Chapter 454: Returning Home (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 454: Returning Home (1)

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The corner of Chu Lian’s mouth twitched. Nothing good ever happened every time she met Prince Jin. He hadn’t left a shred of mercy in his words for her. Didn’t he know that women hated being called fat?!

Furthermore, it was the frail-looking, thin type of beauty that was favoured in the Great Wu Dynasty.

Chu Lian managed to squeeze out an awkward smile for Prince Jin before introducing Sima Hui to him.

Sima Hui had a straightforward and brave air about her from her time spent in the army. She had traded the reserve that most noble ladies possessed for an easygoing, dignified attitude.

Somehow, the fourth prince who rarely interacted with unfamiliar ladies got along with her rather well.

Chu Lian followed behind them while holding the reins of her mare, looking at their backs with the spark of an idea forming.

The author of the original story had only mentioned Sima Hui in a single line. From what she knew, the fourth prince had never even met Sima Hui before. However, the two of them seemed to get along like old friends.

Chu Lian’s almond-shaped eyes began to sparkle. Even her lips curved up.

Just as she was immersed in her thoughts, her horse suddenly changed directions and tried to head towards the side of the road, giving her a fright. When she quickly turned to look, she realised that it was all He Sanlang’s doing.

She complained, “He Changdi! What are you doing?”

He Sanlang turned to her with a faint smile as he continued leading her horse away. “Teaching you to ride.”

Chu Lian cried out in alarm as the gentle mare under her suddenly started galloping. Her face turned pale from fright. Just as she felt as if she were going to fall off the horse, something tightened around her waist and pulled her up into the air. When she finally regained her senses, she was already sitting on He Changdi’s mount.

Chu Lian was still in a panicked state. She tightly held onto He Sanlang’s narrow waist once she was ensconced in his embrace.

Despite having only one hand on the reins and one arm around Chu Lian, He Changdi was at ease even as his steed was galloping freely.

As they travelled under the clear sky, there was a warm, genial smile on He Sanlang’s face that had never been seen before even in his past life.

Once Chu Lian had recovered her breath, she pinched his arm in a fit of anger.

He Changdi’s eye twitched in pain. He lowered his gaze and helplessly said, “Chu Lian, if you continue pinching me that hard, I’ll lose my grip on the reins and we’ll really fall off the horse.”

Chu Lian glared at him fiercely. “You’re not allowed to do that anymore!”

He Sanlang looked down and placed a kiss on her smooth, flushed cheek. “Then you can’t let anyone else teach you how to ride next time. Only I’m allowed to teach you.”

“I know how to ride now, so there’s no need for you to teach me.”

It wasn’t hard to ride a horse. The hard part was getting used to the bumpy ride.

He Changdi raised an eyebrow in question. “Are you sure you’ve already learned how to ride?”

Chu Lian refused to give in. “Didn’t you watch me just now? I was riding that horse perfectly fine.”

Just as Chu Lian finished speaking, He Changdi urged his horse on with a low shout. The handsome steed responded by accelerating its stride and flying into a gallop.

The scenery on either side began to blur as the ride turned even bumpier. Chu Lian was frightened by the sudden speed and clung tightly onto He Changdi.

Somehow, she could still hear He Changdi’s husky, magnetic voice by her ear say, “Are you still sure that you know how to ride a horse?”

Chu Lian had already realised that this fellow was purposely teasing her. Her cheeks were flushed red with anger as she exclaimed, “He Changdi! Why are you so childish!”

The only response she could hear through the winds blowing past was He Changdi’s bright and open laughter, which she could feel through his shaking chest.

Chu Lian was startled. She couldn’t help but look up at He Changdi’s sharp jaw. Right now, she couldn’t find a hint of the original gloominess he had always worn on his face ever since the first time she met him.

He was genuinely, truly living in the warm, happy moment.

Chu Lian suddenly had the urge to freeze time to keep him in his current state, freed of all his worries and burdens.

She tightened her hold around him and buried her head into his chest. Having lost all desire to retort, she broke out into a whole-hearted smile.

By the time the couple returned to the group, an hour had already passed.

The fierce winds they had encountered on horseback had messed up their cloaks, so He Sanlang and Chu Lian both looked a little haggard. However, the messiness of their clothes couldn’t hide the pure joy on their faces.

He Changdi personally escorted Chu Lian to her carriage.

Xiao Hongyu eyed the two of them from not too far away with shining eyes. He tsked to himself and let out a chuckle with a wretched expression. “Doesn’t Brother He know how to control himself? We’re still on the road here! He just took out Sister-in-Law like that!”

Zhang Mai had no idea what to say to the brat. He glared at him and threw a chestnut at his silly head. “You little brat. What are you thinking in that head of yours?”

Xiao Hongyu held his wounded head in a pitiful manner and protested, “Brother Zhang, you’re not allowed to hit my head! My mother already thinks I’m stupid enough. If you keep hitting me, I won’t be able to get a wife in the future!”

Captain Guo burst out into raucous laughter while watching the two banter.

The victory in the war against the Tuhuns had lifted the mood of their long-suffering soldiers.

They entered the capital on the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar, the day of the Longtaitou Festival.

The Chengping Emperor had sent officials from the Ministry of Rites to welcome them five kilometres out from the capital.

General Qian and his troops would have to change into special ceremonial armour and enter the capital under the lead of the officials armed with ceremonial weapons. They would then enter the palace for the official bestowal ceremony. This was the highest honour that could be given to a military official returning home.

It was also due to this arrangement that Prince Jin and Chu Lian had to part ways with the border troops as they neared the outskirts of the capital.

TL Note: The Longtaitou Festival is a traditional festival held on the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar, and was believed to bring in the rains for the crops~

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