of clothes for He Changdi.

He Changdi was still clad in his silver ceremonial armour when he entered the estate. He headed straight to the bedroom after entering Songtao Court.

Chu Lian, who was right beside her desk, turned to see him walking in with big strides.

She found it a little strange, “Why are you in such a rush? Is something the matter?”

He Changdi set down the helmet he had been holding and took a seat by the desk without even changing his clothes. He beckoned Chu Lian over.

Thinking that he had an emergency to discuss with her, Chu Lian quickly went to his side. However, before she could even open her mouth to ask, He Changdi had already wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into his embrace.

With his tall build, his head was still at the level of Chu Lian’s chin even when he was seated, which was why it was so easy for him to pull her into his embrace.

The servants nearby were all shocked by the intimate actions between Third Young Master and Third Young Madam. In the end, it was the experienced Senior Servant Gui who quickly shot a signal at Xiyan with her eyes and had Xiyan chase the other servants out.

Jingyan and Fuyan, who had just come out from the bathroom, were also dragged away by Xiyan.

It had been months since Fuyan had last seen He Changdi.

Third Young Master had become more mature and steadfast than before, and his face seemed more masculine and handsome. He looked like a diamond that had just come out of the rough, which made it even harder for women to draw their eyes away from him.

When Third Young Master pulled Third Young Madam into his arms, there was a little more warmth and tenderness on his icy countenance. This was a Third Young Master that no one in the whole of Songtao Court had ever witnessed.

Greed brewed in Fuyan’s heart. A tinge of darkness flashed in her eyes as she wished fervently that she could be the one in Third Young Master’s arms at this moment. Fuyan’s hands curled into fists under her long and broad sleeves.

After one last look of longing, she was finally dragged out of the room by Xiyan.

Chu Lian was feeling uncomfortable with her waist being squeezed and her body pressed flush on his cold armor. She pushed He Sanlang away and spoke with a blush, “The servants were still here earlier, can’t you be more aware of your surroundings?”

With a cold expression that was at odds with his loving actions, He Sanlang rested his head on Chu Lian’s slender shoulders. They were so close that Chu Lian could hear his heart pounding hard.

He Changdi’s deep and magnetic voice resounded close to her ears, “His Majesty has conferred the position of a fifth-ranked administrator of the Department of Appointments to me.”

A fifth-ranked administrator of the Department of Appointments?

Chu Lian was so astounded that she didn’t have the mind to pay attention to He Sanlang’s misbehaving hands.

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